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Comment Re:two for T (Score 1) 766

"literally never, ever been a single case of a man raping a woman who dressed as woman" Just noting that you probably meant "case of a man raping a woman while dressed as a woman" or "a man, dressed as a woman, raping a woman." Can't think of a better way to parse it, but as you have it now I thought it meant "a woman dressed as a woman."

Comment Free public transportation misses the point (Score 1) 654

I'm in NYC. Owning a car here is far more expensive than public transportation. Cheaper train or bus fare doesn't address the reasons why I don't take mass transit. It's not going anywhere I need to be. NYC's trains and buses service mainly Manhattan and Brooklyn, with some extension into Queens. A lot of places only see the occasional meandering and infrequent bus. I live in an area with very few direct public transit options; my driving commute is nearly an hour but Google Maps says that if I were to take two trains and two buses, I can reach work in just three hours. Six hour round trip, anyone? It's free! This is besides the issues of rubbing shoulders and sharing airspace with tandoori chicken and that guy who thinks everyone should enjoy his taste in music. I've never felt like that stuff would be OK except that three bucks is too much for the experience; the difference between cheap and free is irrelevant. Ultimately it comes down to trains and buses don't actually get me where I need to be. Heck, inside Manhattan the situation reverses and I'll be the first one down to the subway.

Comment Re:Surface area to volume (Score 1) 66

The experiments were made simpler with 3D printing, it allowed different shapes to be produced easily. But making pills in different shapes is quite doable without a 3D printer, and surface area to volume has been known to affect dissolution rate since... I don't know, the sixteenth century? Maybe earlier. Just look at the pill all the way to the right. It's shaped like a Life Saver candy. That candy got its distinctive shape from limitations on the equipment which produced it - a pharmaceutical pill-making machine. And pills come in only a few basic rounded shapes because it's rather difficult to get patients to swallow a large spiky pyramid. Plus dissolution rates have been manipulated for a very long time by altering the binding agents and coatings, so this "new" tech is not adding new capabilities either, except maybe individually printing pills for each patient. There's no news here, it's just a retread of "on a computer" patents.

Comment Re:Great! More hipster hate. (Score 5, Interesting) 176

"Hipster hate" makes a great deal of sense compared to disliking other subcultures, because those other subcultures may not appeal to you but they're marked by their own clothing, behavior, and ritual. Hipsters however don't embrace a particular ethos beyond mocking other cultures. They appropriate symbols and cruft from different eras and movements and display them in a mocking 'irony' to underscore how 'uncool' is item X or garment Y. Of course their Ray-Ban sunglasses and Smurf lunchboxes are stripped of context but there isn't much cogitation involved, just peacocking. Put simply, hipsters are reviled across cultures because those hipsters are already hating you.

Comment Re:A good mag. (Score 1) 71

I actually came across the 2600 people at a recent Maker Faire, they're there every year in an old NYNEX telephone van. It's kind of fun browsing issues they lay out on the table, reminds me of high school. But in general they're not very good conversationalists considering they're exhibiting at a festival, more of the "scowl until you go away" sort of carnies.

Comment Re:/. is getting more and more unbelievable !! (Score 4, Funny) 217

I'm chiming in with some more agreement here. I speak and read in a couple of languages, although I think even seventh graders would be unimpressed. But I'm learning Mandarin now and holy crap. Pitch, inflection, and intonation matter so very much; it's like learning a language and an instrument at the same time. Yes, some hyperbole and of course the OP could have qualified it with "westerners" or some such. But assuming that someone is not a pedant, the statement makes sense. Mandarin is difficult for an English speaker to learn. Of course, assuming someone on /. is not a pedant is kind of stupid.

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