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Comment Seriously, *only* 400 million? (Score 1) 52

...Microsoft added that this 400 million active devices figure include tablets and phones as well as Xbox One consoles, HoloLens, and Surface Hubs running Windows 10. Paul Thurrott adds:...

After a year of lambasting users to upgrade, at times trying to trick and mislead users into upgrading, 400 million devices, which includes tablets and phones as well as Xbox One consoles, is all that Windows 10 has garnered so far?

Instead of issuing a press release, Microsoft should be hanging its head in shame.

Comment Re:They do charge for the modem... (Score 1) 65

Charter doesn't want customer-owned DOCSIS 1 or 2 modems on their network messing things up / slowing things down for other people.

Comcast, which allows customer-owned modems, handles this problem quite well with notifications that a customer-owned modem will be obsolete in a year or so, and then has follow-up notices. Additionally, Comcast will start refusing to activate a modem when it has hit EOL. You can find out what modems are EOL here.

While Comcast is not my favorite company, imo, they handle customer-owned modems well.

Comment Re:This is great for devops, automated deployments (Score 2) 81

... I'm sure there are others that offer some form of API....

Lots of DNS providers have their own API to access and edit the zone data. What would really be cool would be if there were one [real, IETF] standard API to access and edit the zone data. That would make it a lot easier to move my DNS around to different vendors, or to find open source tools to help me manage my DNS, regardless of which provider I use.

As much as I have had bad experiences with GoDaddy, even they may be able to come up with a good idea every once in a while.

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