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Comment What would have been different? (Score 0) 60

Allow everyone to vote in BOTH primaries

In most states non-party voters could vote in any primary.

You know what happened in states where Democrats could vote for the Republican primary candidate? Many of them came in and voted for Trump. Because they thought, who could possibly lose against Trump?

Then they went back to the Democrat primary and voted for the one person that could...

Ranked preference / instant-runoff voting in primaries and in the November general election

Why would the results have been any different? If you add up all the Stein/Johnson votes it's not enough to have the whole election results turn out differently, even IF all such voters listed Hillary second - many would not have.

Eliminate Electoral College

And have all candidates spend the whole time in Texas and California, ignoring the rest of the country? No thanks.

You have no idea what a wildfire you are trying to ignite, to have the entire rest of the nation feel utterly ignored.

Possibly also eliminate President/VP "ticket" and let #2 vote-getter become VP

You remember the VP from the movie Dave? Yeah.

Comment Sop fucking abusing the term AI (Score 1, Insightful) 71

Code + Data is NOT Artificial Intelligence no matter how many times you call it that.

The joke that passes for A.I., which really should be called Artificial Ignorance, in contradistinction to a.i. (actual intelligence), is nothing more then a glorified dynamic table lookup.

Comment Re:The reasons I read /. for sure are changing (Score 1) 560

I feel like this is what came of adding the Politics section. All of that nonsense that was posted during the fallout from the Columbine Massacre, and then the "Bush Defeats Gore" story got far more comments than the previous record-holder. Slashdot editors found that politics stories got views and hits, and the technology decline on Slashdot began.

Comment Re:I Would Rather Go To Theatres (Score 1) 304

Yup. When we saw Snakes on a Plane, we were pretty lit. And most of the other people in the theatre (which was not many people) were drunk also. Pretty sure it was fun for all. Unless there were a few people in there that weren't drunk. In which case, worst movie and experience of their lives.

I wasn't drunk, but it was still pretty fun. As the lights went down at the start, the whole theater was chanting "Snakes! Snakes! Snakes! Snakes!"

Comment Re:I Would Rather Go To Theatres (Score 1) 304

2: 2015 included 2 major outliers. Jurassic World and Star Wars Episode VII:The Force Awakens.

They count just as much as any other movie does. 2002 may have been a peak, or that might have been the outlier. If you look at the box office receipts adjusted for inflation for the last 20 years, the total adjusted box office each year has been between $10b - $13b, 2002 being the sole exception.

Box Office Mojo has additional data going back to 1980, but those years all look similar as well. The movie industry will have sold more tickets in 2016 than it did for any year between 1980 - 1988.

The biggest change between then and now has been the death of the small and medium budget films. Those don't get made anymore. Now, only micro-budget films and mega-budget films get approved. Very very little in the $10m-$100m gets made now.

Comment Re:Um, so? (Score 1) 209

I think the point is that major corporations are using US bonds as a tax shelter, and if they had paid taxes instead of investing in US debt, the US debt might not be at it's present level of 100% of GDP.

Well, if the US Federal Govt. didn't keep spending so fscking much.....more than it takes in, we'd not have the debt in the first place.

If they learned to live more within their means, they'd be much better off.

The Feds get PLENTY of tax revenue coming in each year already.

Comment Re:So the next botnet will be Audi cars (Score 2) 89

My biggest concern is...

How do you turn this car-to-anything-external comunication the fuck OFF?!?!?

Geez, I mean, I don't want this crap on my car, to aid in tracking etc.

Hell, its difficult enough to disable OnStar or any other myriad of car to base communications as it is....this sounds like even more potentially intrusive software/hardware reporting to authorities on the road.

Hell...I guess I am going to just stick to in the future...70's muscle cars, and other older 'fun' cars to ride in, without all this crap.

Hell, I'd pay EXTRA on a new car to get it without all this external to car communication.

Comment Re:Depends on price (Score 1) 304

You missed the parts where:

* I get to pause the movie for food / bathroom / etc.
* I get to control the volume,; treble, AND bass.
* I get to turn on/off sub-titles
* I get to to adjust the PQ (Picture Quality) to my likes. Movie to dark? Just turn up the brightness.
* I get to avoid all the stupid annoying kids that won't STFU. 4 months ago a kid was snoring loudly next to me. WTF.
* I get to laugh as loud or as soft as I like and I don't to worry about disturbing someone.
* I get to to wear nothing, full clothes, or anything in between.
* I get to to drink as much, or as little, as I want.
* I get to avoid all the other idiots on the road
* I don't waste gas
* I don't pollute by driving a archaic gas vehicle

Region Locking is Price Fixing.

Comment Re:no (Score 2) 304

You sound like a complete asshole. WhyTF should anyone hang onto ancient and obsolete technologies just to accommodate the media companies?

The BluRay is superior to streaming in every way other than "I want it this minute." Now, I want it this minute is pretty compelling, I'll certainly grant that. I've definitely had my movie-watching desires foiled by lack of access.

But with a BluRay rental, I get better sound and picture, the download doesn't max out my Internet connection nor does it count towards my ISP data cap (which most ISPs have even if they refuse to tell you about it), I don't get "buffering" whenever I try to seek, I usually get some decent extras, I don't have to subscribe to five online services to get a decent library, and I have a far better chance of finding niche, less popular, or foreign offerings.

Some of those are technical limitations, some are business limitations imposed by an ISP, and some are limitations imposed by the content owners. That last one in particular is a reason to dislike streaming; streaming sucks because all the power is back in the hands of the big content companies, and their practices are anti-customer.

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