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Comment Re: Mindshare (Score 1) 147

I would, but my current carrier (Sprint) isn't offering a Windows 10 Mobile phone right now. And even the models that support the frequencies aren't certified / enabled for Sprint even were I to get on unlocked. So, for now, I'm stuck with my Samsung ATIV S Neo (phone names suck) until I convince my wife we should switch carriers (but she really likes the price of unlimited data for a 5 phone family plan on Sprint).

Comment Re:"Sleeping with amber-tinted glasses..." (Score 1) 230

Honestly? The yellow tinted lights hurt my eyes at night. I buy 5000K LED bulbs.....even for my bedroom. The difference is that at that color temperature, I don't need to buy as strong of a wattage (or wattage equivalent). So instead of buying 60w equivalent, I'll get 40w equivalent. The colors are clear but not overwhelming. If I get a yellow bulb, I still need the 60w equivalent and the yellow color bothers me. For task focused areas (such as the kitchen and bathroom), I'll still get the stronger light because I need it for the task....but in the rooms where people would normally say to get yellow, I just get something dimmer.

Comment Re:The good news is that (Score 2) 639

And yet, car manufacturers are doing it again. A friend of mine has an older Prius. OBD-II works for those few systems that are standardized and common, but all of the new features that aren't covered by OBD-II are hidden away by a proprietary set of codes that need a special scanner to read. Everyone wants to lock people into their system instead of someone else's so that the money has to come to them.

Comment Re:Interesting post (Score 1) 82

At this point, a large screened phone is sufficient for my tablet, browsing, podcasts, etc. A Tablet was never really a good creation platform and the 2-in-1s are the next attempt to get people to move away from a laptop.....I probably won't even get one of those. I think a nice phone and a nice laptop are still going to be my preferred weapons of choice.

Comment Re:Works great for podcasts (Score 1) 296

I'm in the same boat. I listen to many audio podcasts and watch several video podcasts. For video, I found that 1.5x works best.....unless they are just "talking head" videos.....the visual component needs a little bit longer to process. Audio-only at 2x is very do-able. And this is for content that isn't just entertainment --- some of it includes "educational" content (loose definition --- not necessarily meaning academically).

Comment Re: BS (Score 1) 258

So, do that.......charge 54 cents with a "strongly encouraged" tip to make up the difference. Or add "non-optional" fees for things that aren't directly related to car maintenance (which is covered by the mileage reimbursement).....kind of like "shipping and handling" when you place an order. .54 cents per mile for the trip
$ 4.00 "convenience fee"
$ 2.00 "destination charge"

Comment Re:false comparison... (Score 1) 771

Not knowing the technical beneath it, but wouldn't lightning port (or any digital port, really) headphones require some my super lightweight earbuds are now going to require some sort of wart along the cable that has whatever logic required to negotiate for a timeslice on the digital bus, monitor for packets designated for my earbuds, decode the packet and convert it into sound (probably more steps, but that's a decent representation). So where will that wart sit? Not at my ears, it's too of my big gripes about many bluetooth headphones. At the plug end? Wow, now I've got even more stuff hanging off my phone making it unwieldy.

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