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Comment Re:Works great for podcasts (Score 1) 294

I'm in the same boat. I listen to many audio podcasts and watch several video podcasts. For video, I found that 1.5x works best.....unless they are just "talking head" videos.....the visual component needs a little bit longer to process. Audio-only at 2x is very do-able. And this is for content that isn't just entertainment --- some of it includes "educational" content (loose definition --- not necessarily meaning academically).

Comment Re: BS (Score 1) 258

So, do that.......charge 54 cents with a "strongly encouraged" tip to make up the difference. Or add "non-optional" fees for things that aren't directly related to car maintenance (which is covered by the mileage reimbursement).....kind of like "shipping and handling" when you place an order. .54 cents per mile for the trip
$ 4.00 "convenience fee"
$ 2.00 "destination charge"

Comment Re:false comparison... (Score 1) 767

Not knowing the technical beneath it, but wouldn't lightning port (or any digital port, really) headphones require some circuitry.....so my super lightweight earbuds are now going to require some sort of wart along the cable that has whatever logic required to negotiate for a timeslice on the digital bus, monitor for packets designated for my earbuds, decode the packet and convert it into sound (probably more steps, but that's a decent representation). So where will that wart sit? Not at my ears, it's too heavy......one of my big gripes about many bluetooth headphones. At the plug end? Wow, now I've got even more stuff hanging off my phone making it unwieldy.

Comment Re:Web app vs app (Score 3, Interesting) 96

Actually, if you write the web app correctly with the offline.manifest file, you can make much of the site work offline. I've implemented a Cordova application that uses the offline manifest and local storage to enable a user to interact with the system and then sync back to the main server once the network connection is reestablished. You just have to cache a lot of the "driving" data and make sure that you don't exceed local storage. But it works.

Comment Re:The problem is cost and complexity (Score 3, Insightful) 257

I think the model that Apple has taken --- limited phone models --- is the solution, but that requires a much bigger bet by the device manufacturers. With fewer models to support, a manufacturer could devote more resources to keeping the phone updated. The risk being that a poor model would crater their whole business. I know not every model is perfect for every person......so I don't really know how that would work, either.

Comment Re: off! (Score 1) 167

I've had a similar experience with Google. Having a conversation and then start typing a search based on that conversation in Google and with just a few letters typed, one of the suggestions is 100% on topic for the conversation I was having. This is typically on my desktop and I'm not running any Google offline apps (just hitting web pages).

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