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Comment Isn't this years old? (Score 1) 164

I have a top loader, and there was some kind of recall already on it. They hooked up a handheld to it and queried some parameters to ensure it didn't need actual parts replaced. They flashed a ROM upgrade and put a sticker on the side saying it was updated and a sticker on the top warning you not to put things like raincoats in it (duh?).

Comment Re:oh if only... (Score 1) 247

I'm not even sure how long it's been since I gave a flying crap about the olympics.

I would guess when they moved one of them out of phase with the other, so now you have one every other year. When they only happened every four years, it was more of a "big deal" because you didn't have one for so long.

Comment Since I'm at work... (Score 1) 326

CentOS 7 with 4 virtual desktops. On Desktop 1 I keep my work stuff with Firefox, on D2 is my personal with Chrome to keep the logins separate. 3 and 4 are misc workspaces, like if we are running a training session I'll have ClusterSSH windows on D3 for the week.

My monitors are Dell 24" with the left one horizontal (good for most browsing and looking at waveforms) and the right one vertical (good for coding).

There's a physical and virtual gap between them which has a banana stand holding my headphones for when my coworkers are too distracting. ;) Screenshots look very weird.

For work, I moved from Windows to Linux before UltraEdit was ported, so honestly I just use Kate.

(nvidia control panel settings: Left: +0+275, Right: +2790+0 Rotate Left. That's on a sticky note because it never stays across reboots.)

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