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Comment Re:Next step... (Score 1) 478

This is not too far from the truth. The real money in the PC business is businesses. Generally they have the bucks to buy rather than upgrade. Apple doesn't really care too much about individual buyers anymore. That market has already raced to the bottom with low end Windows and Chromebooks being more than enough for Grandma, Grandpa and students who only use Facebook, Google, Google Docs or Office365 and TurnitIn for schoolwork.

Comment ChromeOS (Score 1) 599

The computer work provides for me is Mac OSX. I program on that. I also hack away at two Raspberry Pis I own.

But most of my time at home is spent using ChromeOS because it comes up quickly, works as a great read/watch/listen consumption device, much better than any tablet I've ever owned.

Comment You probably are using Linux and don't know it. (Score 1) 316

I think a lot of people use Linux based Operating Systems and don't know it.

Android is, at least sorta Linux.

A lot of your set top boxes and routers are running Linux. There's a lot of embedded stuff running Linux too like your Nest thermostat and possibly that new refrigerator you bought.

Chances are those websites you visit everyday are running Linux too.

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