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Journal Journal: Long time, no see 1

It has been a bit more then a month since I have last seen Slashdot. I have discovered the greatness of Facebook, and have become adicted to it. I am scared

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Journal Journal: Controlling my computer with a phone

I am, at this very moment, using my tmobile mytouch slide to control my laptop. I don't know how this technology works, but it is awsome! I can, literally, control my computer from anywhere.

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Journal Journal: New Phone, New "Mom", Lifes Good

Two great pieces of news. One is that I have achieved something some geeks don't, I moved out of my moms house, but into my grandmas house. My grandma obtained official legal custody today. I'm happy. I am away from my mom the bitch.
The other good news is I got a new android phone, the tmobile mytouch swipe. Love at first use on this phone. Review comming later.

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Journal Journal: School Interesting

I write an essay yesterday, making it sound as downplaying to the average person, and I get 20 out of 20. Something is wrong with that. I tell a person that they have no way of join the geek society if they don't join before age 10 and yet she gives me 20 out of 20. Jeez. I mean, it was meant to see how biased her grading scale is, in terms of insults. I gave her the ultimate insult and called the people reading, for a lack of better terminology at the time, STUPID! I sometimes wonder. Does this indicate that the average person is willing to admit that nerds and geeks are better than them? Or is it that she didn't have the ability to find another different English teacher for me for the rest of the year? She is a seemingly average American. Something is wrong with America, if a teacher tells a student good job for calling her stupid. Other than the fact that they force children to go to school.


Journal Journal: Just noticed something

Every time I decide to mess off on my school computer in school, I observe the following things. 1. I end up in Firefox Private Browsing. 2. I end up with a full bar (or more) of minnimum-sized tabs. 3. My beautiful girls flash drive becons to me.
Is this normal?


Journal Journal: Wow

I just got on a computer, loaded up runescape, used the KVM to hide that i was on Facebook and Slashdot, and found the computer that i didn't re-install had firefox 2.something, 2.5 i think. I am amazed. I mean, i haven't used anything before 3.5 at all this year, and i find firefox 2.5 on a computer

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Journal Journal: Slashdot in Negative 1

Just a disclaimer: I am using a POS iBook G4. This method is not guaranteed to work for any other computer.
Anyway, Slashdot looks so cool in negative. I got to it by pressing Command, Option, Ctrl, and 8, all at the same time. But it looks cool, especially the apple page.

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Journal Journal: Some assholes

Today, i find out that some asshole stole the remainder of my fresh gum supply, four pieces. So now, until i can get to the store, i have to survive on pre-chewed gum. At least it is myself who prechewed it.

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Journal Journal: New hosts.txt file 2

I am currently trying to make a new hosts file as defined in numerous standards, and want a list of websites to spawn it on. Can someone give me a list?

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Journal Journal: Curious of the old internet

Does anyone have an old copy of the SRI-NIC Hosts.txt file? I want a copy of such so that I can do a study on the history of the internet, along with create a list of web sites in current use.


Journal Journal: My Unique Issues 3

I have a unique situation. Attached to the internet is my router. Attached to my router is 3 computers, 2 of which we will ignore, one via wifi. Attached to this computer is another computer via ethernet cable, with a KVM switch for both of them. Attached to the furthest from the internet one, i have a pair of speakers and a speaker. Is there any way to make these two items shared between both of these computers? One machine is Windows Vista, controling the printer and speakers, and one is Ubuntu 10.04.

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Journal Journal: Value of i 1

Yesterday I took the NWEA tests, and got a score of 276 (many people who have taken school since the advent of the computer probably know that this score corresponds with Calculus, or in that area). That isn't that important. What I'm wondering is, I got a question where the square root ended up negative, and it wanted an "exact" answer. The answer choices included a symbol I have never seen before. It is i, and it showed something like (3 / 4 + sqrt(7) i / 5 , 3 / 4 - sqrt(7) i / 5), and I wonder what it is. Can someone help me?

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