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Comment Re:Let's party like it's 1995. (Score 1) 286

Still spelling Microsoft with the Dollar sign? How retro can you get?

I saved myself from typing 7 extra letters there, making it totally worth it. Besides, I thought it was appropriate, given that I am implying that after doing their best to ruin the competition, they will eventually start charging for all the pieces of it, like they always do. Then drop it without warning because it isn't as profitable as they want.

Other tech sites have grown out of this kind of adolescent nonsense. Slashdot never. Which is one of the reasons why the site it is fading into irrelevance.

Ya, umm, calling something adolescent doesn't make it so. Especially when the subtlety of the comment went over your head to begin with.

Comment Re:'Big Rip' better than Heat Death (Score 1) 174

Heat death gives us an awful long time to work on figuring out extracting vacuum energy, and leaves a viable universe for us to maintain a bubble of livable space in. Given the trillions of years we would have, it should be long enough to figure out how to big-bang our own new universe as well, assuming we still need to inhabit that kind of physical space after that long.

Of course, the big rip would give us a reason not to procrastinate for billions of years, so I guess there's something to be said for having a literal drop-dead timeline to motivate you.

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