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Comment Re:Just curious... (Score 1) 182

They need to look for stars that are being occluded and see if we can create a dataset, but if it is beyond the oort cloud, the orbital period may be measured in 1000's of years and will be even hard yet to detect

I recall the suggested orbit for the "9th planet" was 19000 years. So it's way way out there. Finding it, provided it exists, is going to be challenging.

Comment Re:No you don't (Score 1) 200

But what does the rest of the world use to run GPS navigators, cameras, routers, set top boxes, thermostats, wrist watches, super computers, and more? That would be Linux.

What do developers use? Linux. Microsoft admitted as much when they said the reason for bash on Windows was to lure developers back.

Actually, they use some form of *nix at this point. Fewer and fewer are running windows. Even a long-time hard-core windows dev friend switched to macs and java because of his job just a couple of years ago and now can't believe he put up with that crap for so long. He only lost a couple percent of his team due to the switch, with the rest actually being happier.

What a master stroke the Surface was!

I thought so. How else could we get them to be sidelined more rapidly? If MS because just an app based services company like it appears they're going to be, I'm fine with that. Especially as tablet and phone apps force them into a more sane development model.

Comment Re:Everybody Panic! (Score 3, Informative) 316

Oh shit Oh shit Oh shit Oh shit Oh shit Oh shit Oh shit Oh shit World Ending, Glaciers Melting, Seas Rising,

You're correct, glaciers are melting, seas are rising, and the world certainly is ending for some species and even countries.


You have that correct.

Comment Re:Trump didn't kill anyone. (Score 1) 175

How do you know? He has a habit of not paying people, which leads to bankruptcy and not being able to pay for necessities including medical care. As a small business, I hate it when I do work for someone and they don't pay, especially when it's often the most wealthy that don't pay.
He also has a history of working with various criminal organizations, including mafia types and before this election, his good friends, the Clintons.
As a non-American, I can't understand voting for either lizard

Comment Re:No you don't (Score 1) 200

"We have a phone that in fact can replace your PC" No. You don't. Because that isn't possible to do. The fact that this guy even said that means he is clueless about mobile. He needs to be replaced.

For likely 80% of the population that is in fact a true statement. Facebook? Check. Viewing youtube videos? Check. Web browsing? Check. Email? What's that.. err, check. Messaging? In all its forms, check.

Comment Re:Is this the same "One Decade" we were promised. (Score 5, Insightful) 336

You're missing a main point - we can't magically undo 150 years of CO2 creation when we decide the effects are noticeable. There will be a time when actions are taken to reduce the effects, but that won't stop the effects from increasing for the foreseeable future. Will it cause our extinction? Doubtful. Will it cause extinctions and much harm? It's already happening. Even with the asteroid 65M years ago, it wasn't a dino free world the next day. The extinctions took several 1000s of years, IIRC, and then another 1.5 million or so before the biosphere started seriously diversifying again. So, to put that in perspective, recorded history only barely covers 5000 years.

If scientists came and told the average couch potato that unless they stopped driving their gas-guzzler today, their great great great grandchildren might be living in an arid desert barely scratching out a living and dying of thirst, I'm sure exactly 0% would stop driving their gas guzzlers. The average couch potato can barely conceive of issues next week, much less several generations away. Look what it took to get chloro-flouro-carbons out of use.

Comment Re:Is it really a war? (Score 1) 135

"I believe it's a Canadian hospital, so its executives might have a different sort of accountability. I hope."

They most probably don't. And even if they do, that won't be the case for long. The nice thing about globalization is that it is a race to the bottom. In this case it translates to -how we Canadians can be competitive if our executives have higher accountability than their USA counterparts?

Comment Re:Unbelievable (Score 1) 132

Believe it or not, Comcast was a MAJOR upgrade from AT&T for me.

I used to have the @Home cable modem service and was quite pleased with it. This is before the days of Doxis and there was no throttling. My cable modem was capable of 10Mbps up and 10Mbps down. Later, @Home reduced it to 10Mbps down and 1Mbps up. Times were still good since that was an insane amount of bandwidth.

Then AT&T bought out @Home and switched it to AT&T Broadband Internet (ATTBI). They decided to reduce the upstream bandwidth to 128Kbps, but they aggregated all of the users through the SAME 128Kbps pipe. As a result, on the best of days I saw 40% packet loss with ping. My old 28.8Kbps modem was faster than my cable modem. It was like this for 9 months. Technical support was absolutely useless. There were newspaper articles about it but still the incompetence continued.

When Comcast took over things improved drastically. I will go out of my way to avoid anything to do with AT&T. While Comcast has a lot of problems, it is nothing like what I experienced with AT&T. AT&T was absolute shit.

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