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Comment The L'Assomption sash pattern is not Metis (Score 4, Interesting) 78

The l'Assomption sash pattern was brought by Acadians to the town of L'Assomption QC when they were deported from Acadia by the Brits. It was indeed widely adopted by the Metis later on. In modern times, that particular pattern, know as lightning and flames, has become the emblem of the Lanaudière region.

Comment Sounds like China alright (Score 3, Interesting) 85

China strikes me as incapable of responding to bug reports, because a bug report puts the manufacturer in a bad light and that amounts to losing face.

Case in point:

I was maintaining a driver for a widespread SoC. The driver would flat out crash the Linux kernel during bootup (kernel oops and complete freeze) at every other kernel release, but only when booted off a specific hardware vendor's product. On other vendors' products based on the same SoC, no such problem.

I contacted the SoC's manufacturer, asking if that particular issue rang a bell. It didn't. However, their product specialist recalled that this particular hardware vendor had very pointy questions about hardware interrupts, back when they were building their BIOS image. As far as he could guess, the vendor had probably messed their build configuration and produced faulty BIOS images whose bugs were triggered by changes in the Linux kernel's other subsystems at every other release.

He gave me the name of a contact person at the hardware vendor, suggesting to report the bug to them. My e-mail was passed around from department to department – OEM support, Marketing, Sales, etc. – to no avail. One department assumed that I didn't understand some BIOS settings, another presumed that I was placing an order that would require a custom BIOS build. No, I'm reporting a defect in the BIOS sold in your products. I'm asking you to find the cause of the issue I've described – which does NOT affect other products based on the same SoC reference design that are sold by other hardware vendors, so it HAS to be a BIOS bug – and to please release a fixed BIOS image. At that point, someone with a modicum of English skills figured out what the word "defect" means and promised to contact me as soon as they found the solution. They never did. They also stopped responding to any further e-mail.

China. Sigh.

Comment Re:The Grotesquely Ugly Truth (Score 1) 232

We in the West are morally justified in destroying the nuclear-weapons facilities.

No, you are NOT justified any more than the East would in destroying YOUR nuclear weapons facility. As unbelievable as it might sound to American imperialistic cretins, everyone is allowed to own marbles. You DON'T get to decide who can have the toys and who cannot.

Comment Re:Constitutionality (Score 1) 630

And exactly how productive of a life can someone expect to have if the mere fact that they have to register and inform their neighbors is gonna mean that they will be denied housing, harassed by strangers, approached by people as if a 20-foot exclusion radius existed around them, preemptively denied jobs without anyone even bothering to check exactly what they did (mere indecency or gruesome rape?), etc. - essentially treated as pariah for the rest of their life? You'd actually call that a productive life?

By all means, be harsh with those who rape and kill. However, treating public indecency with the same harshness is blowing things out of proportion.

The crux of the problem is that the blanket term "sex offender" includes WAY too many types of offenses, from dumb public urination to aggravated rape, for this Law to be remotely justified. If they'd revise it to only affect pedophilia and rape, I'd guess that nobody would object. Even then, pedophilia is a also big can of worms, because of the way some states include statutory rape (sleeping with a fully consenting teenager) in their description of pedophilia.

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