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Comment Re:It's the economy, etc. (Score 1) 222

It's too bad they got rid of the Ram Tradesman Van (basically the cargo variant of the Dodge Caravan). Not the most reliable van, but worked well enough for light duty use and won't bankrupt you keeping it on the road.

If VW is smart they'll stay well away from FCA, but you're right - they seem made for each other.

Comment Re: Forest Priest (Score 1) 141

The fee is paid as compensation for using public property, right of ways, etc. for their privately owned cable TV network that is operated for profit. I would prefer not subsidizing Comcast's network with my taxes, so I'm perfectly happy with making Comcast (or their subscribers) pay for it.

Of course, in my opinion it's just another cost of doing business that should just be rolled into the bill. But if they decide they must break it out, they need to be perfectly clear that they are doing so and be able to tell you exactly how much the fee is going to be. The long list of various tacked on fees you don't know about until your bill arrives is total bullshit that needs to be stopped.

Comment Re:I use them quite a lot (Score 1) 262

You're using a browser that's created by the world's largest advertising company. Why do you think they would even create a browser? Why do you think Chrome is bundled with so many other installers that try to trick you into installing it? Of course it's spying on you.

It really amazes me that anyone actually uses Chrome.

Comment Re:This is absurdly incorrect on its face (Score 1) 145

The Linksys WRT54G has the same problem as the Raspberry Pi, in the sense that different revisions run very different hardware and not all revisions are compatible with each other. Which of course is confusing as hell since Linksys links to reuse the same model number over and over for some reason.

Though I would argue that the Pi is a general purpose computer. Sure, many of them end up embedded in some application, but I've seen the same thing done to standard off-the-shelf desktop machines running the regular desktop version of Windows.

Comment Re:Battery life (Score 1) 53

I assume they just never quite fully charge the battery, and also never let it discharge all the way though software. So the battery will likely last longer because it will go through less extreme charge cycles, which could actually result in less warranty costs for the 60 kwh model. Though I'll guess is any savings to Tesla is much less than the price difference between the models.

Comment Re:Yawn. (Score 1) 149

The problem is even if you are paying attention to what's going on, by the time you realize "oh shit, it doesn't see that stalled car in my lane!!!" it may be too late. If I have to pay attention and constantly second-guess what the AI is doing, I'd rather just drive the car myself, possibly with an AI backup that can react if I fail to notice something.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 149

That's my thought too. There's just way too many corner cases and unforeseen circumstances out there. We may eventually get there, but I'm guessing we'll be stuck at level 3 for quite a while, with vehicles that can really only be autonomous in limited, well-defined situations. Even with your ferry loading situation, even if an AI was capable of understanding what it needed to do, it may just be quicker and easier for a human to take control and just do it rather than having to figure out how to tell the AI exactly what it needs to do. On a ferry with dozens of vehicles, all it would take is one car where the AI just doesn't "get it" and refuses to move to cause a big problem. That's one of the reasons I don't see myself ever buying a car that doesn't have a steering wheel or some way for me to manually drive it.

Comment Re:What bugs? (Score 1) 167

The biggest "bug" I can think of is the whole Superfetch algorithm is way too aggressive. It's not technically a bug - it's likely working as designed, but it's also responsible for a lot of the performance complaints in Vista. Microsoft turned it way down in Windows 7, and could have pushed out a patch to Vista to do the same, but never did.

The other big bug is Windows Explorer will randomly hang and shit itself, but it does the same thing in Windows 7.

I guess the other bug is the 497 day bug, which kills the network stack after 497 days of uptime (for reasons much like the 49.7 day bug in Windows 95), forcing a reboot. I've actually hit that one in Vista - yes, my all time personal Windows uptime record is currently held by a Vista box.

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