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Submission + - FTC suing Intel for 'anticompetitive tactics' (

rossendryv writes: The Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday sued Intel Corp., accusing the world's largest chip maker of "anticompetitive tactics" in the latest legal blow to the Silicon Valley icon. The agency also alleged that "Intel secretly redesigned key software, known as a compiler, in a way that deliberately stunted the performance of competitors' CPU chips."

Submission + - Antarctice Ice Bridge Collapses!

cudjo writes: "An ice bridge which had apparently held a vast Antarctic ice shelf in place during recorded history shattered on Saturday and could herald a wider collapse linked to global warming, a leading scientist said.

'It's amazing how the ice has ruptured. Two days ago it was intact,' David Vaughan, a glaciologist with the British Antarctic Survey, told Reuters of a satellite image of the Wilkins Ice Shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula."

This ice bridge was potentially all holding the Wilkins Shelf to the continent and its loss will potentially allow the Connecticut-sized shelf to be washed away much more quickly.

Submission + - North Korea launches "communication satellite&

Mad Ivan writes: "The BBC has just reported that North Korea has launched a long-range rocket, which they say is a communications satellite, but that the US and Japan fear may actually be a ballistic missile. Details are still arriving; the rocket passed over northern Japan on its way up."

Submission + - First Open Source Smartphone Discontinued ( 1

TuxMobil writes: "Bad news for freerunner fans, development of the first Open Source smartphone will be discontinued. OpenMoko executive director Sean Moss-Pulz told at OpenExpo in Bern (Switzerland) that the number of staffs will be reduced to be able to stay in business. OpenMoko had high intentions: the offspring from Taiwanese electronic manufacturer First International Computer (FIC) wanted to produce an Open Source smartphone. Not only with Open Source software pre-installed, but with free drivers and open specifications of the hardware components. This would give programmers as well as users complete freedom. Up to now the manufacturer has produced two models, the first has been sold 3,000 times and the second one has been bought 10,000 times. Both models were targeted primarily to developers. From the beginning OpenMoko had to fight with different problems. The smartphones came into market with a huge delay. Some series came with construction defects. Also changes in the team slowed down the development. Software development for the current smartphone will be continued but with less resources Moss-Pultz told. He still hopes the community will support the Freerunner: "Buy the Freerunner, help to correct bugs and write new programms"."
The Media Shut Down 326

twitter writes "Bruce Perens has pulled the plug on 'The public discussion site is shut down. This has happened because the site never achieved the ability to financially sustain its editorial staff and system expenses with its revenues. When it became evident that Technocrat was un-viable as a business, I found that I did not wish to keep supporting the site as a hobby. Certain elements of the community that developed here, unfortunately, creep me out. At the end I faced the decision of asking for donations to keep the site running, or letting it die, and it became clear to me that I'd feel better if it would just die. I am very busy building a new software business, with some great new (and yet unannounced) Open Source software in development. I must focus on that for now. Best holiday wishes to you all.'"

Submission + - Toll free numbers (

An anonymous reader writes: As a consultant, I travel frequently. I wanted a way for my clients and prospective clients to reach me toll free; but didn't want them to get stuck with a voice mail from my office every day that I'm on the road. was the solution — I just forward all calls to my 800 phone number to my cell phone and my clients can reach me toll free, no matter where in the country I happen to be at the time!

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