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Comment Re:Facebook works fine... (Score 1) 363

Pretty much the same difference between profesion software pirates who burn thousands of copies for distribution, and the private home user who downloads a pirated copy of MS Office. Even Microsoft understands the difference between those two pirates.

Yep. But we usually don't call both groups pirates. These professional pirates you speak of are more accurately counterfeiters.

Comment Re:Obstruction of justice (Score 1) 597

Ack. I'm not normally patriotic enough to mouth off when someone is wrong on the internet, but come on.

You even link to a page that states that the MOSAD agents in New Zealand were caught and jailed. (Sure, not jailed for long, but jailed.) I imagine though, that by stating "When Israel needs to do its dirtiest deeds, it usually with an Oz or NZ passport ", you are referring to the assassination in Dubai of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. Here is the breakdown (from wikipedia) of the passports used:

United Kingdom (6), Republic of Ireland (5), Australia (3), France (1 - suspected of being the hit squad leader and logistical coordinator), and Germany (1).

Where is New Zealand on that list?

Comment Re:Breaking up companies (Score 1) 372

Anti-trust is not about bundling goods,

That is if all of the goods have a fair price. Here from Wikipedia about antitrust law:

banning abusive behavior by a firm dominating a market, or anti-competitive practices that tend to lead to such a dominant position. Practices controlled in this way may include predatory pricing, tying, price gouging, refusal to deal, and many others.

It can't be more predatory by giving them away.

Comment Success! (Score 1) 372

Who was it that said, "You haven't really succeeded until the Department of Justice comes knocking on your door"? I seem to recall having read that back in the 90s, regarding Microsoft.

Anyway, congratulations Google. You've really made it now.


Submission + - Google And Governments In Privacy Spat (

judgecorp writes: Google has published data on which governments are making requests for censorship or for user data. The new Government Requests page popped up at Google just about the same time Google had its privacy policies slapped in a letter from government privacy watchdogs in ten countries, complaining particularly about its Buzz service.

Comment Re:They pay the bills, so STFU (Score 1) 660

I wonder how many times the Barbra Streisand effect actually has a somewhat positive effect. Lets face it unless you're looking for game reviews you probably wouldn't have known about Escapist to begin with. However now with it on the front page of the news I am willing to bet quite a few people will head on over to check out the site. From the negative point of view a forum I never knew existed (and I go to the website weekly for a specific video review) banning a few users because admins decided they were talking about things that potentially cut off their main revenue stream doesn't register at all to me. I'll still go there, and probably still won't visit the forum I knew nothing about. But I'm sure someone will "discover" this site due to the Streisand effect.

Comment Re:More than 10k.. try closer to 400k.. (Score 3, Insightful) 256

403,000 frames
divided by 50 weeks
divided by 5 days a week
= 1,612 frames per day
divided by 8 hours
= 201.5 frames per hour
divided by 60 minutes
= 3.4 frames per minute

That's a hell of a lot of images to have to review every day just to keep up. Doesn't leave a lot of time for any editing or much of anything else. I realize some can be dismissed after one second of review, but still...

Comment Re:Dear Scientists and Researchers (Score 2, Interesting) 269

The reason to not talk about something when the publication is pending is to avoid having your work scooped by another researcher, not due to contract obligations with the journal.

The only time an academic researcher is free to talk about their work is once it has already been published and their name is permanently associated with the results.

Comment Re:Where in the world? (Score 1) 281

Even in Texas, which is very much an "at will" state, there is some protection. It's a pretty uphill battle for an employer to show "for cause", especially for an employee who has been there for a while.

They can certainly fire you and try to keep you from getting unemployment but it will require a lot of work and expense.

Just offering you something for quitting instead of getting fired would sink their case and generally get them in hot water. Basically, they bluffed you into quitting.


Submission + - Brain Training Games Don't Train Your Brain (

Stoobalou writes: A new study has shown that brain training games do little to exercise the grey matter. Millions of people who have been prodding away at their Nintendo DS portable consoles, smug in the knowledge that they are giving their brains a proper work-out, might have to rethink how they are going to stop the contents of their skulls turning into mush.

Comment Re:Thanks for the information, Hemingway (Score 1) 269

According to TFA this research was part sponsored by the Department of Defence.

Rumours suggest hardened "Warrior Mice" will be deployed in the field sometime in 2012, possibly as ground support for the Reaper drones.

Those of us who don't yet hate mice will learn to hate them when they, along with their Reaper brethren, descend upon us.

Comment Re:Let me see if I understand (Score 0) 106


UUuuhh... another shiny browser based game... The cheer quantity of web based games with similar rules/mechanisms is just mind bogging.

For over a decade now there have been such games. Calling it Ultima doesn't make it better than all the other crapfest around.

They are defecating on the memories of those that were fond of the ultima franchise, and hoping to gain frm it, too.

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