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Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 103

That's true, but what I meant was that they probably look at Philly as this den of Comcast and Verizon - Comcast is headquartered there and Verizon has a major presence from when it was Bell Atlantic. They are major players and the broadband coverage is pretty good - I think their mission to provide universal fast internet and the efforts needed to bust into Philly probably conspire to nudge them elsewhere.

Comment Re: drone ship landings require a lot less fuel? (Score 1) 101

I don't need to stand by the rotation theory. However, the 2.5 degrees that the Earth rotates are about equivalent to the downrange distance.

The first stage is going about 1/5 of the target LEO orbital velocity at separation. While you might well model the trajectory as a parabola over flat ground, given the lack of fuel I would expect that SpaceX puts a lot more care into their trajectory. So far I've failed to attract the attention of the person responsible for Flight Club, the most trusted modeling of SpaceX flights, but I'll message him directly.

Comment Re:Where did the money come from? (Score 1) 159

Did you fill out a form at the bank explaining that they are rent checks? Or maybe explained it to the teller when you made the deposit? Then it's not illegal. People are acting like making a big deposit (or a few smaller deposits) is going to send you right to jail, when all it does it cause a bit more hassle as the bank is forced to do due diligence.

Comment Re:Where did the money come from? (Score 1) 159

It's not illegal to deposit a big chunk of money, you just have to fill out a form explaining how you got it. Trying to avoid the form by splitting up the deposit is what gets you in trouble, but the trouble is just "gotta fill out the form". If you can't fill it out or you lie on it then you can find yourself in real trouble.

Comment Re: Google the phrase (Score 1) 606

I wouldn't even try to retire the old debt through a forced means - simply making sure that something like a 5 year average is balanced. Within 30 years or so most of the debt taken out to meet current obligations would be retired simply by making payments on it. Under normal circumstances, spending would be determined by congress, but in the case that they can't act like adults, I'd make equal cuts and revenue increases.

Comment Re: Google the phrase (Score 1) 606

But a recession by definition is a lack of spending. If government doesnt change it by spending you end up with a depression.

Well, not automatically, but certainly government spending and backing of companies prevented the recession of 2008 from turning into a depression.

I'm not arguing that the government should not have the ability to borrow, nor am I arguing that the government should not have periods of deficit spending. But the long-term trend should be revenue neutral, with a relatively constant debt load reflecting a healthy spending on infrastructure. If debt is too low, that could be a sign of under-investment in infrastructure.

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