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Comment Re:Paging Darth Vader (Score -1) 951

I can't stand it.

I still use XP at home and at work, work recently upgraded me from Office 2003 to 2007, my productivity in Office has now dropped considerably due to problems trying to find what I need on the new interface.

Where possible, I copy stuff over to a home PC where i can still use Office 2003.

Changing this interface to something non-standard strikes me as a very stupid thing to do when you are trying to keep user migrating to (Sn)Apple or Google.

Comment Re:Gonna take 'no' for $200, Alex (Score -1) 456

Seriously, this is 'Will Wave Eat E-Mail' all over again.

I wish it WOULD! I thought the idea behind all this social networking stuff was to REDUCE the amount of email traffic but if I spent the time necessary to read through all my personal and corporate emails (and I'm not talking spam here), I would have no time to do anything else.

I've even started a personal policy of phoning people, both at work and socially, rather than sending an email because I'm just swamped in the stuff.

Comment At least in my lifetime... (Score -1) 256 went to the moon because it was there and we had the Shuttle because we didn't like burning up a whole rocket each time we went into space.

If we ever get to Mars it will be because a few suits with expensive haircuts have decided it's a second planet with the potential to rape the mineral shit out of in order to make a few fat rich people even fatter and richer.

Comment Re:Droid is not a monoculture... (Score -1, Offtopic) 241

Then please explain what the Slashdot Meta-Moderation system is then, if it is not a system to gather statistical data based on discovering how many topics are of interest to certain Slashdot readers?

Of course it's news for me, just like it's news for everyone else - if there wasn't at least something of interest here, neither you or I would come here.

Comment Re:Droid is not a monoculture... (Score -1, Troll) 241

Yep, just like it's "news for icebraining" and everyone else that comes here - what's your point?

Just because I'm not a developer doesn't mean I don't have an opinion as a consumer of applications.

Or are we now operating some kind of caste system here where developers are on a higher and different social level to the rest of us mere mortals and I'm not allowed to talk to them?

Comment Re:Droid is not a monoculture... (Score -1, Troll) 241

That there might be other people who are developers reading? That you are actually interested in how people get paid? The mildest curiosity perhaps?

No, not particularly. I'm interested in reading about someone's technical abilities and thought processes into the creation of a piece of software, but the movements of little green pieces of paper in the process is of no interest because they just tend to get in the way anyway.

Not all his points held equal gravitas, but to dismiss them out of hand is like going on a knitting board and saying that while I like sweaters, I have no interest in hearing how the yarn they use is made.

That's not the same thing - I'm interested in how things are made, hence probably being interested in how a sweater is made. But I could give a toss about the cost of it until such time as I need to buy a sweater. At which point I care only about the end price and quality, not how much the retailer or producer makes from it.

Comment Re:Droid is not a monoculture... (Score -1, Troll) 241

Why does that concern me? Apart from a bit of work/hobbyist related shell/Perl/Python scripter, I'm not a developer - as a Droid user, I'm just a potential purchaser of the app...

I'm a geek, I'm interested in how things work technically and like nice shiny things - but I couldn't give a toss about what's negotiated between a producer and a supplier for products, that's up to them.

As long as no children/kittens are strangled in the product's production, what do I care how much the developer got paid for it? I just care about it being good value for money if and when I buy it, like I could care less whether or not the artist got paid when I buy a CD - it's their contract, they can negotiate it....

Comment Droid is not a monoculture... (Score 0, Flamebait) 241

The developer has a choice to pull the app because he doesn't like the deal from the retailer.

The consumer can purchase the app from another vendor, or even contact the developer directly to arrange a direct sale.

And before the inevitable iTunes comparisons, Apple themselves choose which retailers can and cannot stock their products, no different to Levi's Jeans or countless other brand name companies.

If I posted a story on here moaning about the fact that I didn't get the pay increase I thought I deserved from my employer last year, there would be countless "then go work for someone else" responses.

In other words, nothing to see here - it's up to the developer and Amazon to work out a deal.

Comment Re:iCloud also works with no internet (Score -1) 226

You boot up your OS and log in (Windows or Linux).

Plug in your Droid phone and USB drive, tell the phone it's okay to mount as a USB drive.

In Linux Gnome an icon for each one appears on the desktop and it may well open a Nautilus window for both. Cut and paste the files from one to the other. Done.

Windows? I've not gone beyond XP but it's just as straightforward.

In both cases, it's just as easy, if not easier, as navigating a web interface to find your music on a Cloud service.

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