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Submission + - 24-hour Switch to IPv6-only Proposed for June 8th (version6.ru)

Roman Mamedov writes: "Often cited as one of the reasons of slow IPv6 uptake, is the lack of Internet resources and services that require IPv6 for operation or access. In other words, "why bother implementing IPv6, if every website is accessible on IPv4 anyways?" To do something about this, let's continue the trend set by the World IPv6 Day in 2011 and World IPv6 Launch in 2012, this year by World IPv6 Jump, turning off IPv4 on your websites and services for 24 hours!"

Submission + - Raspberry Pi inspired Cubieboard Launches Next Week (cnx-software.com)

Roman Mamedov writes: "The Allwinner A10 SoC used in some Android set-top boxes and tablets is liked by many open source ARM enthusiasts for its ability to also very easily boot any other compatible OS (including Debian, Fedora and Ubuntu) from an inserted SD card. Like many other A10-based devices the Cubieboard features 1GB of RAM, 100 Megabit Ethernet port, 4GB onboard NAND flash, 2 USB and 1 SATA port, Audio In/Out, SD/MMC slot and an IR receiver. But probably being somewhat inspired by the Raspberry Pi, this new device comes without a case and adds to the 'hackability' of the SoC by sporting a lot of extension pins for I2C, SPI, LCD, sensors and GPIO. According to the project website, the board (pictures) will cost $49, manufacturing has already began and the first shippings start next week."

Submission + - Slashdot Still Doesn't Support IPv6 (slashdot.org) 2

Roman Mamedov writes: It's 2011, IPv4 addresses are officially exhausted, and the world's largest geek-oriented website, Slashdot, still doesn't support IPv6 on its most-visited address, slashdot.org. This is true even for the new AJAX and CSS redesigned version of the website released just last month. Slashdot continues to publish one IPv6-related story after another. But it has not been specific about if and how it will offer an IPv6 upgrade to the Slashdot website itself, nor named any dates.

Submission + - Why IPv6 is Essential for Your Freedom (rm.pp.ru)

Roman Mamedov writes: With the IPv4 exhaustion looming on the horizon, will the original Internet be reduced to the "traditional mass-media" model, strictly separating the participants into "publishers" of content, and mere "consumers" of it? How can we ensure that all users of the Internet will always be free to directly communicate and cooperate with each other?
The Internet

Submission + - OpenBitTorrent, a DMCA-Resistant Torrent Tracker (openbittorrent.com)

rm writes: "There seemed to be no open, independent and stable BitTorrent trackers out there, so some hackers decided to create OpenBitTorrent, a free for anyone to use and (supposedly) a stable tracker. As a nice bonus, since the new tracker does not know or care what it is tracking, it is very likely to be completely immune to DMCA takedown requests: the authors make it very clear that they do not host or index for searching the content or any torrent files, do not keep logs of downloaders' IP addresses and can not block any files from being distributed using their tracker. Also, it looks like ThePirateBay has recently started to use OpenBitTorrent as a secondary tracker for all its torrents."

Submission + - Russian Google Competitor Embraces Open Source 1

rm writes: "Internet search and mail provider Yandex, which many view to be the Google's main competitor in Russia, recently has added an instant messaging capability to its mail notifier application Ya.Online. As it turns out, the IM service is based on the open XMPP protocol, with connectivity to all other public Jabber servers available from day one. MacOS X and GNU/Linux versions of the app were also released (complete with sources under the GPL) and are determined to be based on the Psi IM client. Yandex looks to be a firm believer in open-source, also running a mirror site for FOSS and actively promoting its branded version of Firefox. Here's hoping that its affair with XMPP will help eliminate ICQ's enormous foothold in Russia."

Submission + - Gigabyte blasts ASUS over "green" motherbo (tomshardware.co.uk)

rm writes: "An article at Tom's Hardware is shedding light on a presentation done by a motherboard maker Gigabyte, accusing their competitor ASUS of lies and false advertising. "According to Asus, motherboards labeled with an EPU logo contain an "Asus Energy Processing Unit." Essentially, these motherboards are supposed to contain components designed specifically to lower power consumption and provide better electrical efficiency. Gigabyte engineers pointed out that the "EPU" chip on Asus motherboards do no processing at all and does not control any hardware functions on any part of the motherboard. Gigabyte goes as far as saying that the EPU chip is "fake", and Asus was "playing numbers marketing" and "cheating end users.""
The Media

Submission + - Sealand bought by a Kazakh writer?

rm writes: "According to Russian-language news site CentrAsia (translation), a Kazakh writer Daniyar Ashimbaev, with support from unnamed Kazakh company, on 10-th January, had purchased Principality of Sealand. He plans to move to live there, despite that only 3 of 16 living rooms of Sealand's only platform are left intact after recent fire. Daniyar says his sponsors helped him to buy Sealand as an advertisement venture, and soon their trademark signs will be placed on billboards on top of Sealand's platform. The writer also said that he hopes to make Sealand a forepost of Kazakh culture on the west, and make Kazakh and Russian the official state languages of Sealand."

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