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Comment Re:Fairness has a role (Score 1) 280

I don't really understand your point. Is it that govts can intervene and tell you to sell at a different price?

The OP was arguing that you can charge what you like for your product regardless of whether the price is fair or not: as long as people are willing to pay it you can charge it. My point is that you do have to factor "fair" into your pricing at some level. If you completely ignore it then you will annoy enough people that governments will eventually act, especially if your profits rely on an artificial monopoly created by those governments' laws.

Comment Fairness has a role (Score 1) 280

'Fair' is where you go to sell your pig, not the means by which you set the price.

That's only partly true. If your pricing is extremely unfair and what you produce is essential to people then governments can get involved and laws get changed to cut you profits, especially if you rely on those same laws, such as copyright and patents, to create artificial monopolies. This is happening with the pharmaceutical industry.

In the past Canada has threatened the patent protections of some firms and more recently the US seems to be finally waking up to the crap that these companies are pulling. So while you may set your price at a level that you think you can get away with, perceived fairness is a factor in what you can get away with and you ignore it at your peril.

Comment Where there is money there is a way (Score 1) 280

The fact that it's only sold in the App store now?

In which case you just connect to the app store for that country from wherever you are - I have accessed the Canadian store from Europe and the US without a problem in the past. If they eventually block that then you go through proxy and if they try to stop those they just end up playing whack-a-mole. Getting the money to the right store would be the hard part but if someone makes it worth their while I'm sure there will be resellers shipping iTunes gift cards to wherever the software costs significantly more.

The only way to preserve a price difference between two markets is to make the cost of getting around whatever barrier there is more expensive that the difference in price.

Comment Re: Conclusion: (Score 1) 375

The urban centers provide the tax dollars to make your life possible. Roads, electricity, telephone lines, etc are mandated by the government and without that you'd have nothing.

...and they make our life possible by providing food and natural resources. I think we need them more than they need us: life without technology would be hard but life without food would be a lot harder.

Comment Only if you want to die of rarer causes (Score 1) 375

Escape rural American lifestyle as soon as you can.

Only if you want to die of something less common. While the article is suggestive that the life expectancy of rural americans is shorter it never actually says that which suggests that they do not have the evidence to make such a claim. So if it does not make any difference to the average life expectancy do you really care whether you end up dying from a stroke instead of a rare form of cancer?

Comment Automatic Light Switches (Score 1) 172

Would indeed be great for any sort of business/public environment.

Not it it works as well as automatic lights which, at least where I work, seem to stay on over night without anyone in my office and then regularly turn off every ~30 minutes or so when I am in the office. If I have to keep waving at the computer as well as the lights to prove I am still there it is not going to improve my productivity.

Comment Publish papers not press releases (Score 1) 148

MIT is an academic institution. People have to publish to get degrees.

Academics have to publish papers in scientific journals not press releases with unscientific claims. You don't see this sort of thing coming from the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford and yet they are academic institutions which usually rank higher than MIT. If you are truly doing world-leading science you don't need to hype it, just publicize it, because the work speaks for itself. Over hyped claims like this makes you look like you are desperate for attention and undermines the impact of the real result if they ever do manage to create this material and it performs as expected.

Comment Impressive hype, less impressive science (Score 4, Insightful) 148

According the the article they only have a theoretical model for the material and the claim that it is the strongest material known seems to be based solely 3D printed models agreeing with a computational model of the material. This is no grounds whatsoever to claim that this is the "worlds strongest material". It's a promising start which might lead to that but until you have actually built the material and measured its properties you cannot claim the discovery.

We did not claim the Higgs discovery in the 1960s based on Higgs' theory we needed to wait until there was experimental evidence showing it was correct. The same applies here: there is no guarantee that some effect they have not modelled is important and means the material does not behave as they expect it to. A macroscopic plastic model is not guaranteed to behave the same due to the larger quantum mechanical effects at smaller scales. In fact so far they do not even know yet whether it is possible to build the material - so lets cut the hype and have them make their claim when they actually have the material in hand and confirmed it really does perform as they predict.

Comment Re:GPU Improvements (Score 1) 293

Actually your article shows I am right. The GPUs are soldered onto the motherboard it is just that the motherboard is split into three to wrap it around the triangular heatsink. The boards with the GPUs on them are not just GPU boars e.g. one contains the SSD port too and so are functionally parts of the motherboard. However if we ignore semantics and just look at it pragmatically nobody, not even Apple, has ever produced an upgraded version of these boards so whatever you think about the motherboard, the GPU is clearly not upgradable.

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