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Comment Re:19th and 20th century powerhouse (Score 1) 201

Britain has around 200years worth of coal underground (at 1980's usage levels) and that's where most of it will stay.
Much of it is a much higher grade than the Lignite that is being used in Power Stations in some countries. Lignite is a bigger polluter tonne for tonne than Anthracite.

Comment Re:VAT not included (Score 1) 903

The USA Has Sales Taxes don't they? Well apart from Delaware etc?
VAT is a sales tax. We just include it in the prices we see quoted. The price that the public sees is the price you pay.
Each country has different rates of VAT, and even on goods. My Utilitiy (electric ) has a 5% VAT, a smartphone is taxed at 20% (UK)
Here in the UK we don't pay VAT on a whole range of things like non luxury food, childrens clothes and books.
See, it is not as simple as you might like to think.

Comment Re:Bet they're not upgrading directly from Windows (Score 3, Insightful) 136

The average JoePublic user won't know the name of the application executable.
What if there are several versions (bad systems management) which one do they choose.
IT is fine for geeks but for a non geek? forget it.

The torrents of abuse I've had hurled at me from people who were forced by my old managment onto W10 was enough to make me throw in the towel and quit.
Users don't like change. End Of.
W10 forces a lot of change on the users.

Don't even get me started on the forced updates bricking devices. Two days before I left the above job, an update bricked the CEO's PC.
The rollout of W10 stopped there and then. No amount of cajoling would persuade me to stay on and roll everyone back to W7. I'm done with Windows for good.

Comment Re:This kind of happened to me (Score 2) 283

You didn't play golf or belong to the same 'Country Club' as the boss.

Simple really.
It is not you but who you know that keeps you in a job these days.
I'm glad that I called it a day last October. Now I do the odd one or two days of work a week.
My BP has gone down so much that I'm off the meds.

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