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Comment Re:History repeats itself (Score 1) 387

Seriously dude, what is truth? What is real? This is at the intersection of physics, epistemology, and philosophy.

What is time, what is gravity, what is a magnetic field, what is an electromagnetic field, why does space time change?

Physics is not the study of "the why", it is the study of "the what". It describes the system with predictive math and tells you how it will probably behave.

There are just too many questions of which we will never know the answer.

As a species we just wandered in off the Saharah 2,000 years ago. Our knowledge is being constantly revised. Everything we know for sure could be better described as "as far as we know".

Maybe if we every get AI working, it can speed things along :)

Comment Re:History repeats itself (Score 1) 387

You want to know where all this weird physics came from? "MATH MAJORS"

Yes, physics is the only place where Math majors can hang out and play with math indefinitely.

Inventing string theory, branes, multiple universes, probabilities. Yes, it is endless fun.

In the opinion of most physicists it is all mathematical masturbation filled with theories that not be proved from inside the universe.

There really isn't a crisis, it just comes down to whether you want to fund the math majors or the real physics.

Comment Re:so is snipping police officers (Score 1) 983

Compare these sentences of 13-18year olds to the affluenza teen.

Source: http://fairsentencingofyouth.o...

Racial Inequality in Youth Sentencing

The Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth is dedicated to ending the practice of sentencing any young person to die in prison. This harsh, extreme life without parole sentence has a disproportionate impact on communities of color.

Human Rights Watch reports that more than 2,500 people in the United States have been convicted of a crime committed before they were 18 years old and sentenced to life without parole. One out of every 8 African-American youth who are convicted of killing someone will be sentenced to life without parole, however this is only the case for one out of every 13 white youth convicted of murder.[i]

The most extreme sentence that a person under the age of 18 can receive is life without parole, which occurs when young people are transferred from juvenile court to be tried as adults in criminal court. Young people sentenced to life without the possibility of parole have effectively been discarded by society. They will never again have their sentence considered or have their cases reviewed to see if they have grown or matured. Below is a list of facts that demonstrates the channel from school to prison–sometimes for life–to which youth of color are disproportionately subjected.

Comment Re:The purpose of copyright is........ (Score 1) 148

Ugh Software Patents and Copyrights are destroying innovation globally as the patent trolls troll away.

Have you ever watched The Patent Scam Intro video on YouTube?

Lawyers and finance at some point become another tax on productivity and growth. They are useful to a point but when spurious, vexatious litigation becomes the norm this is just feeding trolls.

I would challenge you to watch this video, reflect, and think about how you would draw the line between creators/innovators and the public good.

I have participated in patent applications as well as copyrighted works, but I feel they should expire.

Congress tried to recently strike a balance with recently with the Innovation Act, to try and clean up some of the pointless patent lawsuits, but it was blocked by the leader of the judicial committee. It doesn't help that everyone in congress and the senate is a lawyer and is shoveled large amounts of cash from the trial lawyers.

My main point is that works need reasonable IP protection limits for their creators. As far as FOSS goes, you could use any license or contract you could dream up and not rely on copyright. Just like with contract law, you can write contracts for nearly any terms as long as you aren't violating RICO. Just look at the payday loan industry and/or the terms and conditions that you agree to everyday where you waive your legal rights in favor of arbitration.

If we could all deal with each other fairly, the world would be a great place. Humanity has demonstrated time and time again that it is incapable of sharing and that there are a**holes which will abuse any reasonable system.

Comment Does the bathroom have transgender bathroom? (Score 1) 354

ST TNG did not shy away from this topic but presented it in the context of a genderless culture.

What are the goals of this move?
1) Trying to get free press and buzz for their action packed CGI movie with no plot
2) Being opportunistic by trying (and failing) to exploit the current "make all things gay" momentum and stuffing gay down everyones throat, just like the "Give Anna & Else a Girlfriend" and forcing something that doesn't fit into the timeline, plot, or story.
3) Trying to make something that appeals to the masses instead of making something clever, well thought out, and high quality.

This is not Trek.
This is not Gene's vision.
This is simply rebooting and hi-jacking to try and make a buck by people who have no business producing content for the Trek.
Gene would explored the topic at a non-hostile level in the context of another civilization just like we see in TNG's "The Outcast" episode. He would not have been one to overly push a social agenda. Just like in TOS Uhura did not sport an afro and spoke with a midwestern accent. This is how Gene played it, subtle. Challenging your to think of what could be possible in the future or in the context of another civilization. It was clever. It was not overt or in your face.

To slightly change Pegg's quote:
"Our Trek is an alternate timeline with alternate details and poorly thought out stories. We know Sulu in real life is LGBT so we are trying to exploit that in our timeline to make a buck and get publicity. I like this idea because it suggests that in a hypothetical multiverse, across an infinite matrix of alternate realities filled with lame Star Trek reboots just like this one."

