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Submission + - Does the Slashdot moderation system still work? 1

An anonymous reader writes: Recently I have noticed a trend among my posts on Slashdot: Very few of them are ever moderated in any way. I can insightful, informative, funny or trolly, but only a lucky few posts ever stray from the default score. In my current post history, two posts out of 24 have gotten any moderation. Browsing through threads shows a similar trend: There's hardly anything but "Score: 1" out there.

So, is there any use for a moderation system where most posts are never affected at all? And as a question for the admins, what is the current ration of moderations to posts? It would seem to be far below 1 at the moment, and this does not seem a very good state of affairs.

Submission + - Microsoft Sees Stronger XP Sales in FY08 ( 1

Rude Awakening writes: Microsoft Corp. Thursday said that it expects Windows XP, the operating system supposedly made moot by Windows Vista, to make up a significantly larger part of sales in the coming year.

I thought this was a misprint and they really meant Vista sales would be stronger in '08 instead of XP, but it is no misprint. Is Vista bad enough to breathe new life into XP sales, or is this part of an insidious plot by Microsoft to sell two OS licenses for each new PC shipped?

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