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Submission + - Frenchy Bird Review-Wii U | The Gamer's Lounge (

RyanDJ writes: Ryan Johnson | The Gamer's Lounge

Frenchy Bird: Flappy Bird in France. Is it a clone, or a tribute? As a budget title for the Wii U at a mere $1.99, it may be worth your while if you've ever been curious as to what the big deal was with Flappy Bird. It may even improve on the formula, making it something to actually boot up more than the one time. Read in for a full review.

Submission + - Family Tennis SP Review--Wii U | The Gamer's Lounge (

RyanDJ writes: Ryan Johnson | The Gamer's Lounge

Family Tennis SP is a budget title tennis game for the Wii U that makes me feel like the motion control phase never happened. Like Wii Tennis without the motion control, it provides a fun, if simplistic experience best suited to those up for a challenge.

Submission + - Titan Attacks! The 3DS | The Gamer's Lounge (

RyanDJ writes: Ryan Johnson | The Gamer's Lounge

Titan Attacks received a glowing review when it came through The Gamer's Lounge for the full Sony cross-buy situation. Now, it finds a home on the 3DS. Does the twitch gameplay and fast action make for a fun 3DS title? Ryan Johnson at The Gamer's Lounge found a few flaws in this version, but that's not to say it's without any merit.

Submission + - Sneaky Sneaky Slips onto iOS Platforms (

RyanDJ writes: Ryan Johnson-The Gamer's Lounge

Sneaky Sneaky is currently available for $2.99 on the iOS App Store. A neat mix of Final Fantasy RPGness, Metal Gear Soliton Radar scoping, and Zelda-esque graphics, it looks to steal your heart as it fills it's wallet. With the new release on mobile devices, does it make it more approachable, or do the mobile adaptations shove all the ugly bits out into the limelight? Ryan Johnson puts his two cents in (so long as they don't get stolen before you read them).

Submission + - IPHONE 6 PLUS REVIEW (

kube00 writes: Apple's new flagship phone is here, but this marks the first time they have entered the "Phablet" market. Everyone is wondering just how well Apple will fare against the tough competition of Samsung, Motorola, LG, and the like. Well, let's see how things went after my first 24 hours with the device.

Submission + - How to Get Destiny From Target for Under $10 (

kube00 writes: Destiny is going to be a big fall release and by now anyone who is interested in the game probably has it pre-ordered somewhere. Amazon, Gamestop, Best Buy have all had pre-order offers which include DLC or $10 back in reward certificates. But it's Target that has the best deal for getting Destiny and it's only available for a limited time.

Submission + - RetroN 5--Further Questions and Answers (

RyanDJ writes: Ryan Johnson | The Gamer's Lounge

As we get closer and closer to the RetroN 5, Ryan uses some of his links on the inside to get a bit more information on the system and what we are to expect of it. When is it coming out? What kind of save system will it use? Will (X) work on it? Some of the more obscure questions get answered within this article. Have any more questions? Drop them in the comments, and Ryan will try to find out your answers!

Submission + - One VERY SPECIFIC Way to Share a Nintendo Digital Title Between Systems (

RyanDJ writes: Ryan Johnson | The Gamer's Lounge

Nintendo holds an iron fist when it comes to digital titles, not allowing them to be transferred or shared at all. Ryan at The Gamer's Lounge actually came across one way for a digital title to be transferred to a new account with Nintendo Customer Support help. It's VERY specific, but knowledge is power! Click in to see if this tip could help you!

Submission + - The Gamer's Guide to Obamacare (

RyanDJ writes: Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation

As gamers grow up, we find ourselves face-to-face with those big person things. Right now, a lot of us are wondering just what's going to happen with healthcare in the United States. Will the Affordable Healthcare Act actually be affordable? Ryan Johnson at GoozerNation recently did a run with the Affordable Healthcare Application Website. After a 9 hour stint, he left weary, worn, and bruised. In order to help his fellow gamers, Ryan brings to you the Gamers Guide to Obamacare, so you can enter the battle more prepared.

Submission + - Worst Cliffhangers in Gaming (

RyanDJ writes: Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation

Some cliffhangers are good. They entice you for the next game in the series. Then, there's the bad ones. Ones you never see resolution to. Ones that are ignored in the next game in the series. Worst, ones that are forced on you when you didn't expect one, even years after you felt "done" with the game. What are yours? Did they make the list?

Submission + - So, You Wanna Self-publish an Xbox One Game? (Part One) (

RyanDJ writes: Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation

GoozerNation has been following the development of one indie title for some time now, Power Up. Now that Microsoft is making every Xbox One essentially a development kit, with rumors that the 360 might get free development options, many more people will have a chance to test their mettle on game making. If you are thinking about this option, follow through with GoozerNation's series to see some behind-the-scenes action on the independent game making scene.

Submission + - Compact Gaming (

RyanDJ writes: Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation

Even though we gamers would all love to have a room dedicated to our hobby, that isn't always possible. Transitions, such as sharing a college room or downsizing for a new addition to the family, force us to make the most of a small space. Ryan at GoozerNation is here to help you maximize your fun in a minimal space.

Submission + - Project X Zone Review (

RyanDJ writes: Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation

Capcom, Namco/Bandai, and Sega have made many a geek's dreams come true by taking favorite characters from around every imaginable universe and mashing them together into one cartridge. Does this come across as a cohesive plot worthy of paying attention to, or is it simply fan service at it's best? Either way, does that matter?

Submission + - New Super Luigi U Review (

RyanDJ writes: Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation

New Super Luigi U harkens back to the original Mario sequel, with it's increased difficulty curve while retreading all the old sprites and ideas. It's definitely created for a specific type of gamer, but does it fit your mold?

Submission + - Great (and not-so-great) Dads of Gaming (

RyanDJ writes: Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation

Happy Father's Day! Here's a quick list of Dads deserving attention this Father's Day. Some deserve a snazzy tie, while others shouldn't even get a phone call. One thing for sure: they helped mold our favorite gaming characters into who they are today.

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