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Submission + - Brexit Wins! Historical Divorce Between UK and Europe

hcs_$reboot writes: Brexit wins! British voters have defied the will of their leaders, foreign allies, experts and much of the political establishment by opting to rupture UK's connection to Europe in a stunning result that will radiate vast economic and political uncertainty across the globe. The result is perhaps the most dramatic to date in a wave of populist and nationalist uprisings occurring on both sides of the Atlantic and overturning traditional notions of what is politically possible. World financial markets dived as nearly complete results showed a 51.8/48.2 percent split for leaving. Sterling suffered its biggest one-day fall of more than 10 percent against the dollar, hitting a 31-year low on market fears the decision will hit investment in the world's 5th largest economy.

Submission + - SPAM: StarTrek lite: Can telepresence save the universe?

coondoggie writes: "Can the technologies that make up telepresence have a societal impact that could change everything from space exploration to telecommuting? Experts say advanced telepresence technology could change the way people remotely communicate with work, run factories and boldly explore distant solar systems. [spam URL stripped]"
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Submission + - University bandwidth consumption policies?

spiffydudex writes: I am a college student, attending a smaller university based in Texas. Our University has a 60Mb/s internet pipe. Currently our IT department has restricted our bandwidth usage to a mere 5gigabytes a month, but has left the speed uncapped. Universities that I have have questioned about their internet usage policy have not been forthcoming. Typically concerning the areas in the amount of bandwidth granted and/or speed given.
Our student body is not happy about the current situation. Resolutions have been proposed in that IT restrict our maximum download speed while leaving our max bandwidth uncapped.

So I thought /. would have some interesting ideas about how to overcome or alleviate the current situation. Additionally what are the untold IT policies at other campus's across the US? Is our university's IT policy a common stance on bandwidth consumption?

Submission + - U.S. visitors required to register online (

mytrip writes: Starting Monday, travelers from the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Australia, and a host of other countries will have to register online with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security before they can travel into the United States.

As part of its efforts to use technology to improve border security, the DHS is mandating that travelers from any of the 35 countries in the U.S. Visa Waiver Program apply online for an Electronic System of Travel Authorization before boarding a plane to the U.S. Previously, visitors from those countries were only required to fill out the I-94W form on flights to the U.S. for trips shorter than 90 days.

The Internet

Submission + - Is .tstream the next big thing for BitTorrent? (

Slatterz writes: I was particularly interested to read recently about the new .tstream format. Like normal torrent files, .tstream files use swarming P2P to deliver the massive amounts of bandwidth required to serve video files to large number of people; but unlike .torrent files it tries to download the file in-order for live playback. The promise of this technology is immense. Already P2P-Next has produced SwarmPlayer, which can be used to play live and on-demand video streams from sources like the BBC.
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Best Linux pre-install ultra-portable laptop

Linux-user wannabe writes: I want to make the switch to linux (I don't have any experience with it). I also want a good ultra-portable laptop. Since I'm none too bright, I'd like to purchase a laptop pre-installed with linux (preference is Ubuntu/Kubuntu). Requirements are: can run Apache web server, Java, ColdFusion, mySQL; has wireless; and it's not suffering from over-heated GPUs. Is all this do-able? Suggestions?

Submission + - Wikileaks to retaliate aganist Scientology ( 5

DragonFire1024 writes: " — Wikinews has learned that The Church of Scientology has warned the documents leaking site that they are in violation of United States copyright laws after they published several documents related to the Church. Wikileaks has no intentions of complying, and states that in response, they intend to publish thousands of Scientology documents next week.
In the letter to Wikileaks, lawyers for the Church's Religious Technology Center (RTC), which oversees the use of the their logos, writings and religious content, states that the site "placed RTC's Advanced Technology works on's website without the authorization" of the Church.
"I have a good faith belief, and in fact know for certain, that posting copies of these works through your system was not authorized by my client, any agent of my client, or the law. Please be advised that your customer's action in this regard violates United States copyright law. Accordingly, we ask for your help in removing these works immediately from your service," states the letter from Ava Paquette of Moxon & Kobrin which was published by Wikileaks.
"Wikileaks will not comply with legally abusive requests from Scientology any more than Wikileaks has complied with similar demands from Swiss banks, Russian off-shore stem cell centers, former African Kleptocrats, or the Pentagon. Wikileaks will remain a place where people of the world may safely expose injustice and corruption," stated Wikileaks in a statement on their website.
Wikileaks further states that "in response to the attempted suppression, Wikileaks will release several thousand pages of Scientology material next week.""


Submission + - Monsanto uses food patents against farmers 4

Lorien_the_first_one writes: Vanity Fair describes how Monsanto goes after farmers for collecting their own seeds after a harvest. According to the article, "This radical departure from age-old practice has created turmoil in farm country. Some farmers don't fully understand that they aren't supposed to save Monsanto's seeds for next year's planting. Others do, but ignore the stipulation rather than throw away a perfectly usable product. Still others say that they don't use Monsanto's genetically modified seeds, but seeds have been blown into their fields by wind or deposited by birds."

Submission + - US Hosting Company Shelves Anti-Islam Film

h4rm0ny writes: "The BBC is covering the story of how US hosting company Network Solutions has suspended the account of a Dutch politician who wished to distribute a short film he had produced on the subject of Islam saying the film may have contravened its guidelines on hate speech. The film is critical of Islam (though the maker says not of muslims themselves).The guidelines of Network Solutions forbid both "Hate Propaganda" and "Profane" material. This raises disturbing questions of what is considered 'propaganda' and that something being "profane" should be considered a legitimate reason to suppress material is very disturbing. As well as whether companies have the right to censor material. Note that I haven't seen the film as the site now contains only a short message from the hosting company. However, a brief search of the torrents reveals several hits for the movie (called "Fitna" from an arabic word for religious strife) so it looks like it's out there and available to any that want to see it whether people want to stop it or not."

Submission + - Computer Science Enrollments Rebound (

Scott Jaschik writes: "After a decade of severe declines, the number of students at top universities declaring themselves as computer science majors is finally seeing an increase. Experts attribute the shift to changes in job market, and also to changes in curriculum and the marketing of comp sci programs. An article from Inside Higher Ed appears here:"

Submission + - Associated Press: Fair use? What's fair use? ( 1

Spetiam writes: The Associated Press clamps down on fair use: "We have been informed that the Associated Press takes issue with our use of their images on this website, and until I'm able to resolve this matter with them amicably, I'm going to have to take the site offline...I'm somewhat befuddled on this point, and hope that some of you can help clarify this for me. How in the world can one provide analysis, commentary, and criticism on news photographs, if they are forbidden from actually showing said photograph? Did the Associated Press crack down on people who clipped newspapers out and shared them with their co-workers? Did they crack down on the thousands of fax-lists that powered New York through the 80's? And is this even relevant? I'd love to hear what you think." The take-down letter from the AP lawyer is scanned and posted for your perusal.

Submission + - Best non-crippled cellphone?

heretic108 writes: The Nokia 6288 has been an excellent cellphone in all respects except one — its crippleware OS-based restrictions against 3rd party Java MIDP applications. I'm aware that Nokia are not alone in this practice. But what about other cellphones? I'm looking to buy something other than Nokia next time, but want something with similar features, such as large hi-res color screen, 2megapixel or better camera, 3G, memory card expansion, multimedia and small form factor. Can anyone recommend any brands/models of cellphones meeting these criteria, but which are more open to 3rd party application development, and don't require developers to mess around with an expensive and complicated certification process? Or will I have to wait for the first Android phones?

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