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Comment Re:My PS3 - I can do what I want with it (Score 1) 448

<quote><p> This "profit can justify any behavior" is a cancer that will let to the downfall of our society. Ethics have no place in the modern economy and we all suffer for it.</p></quote>

I think you mean "has lead us to the downfall of our society". It's fallen, we're just starting to see the fallout.

Comment This is dumb. (Score 1) 270

All of my information on Facebook, and much of the info my family and friends have on there is fake. They don't even know my real birthday, where I live, or my gender. 99% of the stuff I post on there is fake as well. What will the lawyers do, when the info they get from FB contradicts the other documented info?

Comment Ghost schmost! (Score 1) 810

I've never really been a fan of Ghost. I just use bzip2 to make images. It works great, is fast, and I never have to worry about a later version not supporting the compression.

Create image:
# bzip2 -1c < /dev/hda > myimage.img.bz2

Restore image:
# bzip2 -dc < myimage.img.bz2 > /dev/hda

Easy, and no proprietary software to be deprecated out from under me.

Comment MS Stands Up For Users?! (Score 4, Informative) 179

Also, this just in, there are predictions for snowfall in Hell, this evening...

In all seriousness, IT'S ABOUT GODDAMN TIME. Someone needs to stand up to the constant intrusion into our personal habits, and if Microsoft is going to be the first to do so, more power to them. If they do as good of a job on IE9 as they have on Windows 7, it will end up being an awesome browser, anyway.

5 years ago, I would have never believed that those words would have come out of my mouth. Of course, back then, WinXP was their offering, and I was a student intern writing Linux kernel code for credit. Everything changes...

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