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...and they details they do post are wrong  Monday September 26, 2016 @08:39PM  3
   attached to Researcher Modifies Sieve of Eratosthenes To Work With Less Physical Memory Space
Time dilation  Monday September 26, 2016 @07:34PM  2
Fiscally impossible  Monday September 26, 2016 @07:21PM 1 2
   attached to Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Have Become Top Carbon Polluters
Re:Valuable skills  Monday September 26, 2016 @03:40PM  5, Insightful
   attached to UK's Top Police Warn That Modding Games May Turn Kids into Hackers
Electrical Fuel Transmission  Monday September 26, 2016 @02:56PM  2
   attached to Uber Is Researching a New Vertical-Takeoff Ride Offering That Flies You Around
Re:Dishonest Arguments not Politics  Monday September 26, 2016 @02:30PM 1 2
Re:Dishonest Arguments not Politics  Monday September 26, 2016 @02:15PM 1 2
Dishonest Arguments not Politics  Sunday September 25, 2016 @04:37PM 7 5, Insightful
   attached to Scientists Study How Non-Scientists Deny Climate Change
Pheasant Hunting  Sunday September 25, 2016 @03:12PM 1 2
   attached to Kentucky's Shotgun 'Drone Slayer' Gets Sued Again
If only...  Thursday September 22, 2016 @08:03PM 1 3
   attached to Germany Unveils a Hydrogen-Powered Passenger Train
Network providers not homes  Wednesday September 21, 2016 @08:37PM  2
   attached to Nokia Says It Can Deliver Internet 1,000x Faster Than Google Fiber
Needs to be Debugged  Tuesday September 20, 2016 @11:15AM 1 3, Insightful
   attached to When Blind People Do Algebra, the Brain's Visual Areas Light Up
Re:...and Accuracy  Tuesday September 20, 2016 @10:35PM  2
Extra pedantic...  Saturday September 17, 2016 @06:22PM 1 3
...and Accuracy  Saturday September 17, 2016 @05:58PM 5 5, Interesting
   attached to China's Atomic Clock in Space Will Stay Accurate For a Billion Years
Re:Please don't...  Thursday September 15, 2016 @12:23PM 1 2
   attached to Apple Explores the Idea Of Killing Headphone Jack On the MacBook Pro
Actual pirates aren't Even Detained  Wednesday September 14, 2016 @03:54PM  2
Re:Up the ante!  Wednesday September 14, 2016 @02:46PM 1 2
Used to be a Mandatory Death Sentence  Wednesday September 14, 2016 @02:43PM 3 5, Funny
   attached to 10 Years in Prison For Online Pirates a Step Closer in the UK
Re:Provide all Info, Don't Restrict It  Wednesday September 14, 2016 @09:54PM  2
Provide all Info, Don't Restrict It  Tuesday September 13, 2016 @02:54PM 1 3
   attached to Valve Finally Takes On Steam User Review Score Manipulation
Re:Huge Risk and Inconsistent Technology Assumptio  *Tuesday September 13, 2016 @03:10PM  2
ELE Kills Humans not All Life  *Tuesday September 13, 2016 @03:00PM  2
Huge Risk and Inconsistent Technology Assumptions  *Sunday September 11, 2016 @01:45PM 3 5, Interesting
   attached to Should We Seed Life On Alien Worlds?

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