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Comment Re:China please (Score 1) 159

Maybe. I also look at the history of Europe and see even "independent" countries at war continuously for centuries. People are generally just dicks. Some blame it on colonialism or religion or a number of other things, but I think tribalism is inherent and something that we need to actively fight.

Comment Re:Intentional MITM / Reverse Proxy (Score 1) 87

You can MITM your own connections for security, but be aware that a growing number of sites will break when you do this thanks to certificate pinning. My work does this and it causes all sorts of random problems with various sites and applications. Luckily no big major sites are affected yet, but it causes problems when trying to sign up for certain conferences and with license managers.

Comment Re:China please (Score 1) 159

I don't worry one wink about the US and China going to war directly - as you say, a nuclear deterrent is a hell of a thing.

But I do see possible scenarios where China asserts itself over large sections of the Asian Pacific region with only token opposition from the US - simply because the US would no longer have the same relative capacity to respond effectively. Why actively defend Taiwan if it means losing much of your Pacific fleet and air force, leaving Japan vulnerable. Why inject yourself into local drama surrounding the South China sea for the same reasons?

Then again, you do mention BRICS, and the Russia and India part of that are not necessarily going to sit idle as their neighbor rises militarily. Russia is already at more or less their peak militarily, but India could yet grow legs.

Comment Re:China please (Score 1) 159

They certainly won't be unopposed. But is the US going to go all-in against an equal to defend Taiwan? How about the South China sea? China will take what it wants from that region if the current regime remains in power.

That's a big "if". If China's economy grows to rival or exceed the US, that implies a richer, more educated populace that might not be happy with their lack of freedoms. An economic decline of any size could send the government into crisis.

Comment Smells like an old fish packing plant (Score 5, Interesting) 87

If you were trying to scam people this is exactly how you would structure an "auction".

Lets look at the details:
1. The money you bid is kept by the seller, regardless of who wins.
2. Impossible to verify the product's authenticity before the sale.
3. There is no public notification that the winner received the goods.
4. The auctioneers can make their own bids.
5. There is no end date. The seller stops the auction at their discretion

Someone would have to be especially trusting or maybe desperate to bid on this. There are ways to set up trusted zero knowledge transfers, but these guys instead act like we should trust them just because they're anonymous.

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