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Comment Re:Read the article (Score 1) 90

Apparently you're ok with the bazillion emails you get when your PM goes and makes edits to a story you're assigned to. I've gotten as many as 11 emails in the span of minutes. I *LOTHE* Jira and Confluence. There are plenty of tools that serve the same purpose and fit the way I work much better. I realize they are popular and are mostly capable in managing a project, but they really irk me in the fringes.....the places where people don't concentrate because it isn't seen as critical path to the application.

Comment Re:Why they are slow? (Score 5, Interesting) 766

The idea of not hosting your own local copy is that if everyone uses a common source for the library, then the browser should already have that resource cached even if it's the first time you hit the page. For large enough libraries that the Google CDN (or another CDN) includes it, it's worth it.


Now, for obscure libraries, you're better off hosting your own so that you can control the version and not worry about the referenced script changing/moving/breaking stuff.

Comment Re: Play Audio on Linux? (Score 1) 164


It could have been a wrapper around the default sort algorithm that made it easier to call.....something that was more aware of the applications data structures and how to interpret them so that the default sort algorithm would work properly. Many built in sort algorithms work on primitives and built in aggregates (array, list, etc.) but if the application has some other construct, you'd want to make that call as generic as possible so that you don't have to repeat that code everywhere.

Just because a dev calls it "sort" doesn't mean it actually implements the sort algorithm.

Or you could be right and the dev is a moron. Both are possible.

Comment Re:That's why script execution is off by default (Score 1) 129

And yet....most people who's job is web programming assume that certificates are part of an admin's job. The classic "it worked fine on my dev box" (which usually doesn't have much in the way of security enabled) excuse will come up and the web dev will try to throw the problem over the wall.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 2) 50

Because even unlimited plans are limited......pick one and there's a cap (usually right around 22GB for some reason) where the speed will drop. If you hit that cap often enough, you'll be dropped from the carrier. It's in the fine print.

And they aren't "cheap" unless you're a single person making decent money or with few other bills to pay. Family plans save money vs a bunch of individual plans, but they still aren't cheap.

Comment Re:Got bit by this 2-wks ago at latimes.com (Score 1) 35

I typically run with two different "users" logged in to Chrome and I have each user on a different monitor. One user is for sites where I want to save credentials and the other is for sites I don't......harder for a site to use Facebook if it's running under a different Chrome session. Because I have two monitors, I've seen an attack similar to the one described in the article, but it was obvious because only one monitor got the "Operating System Error" message.

Comment Re:Where's the parallel port (Score 1) 299

I used to have a USB to serial adapter......I never used it, so it go freecycled off to someone else, but I've also seen them for parallel ports and 3.5" floppy drives. The U means Universal.....let's use it as such. I don't need a new proprietary port on my laptop waiting for people to build modules for my laptop's manufacturer's port.

Comment Re: Unity? (Score 1) 255

outside of win and fruit, a geek had to read and study

My second biggest gripe about Linux. I can't just install some flavor or another on my Mom's computer and give her an easy book. If I install it, I'll get tons of calls when she wants to accomplish something and I'll have to tell there ---- well, there are about 20 different ways to do it, but none of them are "mom-friendly".

My biggest gripe is that the world of Linux is so fractured because of all of the different opinions on the "right" way. Choosing between 20 different distros and 5 different window managers and 3 different package managers can make it really hard to pick the "best" option.

Comment Re:Obviously... (Score 1) 255

the loss of paid-for licenses with hardware failure

Any sufficiently large organization (such as a school district) should have better management of their licenses such that they aren't tied directly to a single piece of hardware. I know from experience (my wife was a teacher for many years) that the school districts don't usually have a good technology program, but that's because they don't pay well and the knowledgeable will likely be working in the private sector. But a hardware failure should NEVER be the reason you lose a license.

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