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Submission + - One step closer to Jurassic Park (

SQLGuru writes: Scientists are exploring techniques to salvage DNA from Woolly Mammoths and bring the species back to life (as well as possibly other extinct species). With current samples, they think they can get 80% of the way from an elephant to a mammoth. The article also talks about doing the same with Neanderthal and the religious implications (and circumventing it by using a Chimpanzee as the host instead of a human).

Submission + - A case for evolution

SQLGuru writes: "A scientist at Michigan State has some significant findings that make a really strong case for evolution. He's been growing E. coli bacteria for over 20 years to observe how they have changed over time. One group has developed the ability to metabolize a nutrient that E. coli normally does not process. He's found where the mutation happened and is now researching what the change was that led to this capability."
First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - DNF art released by 3DRealms

SQLGuru writes: rogrammer-uses-200x150-duke-nuke-forever-image-as- bait-31687.phtml

3D Realms are at it again, posting another job ad on Gamasutra (for senior and junior programmers). Sure, there's nothing special about a developer looking to hire. In fact, it happens everyday. But it's not every day that we see a screenshot from (cue the music) Duke Nukem Forever.
The Internet

Submission + - Web 2.0: Score - Control (0), The Community (1)

SQLGuru writes: mand=printArticleBasic&articleId=291633

Digg Inc., which operates a news aggregation Web site that lets users determine the placement of stories through voting, last week found itself at the center of what some analysts and academics are calling a test case on who has control over user-generated content on social networking sites. What happened on was described even more trenchantly as "an Internet riot" by many bloggers and online posters. And the outcome was clear: The rioters won.

Submission + - The return of the Commodore!

SQLGuru writes: 8410

The Commodore is returning.... /Home.aspx

The once legendary Commodore brand has returned to the UK as a high-end, customised PC supplier.

Once famous as the maker of the incredibly successful Commodore 64 system in the 1980s, the brand is hoping to rekindle its gaming spark with the opening of its online store.

Submission + - R&D might not be worth the expense....

SQLGuru writes: 336694.html This article shows reasons why a company may do well with spending money on R&D and why others may be better off not spending on R&D. I know that there was an earlier Slashdot discussion on the benefits of R&D (couldn't find the link). This article refers to a study that looked at how much of that R&D money translated to money on the bottom line.

Submission + - This is what happens when you don't RTFA

SQLGuru writes: onges_dc_3

People who read the article the other day that talked about how 2 minutes in the microwave would kill 99% of the bacteria on the sponge were complaining that they tried it and it ruined their microwave. Apparently, reading the whole article should have clued them in that the sponge needed to be wet. It isn't just Slashdot where people don't RTFA.

Submission + - Image Regonition + Search = Polar Rose

SQLGuru writes: As a follow-up to the discussion from YRO: Face Recognition: Real or Science Fiction ( 353221), I came across this article that seems related. _technovelgy.html
Polar Rose is a new search engine now being tested that will allow you to find anyone in any photo on any site. Type in the name of a person you know, and find pictures of that person all over the web, on sites like MySpace or blog pages using face-recognition technology.
Or just skip the article and go to the web site: (not much to see on the web site yet).
Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - Apple should license Mac to Dell

SQLGuru writes: PE=story&AT=339271751-130061733t-110000002c
In a surprisingly ambitious report, called Apple Should License the Mac to Dell, Gartner says Apple should concentrate on what it does best — create software — and make use of Dell's production and distribution infrastructure.
It's not even April 1st, but I got a huge laugh out of this one.

Submission + - ATI's Stream computing announment coming....

SQLGuru writes:
Even before its merger with AMD closes, ATI plans to charge the server market with a new type of graphics product that could shake up the high performance computing scene. Advocates of ATI's technology say it could create a lucrative new revenue stream for the company and add some weight to the ATI/AMD marriage. ATI has invited reporters to a Sept. 29 event in San Francisco at which it will reveal "a new class of processing known as Stream Computing." The company has refused to divulge much more about the event other than the vague "stream computing" reference. The Register, however, has learned that a product called FireStream will likely be the star of the show.
While the ideas aren't new, direct support by the hardware companies is pretty cool.

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