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Comment That's why I pay to recycle monitors (Score 1) 33

I take my old monitors (CRT and LCD alike) to a place where I pay a somewhat hefty fee to recycle (I think around $20-$40). That's the best I can do to ensure they actually will be recycled, rather than taking it somewhere that supposedly would handle them for free... I do the same for pretty much any electronic device.

I know that's no guarantee but you do the best you can. Besides, even a warehouse full of dead monitors that will basically just sit forever is still a way better scenario than having them polluting a landfill.

Comment Re:Just don't buy them. (Score 1) 73

IT will also be some time before a bicycle is capable of getting most people to and from work or to the nearest store with enough groceries to come back that will last through weather and other reasons you wouldn't necessarily be wanting to peddle a bike all over the place.

They are great when you are a kid and can take an hour to get across town or happen to be shoved onto some population center so dense you cannot pass gas without someone knowing it. But for the rest of the world, a bit impractical outside of leisure for the most part.

Comment Totally disagree (Score 2) 28

People watch racing because there is risk of a crash with humans in the cockpit.

That is totally absurd. People love watching destruction, yes, but humans do not have to be involved for enjoyment - witness the great ratings shows like Robot Wars got, and those were glorified remote control cars. People just liked watching them violently disassemble each other...

The same will be true of e-racing. Fans will still thrill to a crash, because it will still show basically the same thing - a super expensive car disintegrating into scrap. In fact though it could be even more fun than human races since the rules could be altered such that AI cars had to drive through any wreckage present, no cleanup during the race. That would be awesome to see as AI did high speed moves to avoid scrap...

Comment Re:dealership only sales and service coming soon? (Score 1) 73

A lot of dealerships have their own buyer financing programs separated by little more than a name. Think along the lines of a buy here pay here dressed up a bit to resemble a real bank loan.

My current car is financed that way. Due to some screw ups in my credit, I was able to get a car loan a little cheaper in interest rates that way. The finance company is owned entirely by three different dealerships but is called something different and located in another state from those dealerships. I'm not aware of any other connections those three different dealerships have other than owning a finance company that they can use to sell cars to high risk people.

Comment This has happened before, and will happen again (Score 1) 34

uses a mobile app that allows fans to vote on the team's next play...shouts and cheers exploded from the stands, with phones raised triumphantly in the air.....The team eventually lost 78-47

Hmm, totally data driven, cheers meaningless victories that mean nothing to the end game, massive loss as a result. Why, it's the Democratic Party revisited!

Missing from the story is how after the game the losing side insisted they bought more merch from vendors, and then burned all of the cars the winning teams families came in in protest.

Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 1) 896

but anti-zionist is generally a cover for being anti-Jewish. After all, just about everybody else has a "homeland".

Because they kicked someone else off their land to get a homeland, and each week they're kicking more people off their land to expand their "homeland."

Claiming a homeland is great if you can find land that isn't used, or the residents want to give it to you. And no, it doesn't matter if your ancestors had that land at some point. That doesn't matter one fucking bit, and gives you zero, absolutely zero claim to the land. Which is why Israel is quickly becoming the "rightful" owner of its 70-year old lands.

Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 1) 896

The new anti-Jew sentiment is called anti-Israel so they can claim they are still for freedom or religion and not racist

No. That is bullshit. The friends of Israel like the ADL have been trying for years and years to conflate criticism of Israel with criticism of Jews, so if you criticize Israel's political positions and actions, then you are guilty of antisemitism. That is nonsense. I can be perfectly fine with Jews while disliking settlements displacing Palestinians, land grabs, and the like.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 51

Well, not really. The first mistake is in assuming that everyone attending the conference is actually a master at security verses someone who is trying to network for whatever reasons or trying to just get more information about it to see if it is a direction he wants his career to go.

So to be more accurate, your statement should read a little more like this. "But right now we're criticizing them for practicing unsafe sex without ever asking or checking if they used a condom or even finding out if they have had sex before and we've based this all on "those other people had unsafe sex here years ago" in which case the "having sex" part may be the only reason some showed up.

Comment Re: Has he been invited to the white house? (Score 1) 896

That doesn't match with the president's strong support for Israel, although it does fit your personal narrative, presumably that old white male = evil.

Steve Bannon is anti-semitic, which is why he supports Israel so strongly.
The Alt-Right was founded on the notion of the USA being a white ethnostate, so job one is encouraging the Jews to emmigrate to Israel.

Comment Really bad odds (Score 1) 385

The attempt to harm government equipment is stupid on many levels, but right out of the gate it's stupid because the odds are extremely low of your phone even being looked at. I've never had the border agents even ask to see my computer, much less my phone. The odds are very slim they ever will so you'd be going to a lot of trouble just for nothing to happen.

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