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Comment Problem (Score 1) 185

He doesn't understand the limitations of technology. Unless quantum computing becomes mainstream, it's unlikely we'll have the processing power necessary to realize anything that we would recognize as AI (say, passing an unseeded Turing test with an arbitrary respondent).

It's been 35 years that I have been watching this and nothing better than an optimized Eliza has been demonstrated.

Comment Re:In the 80's (Score 3, Insightful) 60

The current AT&T is not the original AT&T. It's the company that bought parts of AT&T and renamed itself AT&T. Also, Comcast and the original AT&T had already merged years ago...

If it was the original AT&T, their service would be more reliable and their network better engineered.

Seriously, Southwestern Bell sucked in all aspects of its service. When it bought PacBell customer service collapsed and general reliability problems started coming up out here in CA. I had the original AT&T Wireless mobile service here in San Diego and I seriously don't ever remember going under 3 bars anywhere, and this was over a decade ago. After SBC sucked up the old AT&T and took on its trade name, it didn't adopt old AT&T's engineering or reliability practices, or even AFAICT its work ethic....

I do sometimes wonder what it's like to work for AT&T Corporation now, which lives on as the long distance subsidiary...

Comment Re:Why have a democracy at all? (Score 1) 615

So, can you do a net effect of this behavior on the social and political environment of area, the industry, and the nation?

Because what you're saying is that a chilling of the political climate where anyone that is a threat to the one party rule of the united states is effectively exiled or silenced is fine... So long as you do it a certain way.

So... one party rule is fine I guess. All hail Empress Clinton and her scion Chesley who will one day give birth to the future kings and queens of the Kingdom of America.

We either have a republic where people have freedom of expression or we don't. You want to play the game of "well they're just deciding"... fine... same thing happened with the Mozilla CEO. This is a pattern.

Humans have evolved to recognize patterns. It is a survival trait. Its one of the things we're good at. You're either bad at something that everyone else on this planet is good at... or you're just pretending to be stupid.

Which is it?

Comment Re:Why have ademocracy at all? (Score 1) 615

As to original notations, this is merely a confession of autism.

As to questioning statements, this is mindless nitpicking or autism. This does nothing to aid in rational and productive discourse. You concede my meaning but want every little line to compile. You're not a computer and neither am I. We are both much more complex and sophisticated creatures that are able to interpret meaning. To limit myself to what a computer would do would be to surrender that for nothing. Deal in meaning and be human.

As to write in candidates, then the notion is not especially credible. That's three for three.

As to coming down as hard on X as Y... Do it then. Judge both by the same standard. Calculate. Run the numbers. Process the program. Find your value for X. Do it. You want to play the "I'm autistic so I'm more rational" game... fine. Let us see precisely how rational you are... because I've played this game with other people that attempted the same ploy, and generally the logical contradictions happened almost immediately. Let us see if you're different. Execute.

As to autism as a pejorative, you were demonstrating an inability to grasp concepts in a larger context or interrelate phrases and topics with each other. This is a symptom of autism. I was hoping that by using the term you'd understand that your line of rhetorical argumentation was coming off as literally mentally disabled. Which to be very clear... that is how you were sounding. You take issue and then concede my points. If you weren't autistic or weren't behaving in that matter you'd have processed the context or the interrelation prior to taking issue and thus never found fault in the first place. Failing to do that demonstrated a dysfunction. Work on it.

Comment Re:Google is evidence that the internet failed (Score 1) 104

You aren't tracking why it caught on. I obviously have more familiarity with the situation in the mid-1990s than you do. There were ample commercial alternatives to the internet which died on the vine precisely on the issue of corporate control and cost. If the government had attempted to closely control the network post-1994, none of this would have happened.

Comment Google is evidence that the internet failed (Score 3, Interesting) 104

The whole goddamned point was an online network not controlled by a big telco or the government. And here we are - controlled by monopolistic entities and/or governments. I'm so relieved it isn't a big national telecom monopoly (not).

Through the combined efforts of criminal activity, rogue states and a failure to just fragment the network, large monopolistic entities now control communications in a way they hadn't since the advent of public internet access. You can't run your own servers, at least if you don't want to play whack-a-mole with constant threats, paramount being the DDoS that you have no power to resist yourself. The common protocols have been one by one exposed to be insecure. The price of sufficent infrastructure to provide an emulation of those protocols has risen to the point that individuals can't afford it. If you still are, you just haven't been attacked vigorously enough yet, or you're already compromised and don't know it.

The problem is the money. None of this would be happening if it weren't possible to steal money or commit fraud over the network.

Disconnecting entirely sounds better and better every day. It's just going to get worse.

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