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Comment it's a major platform that web developers target (Score 1) 95's a major platform that web developers target...

I dunno about that. I am finding more and more websites where Firefox does not render the page properly. I retry Firefox in safe mode, and there still are problems rendering the page. So I switch to (gasp!) IE, and the page renders fine.

In my experience, it appears that web developers are beginning to abandon Firefox compatibility, probably because of its very low marketshare.

Comment Re:3D TV is dead? (Score 3, Insightful) 398

So... in other words... 3D was a solution to a problem that no one seemed to have had. An answer without a question. The typical marketing-oriented wet dream to increase sales by addressing a problem that does not exist.

Comment Subject to the whims and bugs of Microsoft.... (Score 3, Insightful) 277

Really ... who on this planet is looking forward to running some manner of Linux emulation that is subject to the whims and bugs of Microsoft's current design and development process? Any of Microsoft's Windows Updates could cripple the very environment you would depend upon.

Yeah, that sounds like a success story.

Comment Wrong skill set (Score 4, Insightful) 196

..."by equipping librarians with the knowledge and skills to cultivate computational thinking and coding skills in our youth."...

Do librarians really have the appropriate innate skill set, and desires, to teach kids how to code? This sounds like Google was looking around for someone to do the teaching, and someone at the meeting said, "librarians!," to which everyone agreed (in typical meeting style).


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