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Comment ChromeOS (Score 1) 599

The computer work provides for me is Mac OSX. I program on that. I also hack away at two Raspberry Pis I own.

But most of my time at home is spent using ChromeOS because it comes up quickly, works as a great read/watch/listen consumption device, much better than any tablet I've ever owned.

Comment You probably are using Linux and don't know it. (Score 1) 316

I think a lot of people use Linux based Operating Systems and don't know it.

Android is, at least sorta Linux.

A lot of your set top boxes and routers are running Linux. There's a lot of embedded stuff running Linux too like your Nest thermostat and possibly that new refrigerator you bought.

Chances are those websites you visit everyday are running Linux too.

Comment Posting jobs is so 2000 (Score 4, Insightful) 142

I'm a senior level developers and it seems to me that recruiters are going straight to the source instead of posting.

I get at least 5 to 10 emails or linked in posts per week pumping my ego and trying to get me to join the latest hot startup!!! Bean bag chairs!!! On site dry cleaning!!! Ping pong!!! Stock options that may actually be worth something.... Or not!!!!

Comment This isn't a victory for Behring-Breivik. (Score 3, Insightful) 491

Someone once pointed out that hoping a rapist gets raped in prison isn't a victory for his victim(s), because it somehow gives him what he had coming to him, but it's actually a victory for rape and violence. I wish I could remember who said that, because they are right. The score doesn't go Rapist: 1 World: 1. It goes Rape: 2.

What this man did is unspeakable, and he absolutely deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison. If he needs to be kept away from other prisoners as a safety issue, there are ways to do that without keeping him in solitary confinement, which has been shown conclusively to be profoundly cruel and harmful.

Putting him in solitary confinement, as a punitive measure, is not a victory for the good people in the world. It's a victory for inhumane treatment of human beings. This ruling is, in my opinion, very good and very strong for human rights, *precisely* because it was brought by such a despicable and horrible person. It affirms that all of us have basic human rights, even the absolute worst of us on this planet.

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