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Journal Journal: Long time, no see 1

It has been a bit more then a month since I have last seen Slashdot. I have discovered the greatness of Facebook, and have become adicted to it. I am scared

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Journal Journal: Controlling my computer with a phone

I am, at this very moment, using my tmobile mytouch slide to control my laptop. I don't know how this technology works, but it is awsome! I can, literally, control my computer from anywhere.

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Journal Journal: New Phone, New "Mom", Lifes Good

Two great pieces of news. One is that I have achieved something some geeks don't, I moved out of my moms house, but into my grandmas house. My grandma obtained official legal custody today. I'm happy. I am away from my mom the bitch.
The other good news is I got a new android phone, the tmobile mytouch swipe. Love at first use on this phone. Review comming later.

Comment No suprise (Score 0) 371

Of course they are the weak link in loss in the financial aspects of the "Cyber war", but that isn't the only aspect of the "Cyber War". There are many factors, from how secure the system is (read my blog post on how secure Microsoft really is), to what the settings of the machine are, to other issues, such as how many people use bittorrent softwares that enforce verification requirements. But yes, they have alot to lose, because 1. they're microsoft and 2. they cost money to get their software. Don't take it as a surprise. Linux is probibillly just as vulnerable. Its just that people haven't been able to find those vulnerabilities. But mark my words, they are there.
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Journal Journal: School Interesting

I write an essay yesterday, making it sound as downplaying to the average person, and I get 20 out of 20. Something is wrong with that. I tell a person that they have no way of join the geek society if they don't join before age 10 and yet she gives me 20 out of 20. Jeez. I mean, it was meant to see how biased her grading scale is, in terms of insults. I gave her the ultimate insult and called the people reading, for a lack of better terminology at the time, STUPID! I sometimes wonder. Does t

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