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Comment Re:Narrow idea of automation and AI (Score 1) 369

I'm in no way suggesting to become complacent. Of course 'productivity' is also a result of keeping up with your skills. With all this extra productivity, do you see any less demand for programmers? More productivity just means our employers get more bang for their buck. So a potential project will become profitable sooner = more work.

Comment Software developer (Score 0) 369

My field is always under development getting more and more productive.
Robots always need to be maintained and reprogrammed to adjust to changing reality.
So robots are just another method of increasing productivity.
Good thing there's very little government involvement in software development.
Allows people to always find more work.

Comment Re:What a waste! (Score 1) 76

Not important to you.
Games allow people to vent their emotions, instead of using violence.
It can help develop skills and foster creativity.
Game development pushes technology further.
People waste their money on all sorts of things:
- Fashion
- Alcohol

The biggest waste is government. They are parasites on society.
The biggest drivers of economy and innovation are happiness and freedom.
Government is the worst enemy of both those.

Comment Theory or hypothesis? (Score 1) 244

Christians often get criticized for saying evolution is only a theory.
When a theory is really very well supported by evidence, as evolution is.
But can we really complain when something like this, which is clearly an hypothesis, is called a theory.
"String theory" seems the biggest offender to me.
No wonder people tend to describe any idea they have as a theory.

Comment Re:49. FSB (Score 1) 251

Where's your evidence that Russia hacked the DNC?
If they did it's part of a treaty Bill Clinton signed with Russia where they both promise to help each other solve crime.
All the information WikiLeaks has provided has been verified to be accurate.
So nothing can be blamed on Russia or anyone else, the Democrats fucked things up for themselves, by being corrupt.
Do you think it's impossible for politicians to avoid that?

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