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Comment Depends on Pacific Undersea Cable (Score 1) 263

When I lived in HNL a number of years ago, HI was considered to have fastest IP in the US, unless the main HNL-SFO Pacific Undersea Cable went offline. The backup cable or switching to SATCOM was noticeably slower until the main cable was brought back online. Upon moving to the US mainland, IP was noticably slower. Gamers experiencing latency should ask their ISP which undersea cable is being used or if its switched to SATCOM.

Comment More Seats = More Time to Evacuate (Score 3, Informative) 266

Hi, Certification for emergency evacuation requires a test of real people evacuating in less than a specified amount of time. These tests are done with all airline employees as passengers, all physically fit, all alert, all expecting the drill to occur, and with no luggage. More seats means more less-physically fit passengers, clueless and sleepy passengers, kids, handicapped pax, and lots and lots of luggage and obstructions. Make safety the number 1 reason for seat minimums.

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