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Comment Re:What is he wittering about? (Score 4, Informative) 215

I suspect that Microsoft has a huge amount of A/B testing going on. 50/50 chance your browser gets reset and the 50 that don't go out and blame the 50 that do for screwing it up somehow.

My coworker and I both ended up with the win10 home version after the 7 to 10 upgrade. She regularly gets popups when launching Chrome about how secure Edge is, I have never gotten one.

Comment Intelligence Busting (Score 2) 119

If you hate unions so much, why didn't YOU sue to prevent drivers from unionizing? I assume that you don't employ drivers, therefore you've got exactly as much standing as a company like Uber that doesn't employ drivers.

Uber's response is pants-on-head retarded for a company that is trying to insist it has no employees. Their correct course of action would be to absolutely ignore everything this "union" does, and continue with whatever click-through agreement that drivers agree to in order to drive for Uber, because without employees, there is literally nothing the "union" can do other than whine and beg their members to quit driving for Uber.

Comment Re:Hey, cable companies: (Score 1) 200

Since 99% of the cost of providing service is the trenching, this will make the market far more competitive.

Citation, please...

Just so you can get the correct citation, do you want the costs of wiring with the government seizing a right of way for you, or costs of wiring if you have to individually negotiate with every property owner whose land you are going to dig up?

Here's a fancy little equation from 2011 that doesn't include buying the property, and is just the cost of installation, not maintance or upgrades: cost per house = 3072 + 13365*(houses/mile) - 0.8867*houses + 25.04*frost_index + 17700*wetlands_pct + $1376*soil_texture + 165.40*road_intersection_frequency That equation is "rural" installation, costs are probably way higher in an urban environment where you have your choice of installing everything under the sidewalk the entire way or everything under the street the entire way. Suburbia is going to be a mix of the two.

As for IP transit? as low as $0.45/mbps and falling

Comment Re:What's the connection with geek culture and ani (Score 1) 114

What's the connection with anything? A bunch of people like it, a bunch of people don't. You could say the same for all the other geek stuff like D&D, techno music, comic books and so on. Anyone who claims people have to be crammed into a specific mold is an asshole.

Comment Re:Stiff competition. (Score 1) 114

Not really, it's a "buy the $60 dvd/bluray with less steam and fewer lightbeams" tactic for the broadcast episodes to be censored then in a few months the disc release will be uncensored. Some shows broadcast an uncensored version in the first place (on premium cable) but it's pretty rare. Crunchyroll streams the broadcast version for their simulcasts.

Comment Will it ACTUALLY work now? (Score 2) 172

My office computer is set to lock on wake and lock on screensaver, and some days I'll forget to win+L and come in to work the next morning, wiggle the mouse to wake the monitor, and the computer will not be locked.

This isn't new to Windows 10, either. My 8.1 laptop, when I open the lid there's a 50/50 chance it will automatically unlock itself. I open the lid, the screen turns on to the clearly labeled "This computer is locked" screen, which will then sometimes within a second or so slide up automatically without me touching a thing.

If it happened every single time then obviously I fucked up on the configuration, but when it only sometimes works, I'd like to know what the hell is going on.

Comment The cap'n has turned on the electronic device lite (Score 3, Insightful) 71

(damn subject line limits, 1 letter too short) I want to know how long before we admit that nobody is ever going to be allowed to smoke on a domestic flight in the USA again so the airlines can paint on a "No Smoking" sign and repurpose the "No Smoking" light to one where the pilot can indicate when we're allowed to get our portable electronic devices out or when it's time to put them away again.

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