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Comment Kudos to Hangzhou Xiongmai ... (Score 1) 67

... for doing the recall. More IoT companies should follow their trailblazing lead on this issue.

... It said the biggest issue was users not changing default passwords ...

Given the disastrous ramifications of not changing the default passwords, IoT devices should be little more than bricks until the default password is changed to something better.

Comment Re:Counterpoint... (Score 1) 48

A few years ago, I got a network request from the college-bound daughter of a client of mine. I thought, "Oh that's nice. She's starting early to build her professional network." So I clicked the acknowledgement. I then got a message stating something like, "Great! We'll notify her that you are interested in joining her network!"...

That happened to me. Once. Then I was on to LinkedIn's egregious tactics. It is when I started to become suspicious of LinkedIn and what they were using my data for. Now that Microsoft (and Windows 10 data harvesting) owns LinkedIn, there is no way I'm going to increase my involvement there. Indeed, as I mentioned earlier, I'm decreasing my involvement.

Comment Re:Such entitlement... (Score 1) 552

Then the performer asks people to not record. How hard is that? Heck, it's what they do at movie theatres.

Recording at the movie theater is more obvious because the recording device needs to have line of sight to the screen. No such requirement to record audio at a concert.

Once again I'll say, if you don't like the policy, don't go to the performance.

Comment Such entitlement... (Score 1) 552

..."If you don't want your music heard, then don't perform it."...

The performer does want the music heard, the performer does not want the music recorded. See the difference?

The solution to this is simple. If you are unable or unwilling to enjoy the performance under the guidelines set by the performer, then do not go to the performance.

See how simple that is.

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