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Comment Re:And in other news... (Score 2, Interesting) 180

What FC (free chlorine) level is necessary to maintain a sanitized pool is entirely dependent on the current CYA (stabilizer) level. The more stabilizer present, the higher FC level that is needed. CYA is needed to protect FC from UV light but too much is a bad thing. For example, if you have 30 ppm CYA, you MUST maintain at least 2 ppm FC or greater at all times. If your CYA is at 60 ppm, you must maintain at least 5 ppm FC or greater at all times. This is for normal, daily sanitation. Minimum FC = 7.5% of CYA level. Indoor pools, it's not necessary to use CYA, but low amounts (10-30 ppm) can help buffer the harshness of chlorine and allow for easier maintenance of FC levels. Also, to clear a pool of algae, how high you need to raise the FC to fully eliminate algae depends on CYA level. Many times it takes longer than 24 hours of maintaining this higher FC level to clear the algae depending on how much algae, filtration capability... etc. For example, if your CYA is at 60 ppm, you'd need to elevate the FC to 24 ppm and keep it there until the algae is gone. "Shock" level FC is 40% of CYA level.

Comment Relevant in 2025 (Score 1) 145

This will be relevant to much of the country maybe by 2025... or never if Mr. FCC is the one driving change. There is no other option. It's wired cable connection through 1 company for reliable, high speed service. The "second" options are either snail pace DSL (if it's even comparable with dial up) or a mobile hotspot device through a wireless carrier. The wireless device actually makes more sense but both are pitifully slow and unreliable.
The Courts

Pay Or Else, News Site Threatens 549

WED Fan writes "The North Country Gazette, a news blog, says users who read beyond a single page of an article must pay up or they will be tracked down. They don't have a pay wall. If you go beyond page 1, you owe them. From the article: 'A subscription is required at North Country Gazette. We allow only one free read per visitor. We are currently gathering IPs and computer info on persistent intruders who refuse to buy subscription and are engaging in a theft of services. We have engaged an attorney who will be doing a bulk subpoena demand on each ISP involved, particularly Verizon Droids, Frontier and Road Runner, and will then pursue individual legal actions.'"

Submission + - Segway Company Owner Dies While Driving A Segway 3

necro81 writes: Jimi Heselden, the British multi-millionaire defense contractor and philanthropist, who bought the Segway company last December from inventor Dean Kamen, died yesterday after an accident while riding one of the machines. While using a ruggedized X2 version of the two-wheeled balancing scooter at his estate in North Yorkshire, he apparently drove over the edge of a precipice and into the River Wharfe. He was found later by a passerby and declared dead on the scene.

Jupiter Is Missing a Belt 187

mbone writes "Jupiter just went through Superior Conjunction (i.e., went behind the Sun as seen from the Earth), so it has been out of view for a while. Now that it has returned, it is different — the South Equatorial Belt (SEB) is missing. The SEB has about 10 times the surface area of the Earth, so this is not a small change. Here are a series of photos of Jupiter's new look. The Great Red Spot typically inhabits the southern border of the SEB, but it doesn't seem to be affected by the change. It's a pity that this happened at Superior Conjunction, and that there is no satellite in Jupiter orbit, so details of the change are largely missing. The SEB has previously gone missing in 1973 and 1990. Since no one really knows what makes the Jovian belts, no one knows why they disappear either. If the belts are really just material from deeper layers coming to the surface, it is possible that the convection has stopped for some reason, or that high-altitude clouds have covered it over."

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