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Comment The presumption is... (Score 1) 162

... that I am and feel more secure with Microsoft harvesting all that data from me. I don't, and I doubt I am more secure, even though Microsoft's PR machine says I am.

If Microsoft really wants to make my computing more secure, design a better OS architecture that doesn't need all these add-ons in order to feign security benefits.

Comment Perhaps the benchmark is miscalibrated (Score 1) 385

Liberal bias is left of some unspecified center benchmark. conservative bias is right of some unspecified center benchmark. What if the center benchmark has been place in the wrong spot?

If that center benchmark is too far towards the conservative side, then the web (and, subsequently, google's search results) will appear to have a liberal bias.

In other words, maybe the web does not have a liberal bias, maybe the center benchmark that the researchers used is too far towards the conservative side.

Comment Re:In other words...ISP monopoly strikes again (Score 1) 238

Most of the people these days who would consider springing for an Apple-branded access point...

When you start your comment off with an unsubstantiated, made-up factoid, it lowers the strength of the position you are trying to support.

iow, Nice Try. Wanna Play Again?

Comment Re:Fake news, ok, but what about lies? (Score 1) 149

... The biggest lies I see on news channels these days are lies of omission ...

If those news sites are not carrying the wack-o stories you want to read about, then find some news sites that do. Get outside your filter bubble. It is as simple as that. Just don't expect one news site, or even a few news sites, to cover all the stories you want to read about.

Comment Re:MPAA, RIAA and Big Pharma (Score 4, Informative) 355

How little the left remembers or cares about history.

I'm a Republican. But that doesn't prevent me from criticizing my Party when they do stupid things, like meet on Pres Obama's Inauguration Day and decide to Say No to everything he does or tries to do. That was verified by the Republican strategist who called that meeting. The Democrats, as bad as they were, did no such thing to Pres GW Bush. You should try to remember some history yourself.

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