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Comment Re:Is THAT really "pure evil"? (Score 1, Informative) 168

"The other just takes money, which is worse?"

Your money is obtained in exchange for your time (*).
Your time is your life.
Therefore, taking your money is taking (a part) of your life.

Theft and murder are different faces of the same die...

(*) Yes, ignoring silverspoons and welfare dependents. However their money still represents a portion of someone's life, just not their own.

Comment Re:So sick of the Fusion Scams (Score 1) 431

That's no longer the case. Increases in high-temperature high field superconductors have reduced the size necessary dramatically.

Here's a (refreshingly not dumbed down) talk by the head of MIT's Nuclear Science & Engineering department that discusses this in some detail:

Comment Re:Excellent (Score 1) 75

Carrier definitely makes a difference...let us know which you are on.

For an opposing experience my Nexus 6p on Google's 'Fi' network is on 7.1.1 and even in the beta program has been rock solid.

My only complaint isn't really isn't taking full advantage of the multiple networks and i've switched it manually and gotten signal when it was still fruitlessly trying to reconnect to the network with no signal in the train tunnels.

Comment Re:Creepy. (Score 1) 328

Says "Structure" not "Chemical Structure"

Like powdering the salt on fries so it dissolves faster and activates taste buds more efficiently - so they can reduce the amount without losing the saltiness.

This sounds like they are keeping the sweetness by doing something physical. Maybe just put more sugar in the outside of the bar where the tongue hits?

Submission + - Ransomware protection in Windows 10 Anniversary Update (

Robin Son writes: Ransomware is proving to be a major challenge for computer users all over, including Microsoft when it comes to handling malware on Windows 10. In fact, the company claims that the variants of ransomware have more than doubled in the past 12 months. And while other kinds of viruses and trojans are short-term and extractable, Ransomware works on the premise of extorting funds in return for non-deletion of all your important files and documents. To add to that, methods and means attackers are using to perpetrate ransomware attacks are varied, complex and costly.

Submission + - SPAM: Android 7.0 Update Reportedly Hitting Verizon's Moto Z & Force

Deqahite writes: The Moto Z and Z Force are the two current flagship smartphones from Lenovo and Motorola. However, if you were one of the first to get your hands on the Moto Z or Z Force then chances are that you own a ‘Droid edition’ as the two Moto Z devices originally arrived in Droid form via Verizon. If one of those Droid Edition Moto Z phones is your current phone, then you might want to check if you have an update waiting. Specifically, an update to Android 7.0 (Nougat).
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