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Comment Yet another reason... (Score 1) 380

... why Microsoft has used malware-like tactics to trick people into installing the unwanted upgrade to Windows 10.

Microsoft needs a Windows10-only world in order for its strategy to succeed.

Microsoft knows it will not succeed through competing, so it has to try to succeed through control

Comment Evidence vs searching (Score 1) 222

...Fingerprints, in contrast, have traditionally been viewed as 'real or physical evidence,' meaning that police are entitled to take them without permission....

Historically, fingerprints have had value only as evidence. That is quite different than the biometric security usage that fingerprints also enjoy nowadays. Biometric security has morphed fingerprints from being only evidence to also being security passcodes.

imo, fingerprints, when used purely as evidence (i.e, as they have been used historically), should not require a search warrant.

However, when fingerprints are used for a security purpose (i.e.are not evidence, but a security key), then they should be treated as being part of a search that the security key enables.

It will be interesting to see how the Supreme Court eventually rules on this.

Comment Re:Analogue vs Digital, and DRM (Score 1) 525

... I'm also curious how you think the media industries will re-introduce DRM in the billions of DRM-free songs... DRM is about control. It is all about control. The media industry won't lock-down all those DRM-free songs that are "out there" now, but what is to prevent them from, say, locking down a higher resolution version that you may want to buy in the future? Or what is to prevent them from stop selling DRM-free songs?

Comment Simple reason... (Score 4, Funny) 236

I put the unnecessary code in so that the next programmer who likes to complain has something to complain about besides my real code.

There are some programmers who like to complain about other people's code (it seems to make them think they are a better coder), so why not give them something intended for them to complain about?

Comment intent or consequence? (Score -1, Troll) 85

... intentionally...

When the Federal government is invloved, don't blame on intentional malice that which can be explained by consequences of Republican budget cuts.

Indeed, I've often seen Republicans complain [loudly] about government problems that are a direct consequence of their budget cuts. It is almost as if the Republicans are intentionally crippling government so that they can then criticize government for being crippled.

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