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Comment Re:doesn't matter (Score 1) 769

Being transparent is also leaking information to Russia and *everyone* else, so I fail to see the difference.

I don't expect our president to be technically capable enough to secure their own data, so they have to rely on experts. And, let's face it, there are precious few experts out there that can secure data 100% when faced with a determined opponent. Government, top-secret projects, companies, etc. have all failed to secure data over time.

When it comes to skills needed to run a country, being able to personally secure their "secret data" is very low on my list, and I would've expected it to be low for most people here.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 140

It truly boggles my mind how Microsoft have continually screwed their own customers over for decades, and yet still all the sheep out there keep buying their products, then are shocked/outraged when their turn inevitably comes around.

Maybe the explanation is that most of their customers don't feel like they have been "continually screwed" by them? I personally don't remember being screwed by them for at least 10 years or so.

Comment Re:I believe you've already found tge problem. (Score 1) 533

And you wont be able to use your nice $300 earphones your got for your android device or laptop on your iPhone as well. No, now your get to buy two pairs of headphones for twice the price instead.

If you've spent $300 on headphones, I'm sure the $3 adapter will be within your means. Or maybe you can get the premium monster cable version for $30. Either way, you won't have to buy another pair of headphones.

Comment Re:Smartphone size? (Score 2) 533

I also don't buy it, but for another reason: The 2.5mm jack exists. If it was really about thinness, why not just use that?

Because you'd have everybody bitch about that, too, as you'd have to use a *gasp* adapter to plug in your headphones.

If you're going to change it to something incompatible, you might as well change it to something that might give you higher quality audio options *and* be thinner, instead of just thinner.

Comment Re:Amazon has a good thing going (Score 1) 129

There was a deal for Xbox One with an extra controller, $50 gift card, 2 games, all that for $269. If you were looking to get one for the kids, it's a very good deal.

There was some Samsonite luggage for 30% off... again, if you were looking for new luggage, it's a good deal.

I don't know about impulse buys, but there were good deals on things that you might've been waiting to get a deal on before you do buy. If you're lucky enough to navigate to them and find them, that is. :)

Comment Re:It's Simple Economics (Score 1) 180

I spend $975/month for 5 rooms, 10 minutes from downtown by metro, 20 minutes by bus or 15 minutes by bike to work at an enterprise software company, $15 to $25 for a taxi ride to as much nightlife as one could handle.

Yeah, but you get paid less, the taxes are high, you have fewer jobs to choose from, and the weather sucks for large chunks of the year. The closest major city is the most boring place in Canada, and Toronto is 5 hours away. Good skiing available nearby, at least. And a lot of strip clubs :).

Pros and cons to everything. I'd still take Montreal over SV, but there are many affordable places better (for techies) than both.

Comment Re:Don't even bother bitching about this. (Score 1) 595

The vendor in question here was Apple, in which you're left with little or no choice.

That's silly. Apple has a monopoly on Apple products. Sure. You still have a hundred other phones to choose from.

As far as the rest of the smartphone universe, that would be dominated by Google/Android, hence my propensity to use the term monopoly accurately.

You complain that others are bringing up semantics, but even if you just look at the OS market, it's dominated by *two* companies, and is clearly not a monopoly. And that's not semantics, the difference is huge -- in one case, the competition is dead, in the other it's alive and well.

And, then, Android is just the OS, you're still free to choose from any kind of phone -- big, small, with memory cards, without, with keyboards, with and without headphone jacks (imagine that, someone already tried that before Apple!), waterproof, and so on and so on... Nobody is dictating to you what options you can have, they are all competing to build the phone that will sell the most, which is how the market works. I don't understand the reason for your fear.

Comment Re:The old name for this... (Score 1) 258

How about we allow a silly-con valley start up to provide amateur dentistry? Why should dentists be protected by big gubbermint and allowed to fleece their patients for such large sums of money? We need to deregulate dentistry!

Because just about anyone can drive you safely from one place to another, and almost nobody can safely perform a root canal?

It doesn't even begin to compare.

Comment Re:Why can't they just call taxis? (Score 1) 258

Are young people so fucking cool and hip that calling a fucking taxi is seen as passÃf©? Seriously?

No, it's just that there aren't any. There's too few of them in late hours, unpopular locations, destinations, etc...

It's not the coolness factor, it's the convenience and reliability, and, well, cost, too. You need a ride, you have a reasonably priced one in 10-15 minutes, in almost any part of the town.

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