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Comment Why have emergency call at all? (Score 1) 166

Emergency Call on my phone takes you to a screen where you can dial only previously manually entered emergency numbers.... on my phone, its empty. I still don't understand why on my device I have no choice on whether or not to have "emergency call" appear on the lock screen.

Comment Re:What? Not for Unlimited Data? (Score 1) 136

The killer is the not having unlimited voice and texting that goes with the unlimited data. My old MO was "...from my cold dead hands..." however, given that I bought my device outright, I'm month to month, I'm getting ripped off. Its fantastic not having to think about if I should stream some video, or should I download this podcast from wifi instead of in my car... but I also can't use my phone as a phone, or text like I want... do I have enough texts? Do I have enough minutes? its a tradeoff... Maybe I can deal w/ 8GB a month...

Comment Re:For a guy who "learned Linux"... (Score 1) 1110

Which was brought up in the video. He mentions that from windows 95 to XP... the button says "Start" letting users know this is where you should Start. He mentions that Vista / 7 removed the word start, and that this was foolish, but forgivable because its been so engrained in our computing lives. In windows 8, you would need to know to hover in the corner to make the charms bar appear (which appears from the side of the screen, not the corner). It is NOT intuitive. I use windows 8 and quite like it... with Classic Start and metro disabled.

Comment Re:Why..? (Score 1) 266

Maybe to catch up to IE 9? Nine is higher than four, so regular users think that IE must be more mature and feature complete. We'll see what happens when Microsoft decides to change to IE XP or some other version identifier that Mozilla won't be able to copy.

Comment Re:How do they plan for this to work (Score 1) 469

Netflix is getting there. There is no incentive to even copy the movies when I can just stream at a moment's notice, or just have the disk in a day or two. Why the studios are playing games with not allowing Netflix's entire library to be streaming or making Netflix wait 30 days after releases is beyond me. Costs are less for all parties, easier for me to stream means easier for me to watch and pay (via subscription) royalties, Netflix doesn't have to mail me anything... Win Win.

Comment Re:The new plan is a really bad idea (Score 1) 514

I agree, isn't the entire point of the Iphone to be the multimedia anything, information at your fingertips, everything anywhere device? I use my (winmo) smart phone for work email, internet radio while driving, and occasional web and you-tube. I use 2.5 GB a month. And I think i'm a "light" user. I'm not sitting there with bit torrent running on my phone, and i think the ISP should disconnect someone (on a mobile ISP) if that is what a user is doing. But using the phone for what its for is absurd. This is what the Iphone is meant for. Rich, live, multimedia. AT&T is unable to provide the infrastructure to feed it, so they just say, yeah buy this awesome expensive new phone, but don't use it please! I also wonder if this is a way for them to axe VOIP before someone comes up with something stupid easy for anyone to use on any phone.

And what is worse is most of the Iphone people i talk to think this is fair. "well you should be using WiFi anyway". If there wasn't enough of a reason to not choose AT&T, this should seal the deal. I would recommend Sprint or VZW to anyone. And I hope they destroy AT&T in the advertisements with this.

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