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Comment A non-story (Score 2) 87

If I want my firewall to protect me from malware hidden within TLS encryption, I'll allow that firewall to perform MITM attacks so that it can see my encrypted communications.

The best prevention against malware sits in front of the PC screen.

This is one of those articles that takes a non-problem and ascribes importance to it in order to grab headlines.

Comment Re:Reason I don't use Bing... (Score 1) 256

...where is it the law that I have to check for a robots.txt file?

There isn't a law.

Bing support admitted to me that their spider had a bug and they were not going to fix it.

There's nothing I can do to make Microsoft be good netizens, that ball is entirely in their court. Bing support made it obvious to me that they don't care.

Comment Re:enable it? funny... I did the opposite (Score 1) 141

... it was always an absolutely HORRIBLE idea. ...

For you, possibly.

But I have used the backsapce key to go back a lot. Indeed, it is present on Windows Firefox, but the Firefox that came with Debian has it disabled, and I find myself constantly hitting the backkspace key and watching nothing happen.

I agree with another comment, it should at least be configurable. That way, both you and I can be happy. :)

Comment Reason I don't use Bing... (Score 4, Interesting) 256

...Bing as their search engine (another product Microsoft says is better than a Google product but that very few people actually use...

The Bing spider did not follow the instructions (about which subdirectories to skip) I gave it in the robots.txt file on my website.

I sent logs and my robots.txt to Bing's support team, and got back an answer along the lines of, ~yeah, we know that sometimes it doesn't follow robots.txt, that's your problem to solve~.

If Microsoft thinks their search spider is so "special" that it need not follow the instructions I give it for my websites, then I don't want anything to do with Bing.

Comment Looks like a good start... (Score 2) 110

...The group hopes to put in place Caller ID verification standards that would help block calls from spoofed phone numbers and to consider a "Do Not Originate" list that would block spoofers from impersonating specific phone numbers from governments, banks or others....

I'm happy that the original focus is more on the source than the destination.

What I would also like to see is something along the lines of... tracking the robocalls back to their origination networks and creating a blacklist of the resulting bad actor networks.

Some entity is allowing these calls into the public telephone network.

The entryways to our public phone networks obviously need to be more secure than they currently appear to be.

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