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Comment Re:Hopefully They'll Get a New GUI Now (Score 1) 105

But one of the biggest complaints about the current Facebook implementation is that the "latest post" sort order doesn't hang around enough. Of course, Facebook is more interested in "top stories" because it allows them to pretend that all of that promoted / sponsored content is "top". Regardless, that's a sort feature that people WANT to use (but can't). Lots of people hate their content being completely controlled by someone else --- give me recommendations (the 80%).....but also let me see everything for the instances where the recommendations aren't what I'm looking for (the 20%).

Comment Re:Voice Texts (Score 1) 188

So far, Windows Phone hasn't shown enough signs of any uptick, so I'm comparing my platform choice as those Mac users who benefitted from lack of hacks due to lack of popularity. If Windows Phone sees any uptick, then obviously it means that the chance of my phone being attacked goes up.....but it also means that all of the other negatives about the platform (lack of interest from app developers) also goes away --- so, I win either way.

Comment Re:Voice Texts (Score 2) 188

Good luck trying to scan my Windows Phone! Bwaahahahaha! Sometimes being the oft-ignored sector has its benefits. The phone may be crackable, but no one bothers to try.

All of those arguments about Linux and Mac being super secure back before there was enough market share for people to care to try to attack them.

Comment Re:Google "Circles" (Score 1) 326

I agree. Facebook has the ability to create and manage groups, but it's always been a pain to maintain. The metaphor and controls Google+ created make so much more sense. The problem that Google+ has always faced is that they started too late.....Facebook already had all of the people, and it was really hard to convince people to leave it because "that's where all of my friends already are"

Comment Re:Is this still true? (Score 1) 391

Just take a look at the USB Rubber Ducky sold by Hak5 ( It'll emulate a keyboard and has a lot of available scripts for "penetration testing". I don't recommend going to that site from work since many businesses will treat it as a hacking site (even if the information is pertinent to your work).

Comment Re:No extensions.... (Score 0) 77

What a horribly wrong assumption.......

I'm not worried about ads because I'd rather see/ignore an ad than pay for the content on sites like Slashdot (nebulous quality). I practice safe browsing (i.e. nothing shady outside of a locked down VM, stick to known-good sites, etc.) and recommend everyone else do the same. Known malware sites and sketchy ads are blocked at the firewall so that my less-tech-savvy family are protected as well.

Why should I rely on a browser with a specific extension when I can protect EVERY browser (including mobile and tablets) with a single configuration update?

Comment No extensions.... (Score 0) 77

This is actually one of the reasons that I don't install any extensions in my browsers. If you run bare-bones, you don't get accustomed to extensions that aren't available when you use other also don't have to worry about the quality or security of the add-on.

When Firefox first came out, people raved about how good of a browser it was.....but then they rattled off a list of extensions you needed to add to make it great. Bare-bones IE was actually still better than bare-bones Firefox at the time [as a developer, I have and use all of the major browsers --- each without extensions]. If you compare them that way, you'd be surprised at how your ranking would change.

Comment Re:Dell's history?? (Score 1) 28

VMWare is a different company than EMC. EMC owns a large percentage of it (controlling interest). Dell's offer (at least originally) would continue the separation of the companies. Obviously, with controlling interest, it would be easy enough to make the vote of the VMWare board go in whatever direction they wanted. But short-term, you shouldn't have to will be at least a year after the EMC deal closes before they make many drastic changes.

Comment Re:Description, editing (Score 1) 39

I agree. I have one (well, I bought it for my wife, but she doesn't really use it much) and I have it cycle through news articles while I get dressed in the mornings.

I just wish they'd release the code so people can play with it outside of their service since Sony doesn't really care much about the device any more. Let me throw a nice Angular dashboard client on it that will hit more than the few widgets that are developed for it.

Comment Re:SJW crap (Score 4, Insightful) 310

It's not just women. I find that developers who lack the passion to continuously learn and play with technology (not necessarily directly related to their day job....just technology in general) tend to be the ones that are middle of the pack in large companies. They aren't necessarily bad at their job, but they are never the ones that leap ahead of the pack. For them it's just a "job".

The question becomes: how many "average" developers can you get away with and still be a successful company? The "rock stars" are expensive, so you want to have as few of them as you can and have them cover for the rest of the team......and they'll do it willingly because they love what they do. It's the reason that I left my last job......I was tired of covering for everyone else.

It's even worse when the "average" developers are in a different country.

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