Count me out on this one. I am glad we had this conversation ahead of time so I can ignore this movie.

Comment The purpose of copyright is........ (Score 5, Interesting) 148

So here is the deal, I will trade you "fair use" for 4-year copyright limits.

However, you can't have 70 year copyright terms and no fair use. That is called unlimited MONOPOLY!

The purpose of Copyright was to give the person who created the work a limited monopoly to earn back their money, not money for their grandchildren.

Imagine if a plumber could charge you per flush for the next 70 years.
Imagine if an electrician could charge you every time you use a light switch for the next 70 years.

It is insane. We need FAIR USE!

Comment Re:so is snipping police officers (Score 4, Insightful) 983

Even military language is standard operating procedure for police.

Police do not patrol neighborhoods, they patrol sectors. Even in small towns it is broken into sectors.

When I think of sectors, I think of militarized zones with fences and lines that need monitoring.

In order for this cycle to end there needs to be respect on both sides. #Blacklivesmatter need to call out people who are being idiots and inciting, #Police need to call out over aggressive idiots on their ranks that are abusive with force instead of condoning it silently as a bystander.

According to reports, this was one man with an AR-15 and a bunch of ammo and look at the damage.

It has to stop on both sides and it has to stop today. It is not cool when someone mows white people down with an assault rifle and it is not cool when police harass Americans for "DWB", driving while black. It is not cool that black people have to teach their children to comply with police or risk getting shot. It is not cool that so many people have nonviolent felonies that they can't get a job. It is a giant cluster mess.

This will take action from society as a whole to fix. I saw an encouraging first step in Detroit recently.
Jobseekers get nonviolent records expunged.

It is not cool that Hilary Clinton gets a get out of jail free card.
It is not cool that General Patraeous gets probation.
It is not cool when teens like Ethan Couch with affluenza walk away with probation or little jail time.
It is not cool that cities like Flint and poisoned with lead just because they are poor.
It is not cool that America rebuilds New Orleans but lets Detroit rot even though it suffered an economic Sunami of Free-Trade Agreements.
It is not cool that some kids can get a decent public education and others can not based on their zip code.
It is not cool that Jails are now a "For Profit" business further preying on people on the margins of society.
It is not cool that America incarcerates more people per capita than any other modern country in history.

American is not perfect, but Trump was right when he said the "system was rigged". While we might not be perfect, we believe in a union of people working together for the common good, freedom, and the hope of liberty and pursuing happiness. The hope to live a good life that doesn't have a violent end because you walked down the wrong street or drove in the wrong neighborhood.

I would encourage everyone looking at these events today not to take a sides, but ask,
"What can we do to fix this, before it gets worse?",
"How can we heal the racial divide?"
"How can we love our neighbor?"

The natural tendency is to be tribal, pick your tribe and then prepare to war with the other tribe. It's human, it is how we survived long ago. If we go down that path, more will die. America is awash with guns and ammo and the killing of whites, blacks, gays, muslims, seeks, mexicans NEEDS TO STOP.

Reflect and ask yourself, "how can I be the change I want to see in the world?"

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."

Comment Re:Microsoft is never going to get ahead (Score 5, Funny) 140

They have done a few ground breaking things.

1. XBOX Kinect
2. The BING search engine featuring pretty background images.
3. The Developers, Developers, Developers song by Steve Balmer, ex CEO.
4. Visual Studio, Visual Basic, and .NET
5. And who could forget Clippy and Microsoft Bob?
6. The Ribbon Interface.

and let's not forget about Microsoft Movie Maker. but they still didn't include it in Windows 10. :(

So while it is a mixed bag, they are trying and experimenting. Oh and don't forget they own MINECRAFT now!

Comment First Apple, then Disney, now T-Moblie (Score 2, Insightful) 46

This technique needs a name, possibly the "Chinese Shakedown". Hey world, if you want to play in our market, you own us money and part ownership, that is how we roll! You can't beat us, we know your fighting style!

Out of curiosity, is it this hard for foreign companies to compete in the USA?

Comment File under WTF, he seriously said that? (Score 1) 312

The director denied that forcing American companies to backdoor their security systems would cause any commercial problems.

This is lie, an outright lie, and I hope he was under oath when testifying before congress. Absolute, outright lie! Liar, liar, pants on fire. Everyone email their representative and let them know the director outright lied to their face and cite the CEO of Cisco.

This will hurt American Tech in China. To interoperate, China will steal all corporate America's IP and integrate it into their products.

Dr. Mr. Director of CIA, your reality distortion field is NOT WORKING! I am still in disbelief. This is how you kill American products in emerging markets and hurt growth. What an absolute lie!

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