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Comment Re:An Excellent Start But More is Required (Score 1) 295

The wage should reflect the fact that the necessary worker is so rare and valuable that no US citizen living anywhere in the United States can satisfy the requirements.

That's not at all what it means. Obviously, some US citizen can satisfy the requirements, just not any that are willing to quit their jobs and/or move to wherever this position is, or are just not that interested in that particular position.

That's really not that rare. Otherwise there wouldn't be so many open positions out there sitting open for months.

Comment Echo is great, apps are terrible (Score 1) 210

It's a lot like the early web... There were the "official" web sites which looked good, loaded quickly, and worked. And then there were java applets, which were slow to load, buggy, and looked like high school projects.

It's pretty much the same. The features that come built-in are really good, voice recognition is fantastic, and it's overall a useful gadget to have to play music, set timers, reminders, check weather, and sports schedules.

Try to use any of the silly "skills" available, and you'll be very disappointed. The integration sucks ("tell to "), reliability sucks, and, therefore, usability sucks. Apart from having my kids ask for fart noises, there's not much out there yet.

Comment Re:How much? (Score 1) 401

I know, I missed gazillions of them, but just saying Altbaba doesn't exactly roll of the tongue. Even "The corpse of a company formerly known as Yahoo" has more cachet than "Altbaba".

Maybe that's why it's called Atlaba, and not Altbaba. I'm not saying it's a great name, but it does roll off the tongue a lot easier.

Comment Re:'Developed a Clear Preference' For Trump (Score 2) 734

California chose Hillary by 3.4 million cotes. Hillary won nationwide popular vote by 2.9 million votes. The entire difference and then some is the state of California.

I'm not even sure what's that supposed to mean? Remove the biggest state with the most Hillary supporters, and then they are even? TX, OK, AR, and LA have together about the same number of electoral votes, too, so let's remove the 2+ million that Trump won those by, too. We're back to square one.

Comment Re:Revolutionary! (Score 1) 73

Oh, I'm sure they do, but it's one thing to have a feather-light earring stay on the outside of your ear, and it's another to have a large (relative to the earring) earphone stay *inside* your ear.

Having a magnet support it down below is not going to do it, it'll have to be something above/behind the ear, while still feeling comfortable.

Comment Re:Who could have guessed... (Score 1) 113

If you really, really need to charge at the same time there are already multiple solutions.

Since the original post said it could not be done - well, the word "bald faced lie" is really not too strong, now is it?

I don't know, considering that most reviews for those solutions are "it sucks", "it doesn't work", etc., the kickstarter campaign for one of them is suspended, and the $40 gigantic belkin adapter actually needs a second adapter on top of it to plug in headphones... "bald faced lie" seems a bit strong.

Yeah, it's possible, but for more money, much more bulkiness to carry around, and, it seems, a lot of luck.

BTW, I also keep my phone plugged in while listening to music pretty much all the time -- in car or at work. The only time I don't is when I'm going for a walk. I see a lot of people at work doing the same. I doubt that it's that much of a rarity.

Comment Re:Revolutionary! (Score 1) 73

If they just stick one end of a round magnet on the earphone, and leave the other for you to put on the other side of your dangly part of the ear (like that earring does), then, yeah, there's no patent there.

If this is some way of keeping the earphone inside the ear canal that doesn't jar loose as you're running or jumping around, then, well, there's nothing at all like that on the market (as far as I know). Just because it involves magnets and ears, it still can be novel enough.

Comment Re:Seriously... (Score 4, Insightful) 102

Go work somewhere else dude. If you don't like their policies, find another job. Nobody owes you employment!

I would normally agree, but if they fire you and then send out an email to everyone telling you how bad you were (and you feel that that's a lie), then that's crossing the line. The industry is pretty small, you're bound to run into many of those people again in later jobs, and the bad reputation of you they are creating can have a real impact down the road.

Comment Re:Internet required for single player game (Score 1) 70

That's a huge turn-off, and not for some moral reasons... I'm not going to play Mario, my kids will. And my kids play on tablets, which could be in cars, school buses, or even on restricted wifi connections. The last time I had to explain to a 5 year old why his game stop working when he gets in the car was not fun, I'd rather not go through that again.

I don't expect that I'll be able to hide the existence of the new Mario game from him forever, but I'll do my best to hide it for as long as I can.

Comment Re:What about stop making stuff super thin? (Score 1) 289

Every time there's a new chipset or screen that increases efficiency, the manufacturers reduce thickness and battery life at the same time.

Is that really true any more? iPhone 6 was 6.9mm, iPhone 6s and 7 are both thicker at 7.1mm.

Nexus 5X was 7.9mm, Pixel is 8.6mm.

Galaxy S6 was 6.9mm, S7 is 7.9mm.

Once we've reached the 7-8mm range, it doesn't look like things are getting thinner any more, and are actually bouncing back a bit.

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