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Comment Re:"IT" is on its way out (Score 2) 272

I would say cloud is best for smaller companies but as the company grows large enough and can afford to have specialized people, you bring it back on-prem. A small business can't afford to have a team of expensive engineers (network, storage, server, etc.) so you "outsource" that job to the cloud. Then, when the business is started, you can bring on those types. Large companies already have the experts and don't necessarily need the cloud.

Comment Re:How do you know? (Score 1) 279

I'd be interested in a description of the ideal configuration for a home network that includes IoT devices.

Should I have multiple routers so that I "nest" my networks. So have one network "right off the Internet" for less secure things such as IoT and then have a more secure network as a sub-network to the IoT network? So the IoT network can't see anything in the sub-network but is also protected by whatever firewall settings I decide to set?

Comment Re:Do away with them (Score 1) 89

Actually the problem of forcing initialization prior to knowing a value (at least in terms of actual data) is that you then no longer know the difference between "just a default" and "actually the same value as the default".

A possible scenario:

A woman becomes pregnant but has not yet had her child. The doctor wants to create a health record for that child for tracking purposes.

Baby.Name = {empty string}
Baby.Birthday = {1900/01/01}

The same doctor also happens to be the doctor for the oldest man in the world.

OldMan.Name = {Mathusala Jones}
OldMan.Birthday = {1900/01/01}

Now, the same doctor wants to run a report for everyone who has a birthday in January because it's time to mail them their annual birthday card. Oops....little Bobby Tables gets a birthday card even though he hasn't even been born yet.

So, you could add an additional boolean for every "nullable" field that tracks "is default".......or you could just use null like everyone else. Your code is basically the same:

if (isDefaultBirthday) { /* do something */ }
if (Birthday == null) { /* do something */ }

Comment Re:What's the price of your integrity? (Score 5, Informative) 338

The point was that if you're making $60k and then given the choice of train your replacement and continue to draw another month's worth of $60k plus some severance package to keep you on your feet for a few weeks so you can look for a job.........or walk and receive $0. It isn't that the fictional person couldn't live on $'s that the safety net only exists if you agree to train your replacement.

Comment Re:Bullshit - Neither OS X or Windows work that wa (Score 4, Informative) 82

The USB device pretends to be an Ethernet adapter. Once the adapter is installed, the PC attempts to communicate with the network. The other portion of the box is running code that will automatically respond as if it's a domain controller so that Windows will attempt to authenticate using the existing credentials. This request includes the password hash. The software responds "thanks for the hash!". Unplug everything and go home to break the hash on your own time.

The OS isn't running any software from the device, the device is just taking advantage of the default behavior (authenticate to the new network).

Comment Re:Rubby Ducky (Score 3, Informative) 82 (blocked from work, so no direct link) sells the Rubber Ducky and the Turtle (the actual device used in the attack). Rob (aka Mubix -- the guy documenting the hack) does a fair bit with Darren Kitchen, the main guy behind Hak5.

Also, Darren and Shannon (the co-hosts of Hak5) consulted on Mr. Robot.

Comment Re: Mindshare (Score 1) 147

I would, but my current carrier (Sprint) isn't offering a Windows 10 Mobile phone right now. And even the models that support the frequencies aren't certified / enabled for Sprint even were I to get on unlocked. So, for now, I'm stuck with my Samsung ATIV S Neo (phone names suck) until I convince my wife we should switch carriers (but she really likes the price of unlimited data for a 5 phone family plan on Sprint).

Comment Re:"Sleeping with amber-tinted glasses..." (Score 1) 230

Honestly? The yellow tinted lights hurt my eyes at night. I buy 5000K LED bulbs.....even for my bedroom. The difference is that at that color temperature, I don't need to buy as strong of a wattage (or wattage equivalent). So instead of buying 60w equivalent, I'll get 40w equivalent. The colors are clear but not overwhelming. If I get a yellow bulb, I still need the 60w equivalent and the yellow color bothers me. For task focused areas (such as the kitchen and bathroom), I'll still get the stronger light because I need it for the task....but in the rooms where people would normally say to get yellow, I just get something dimmer.

Comment Re:The good news is that (Score 2) 639

And yet, car manufacturers are doing it again. A friend of mine has an older Prius. OBD-II works for those few systems that are standardized and common, but all of the new features that aren't covered by OBD-II are hidden away by a proprietary set of codes that need a special scanner to read. Everyone wants to lock people into their system instead of someone else's so that the money has to come to them.

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