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Comment (Score 5, Informative) 456

Check out It is not only a rich IM solution with all the bells and whistles, including multi-devices end-to-end encryption, but Matrix also provides for bridges and proxies to other networks, so that it can be used to unify communication.

It's only 2.5 years old but has already come quite a way!

Comment is the answer (Score 3, Insightful) 68

Check out It's a federated, open-standard, rich communication protocol. It can't do everything of Slack and Whatsapp yet, but it's moving along fast and you can help. There are already several clients to choose from, as well as integrations with other networks, APIs, and bot-like tools etc..

We used it at 2017 to (inofficially) bridge between Slack and IRC, and had an update of ca. 33% of the conference within 3 days or so, while the number of Slack users went down to a low one-digit figure.

#matrix on Freenode is bridged to the main discussion room, so pop on over if you want.

Here's Matthew (one of the project leads) at FOSDEM (with video):

and my little lightning talk at LCA:

-- @martinkrafft

Submission + - .onion Debian services now available

alfino writes: Long-time Debian System Administrator Peter "weasel" Palfrader announced today that a number of Debian services / web sites are now also available via Tor .onion domains.

Yay for privacy. We don't care about where you come from, and now you don't even have to tell anyone that you're using Debian.

The archive at is already in the list. Support for more redundant Debian archive access is expected to come When It's Ready.

Submission + - DebConf15: Largest DebConf to take place in Heidelberg mid-August

alfino writes: Less than two weeks away, DebConf15, the 16th Debian Conference, scheduled to take place 15–22 August in Heidelberg, Germany, has been officially announced. The organisers are expecting more than 550 participants from 53 countries (making it the largest DebConf so far, and the first in history that will be closing registrations early), and have presented a schedule packed with talks and events, including several prominent, invited speakers, and yet plenty of room for informal and ad-hoc collaboration. Most events will be streamed live to allow for remote participation, and archived for later consumption.

The celebrations of Debian's 22nd birthday on 16 August, the traditional "Cheese & Wine BoF", a screening of the Oscar-award-winning documentary Citizenfour (which mentions Debian in its end credits), and a day trip for all attendees top off the programme. Additionally, DebConf15 will be preceeded by DebCamp, a week of sprints, workshops and hacking sessions. It is expected that much progress will be made on Debian (gcc5 transition, planning of the next stable release "stretch", etc.), and of course Free Software in general. The conference itself begins with an Open Weekend geared to the public, and featuring a job fair.

Attendance is free of charge thanks to numerous sponsors, including Platinum Sponsor Hewlett-Packard. Registration is required nonetheless and only very few places are left.

The conference will be tracked on various social media sites using hashtag #DebConf15. Even though Debian does not endorse proprietary services, @DebConf will have the news.

Comment Where are the leaders (Score 1) 253

Bad politics is a self-fulfilling prophecy with people like Arif. I tip my hat to him, but his leaving means that the proportion of corrupt assholes up there increases and there is one less person in charge who could actually defend the people vs. capitalism and greed.

What we need is someone on our side who has the breath and the guts to stay up there.

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