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Comment Re:Just as well (Score 2) 368

What makes you think the firmware in your PCIe WiFi card also can't access all main memory

Something which is called an IOMMU.

Memory is protected from malicious devices that are attempting DMA attacks and faulty devices that are attempting errant memory transfers because a device cannot read or write to memory that has not been explicitly allocated (mapped) for it. The memory protection is based on the fact that OS running on the CPU (see figure) exclusively controls both the MMU and the IOMMU. The devices are physically unable to circumvent or corrupt configured memory management tables.

Submission + - 24-hour Switch to IPv6-only Proposed for June 8th (version6.ru)

Roman Mamedov writes: "Often cited as one of the reasons of slow IPv6 uptake, is the lack of Internet resources and services that require IPv6 for operation or access. In other words, "why bother implementing IPv6, if every website is accessible on IPv4 anyways?" To do something about this, let's continue the trend set by the World IPv6 Day in 2011 and World IPv6 Launch in 2012, this year by World IPv6 Jump, turning off IPv4 on your websites and services for 24 hours!"

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