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Comment Re:It has its uses (Score 1) 169

There is certainly value in reducing the amount of state you are managing, but too often it seem like Functional programmers are willing to declare it gone when they've just swept it under the rug. Sure you don't have a variable now, but instead you have the logic tied up in your stack. This is especially true when the language does pattern matches on the parameters to determine which function to call. In the end you have to keep track of that iterator somehow, and I tend to think something like a for loop tends to be clearer than looking through the function headers to figure out how the loop is initialized and when it terminates.

Comment Re:Its pretty important... (Score 1) 305

Agreed, but when the water comes up, they'll have to deal with it - either through construction or relocation or both.

Let's say that tomorrow, scientists make a huge discovery that completely changes the climate models. It turns out that not only is mankind not responsible for climate change, but it is indeed fluctuations in the sun. How does this change our mitigation efforts? The answer is that it does not. Either way, we have to respond to higher water levels and a warming climate.

Comment Re:Could be useful (Score 1) 89

That kind of thing has been around forever - in the early 90s my college ran their computer lab with dual partitions on the hard drives: a write protected system partition and a user partition that was cleared every night.

But Chromebooks are still easier to manage - if they turn on at all, you know they are good to go. No set up at all, no drive images, nothing - just turn it on and go.

Comment Re:Its pretty important... (Score 1) 305

The climate will reach a point-of-no-return where no amount of mitigation will ever fix it. Ever.

I really don't know what you mean. The coastline will change, people will have to be moved or the coastline will have to be fortified. That is mitigation. Current farmland will become marginal and marginal farmland will become fertile. Moving stuff around is mitigation. It's not even really a choice - mitigation just has to happen so that people can go on living.

Comment Re: The problem with your explanation (Score 1) 305

If you look in the FEMA site, they say that they provide gramts to perform repairs not covered by insurance. And no, they don't do a needs test. Now, the typical rich person does not let their insurance lapse just so that they can get a FEMA grant. Because such a grant is no sure thing. They also point out that SBA loans are the main source of assistance following a disaster. You get a break on interest, but you have to pay them back.

Comment Re:Becaue you aren't offering to do the work. (Score 5, Insightful) 368

Yes, sucking resources away from other users is one reason.

- Your feature or changes almost certainly comes with added complexity and/or bugs. People don't like that.
- People resist change just as a matter of being human. Any change needs to overcome this "static friction".
- Admitting that you have a better way is also an admission that they've been doing it wrong (or less efficiently) the whole time. People don't like to do admit they are wrong.

Comment Re:Its pretty important... (Score 1) 305

worst case extreme if climate change is real: massive amounts of people die, you get to watch those you love perish around you due to rising tides destroying any pitiful leevees. those that survive have trouble feeding themselves.

This is bizarre. Even the most pessimistic models have the climate warming a few degrees over the course of a century. This picture you paint of a disaster movie is absurd. People will be displaced, some places will become uninhabitable, others will become habitable. It's not like the ocean will come rushing in and kill everyone in Miami. We aren't looking at "Waterworld". Levees will indeed fail, and the decision will need to be made to either abandon the area or build larger levees. People will be forced to deal with climate change whether or not they believe it is man-made.

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