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Comment Re:battery life a braindead argument (Score 5, Insightful) 296

It is all Johnny Ive's and his bullshit obsession for thin. Make the PhatBookPro! Yes, the MacBookPro can be made 2mm thicker to provide a 24 hour battery life or a realworld professional battery life of 10 hours. Johnny Ive's needs to just stop with thin until battery technology gets better. It seems to me that making the bottom panel modular would solve all the problems. If HP and Lenovo want to keep getting thinner, let them. Their touchpads and keyboards suck compared to the MacBookPro. Oh and bring back the glowing Apple logo on the back of the lid. What a dumb marketing move to ditch that.

Comment Bah... C is still king baby (Score 2) 285

C is not dying. Most of the libraries that are used behind the scenes to support Swift, Objective-C, Java, Python, Perl, LINUX, C#, and New Embedded Platforms like PI, are all written in C/C++.

C scales as well as any other language as long as you use C++ and objectify everything so it can fire it up in containers. You can't use global variables anymore and everything needs to be encapsulated into an object. It pains me to do this, but with the shift to the cloud there is no choice (please prove me wrong).

C is the bed-rock of all that is digital. If anything needs to die it is Java. The new owner of Java doesn't seem to be taking care of it like Sun Microsystems used to. Yeah, I am looking at your Oracle.

Consider how many C libraries this Slashdot page passed through just to get to your eyeballs.

Comment Re:Bold (Score 1) 531

At Christmas with the $2000 VISA bill coming due "the company" has the "at will employees" over a barrel since this information was not known prior.

It is time for IT to unionize. It is time for IT-USA to setup a trust-fund so that when this kind of misbehavior happens, the entire IT organization can walk and have a buffer to negotiate with "the company" or find new jobs.

With IT, it is symbiotic relationship between "the company" and the IT workers. Today data is the company and IT needs to make that data flow. If all of IT quits or bands together en mass in a work stoppage, the data will only flow for so long. The senior managers in the company are typically clueless as to how things operate at a day-to-day level.

So let's look at this and see what it would cost.

200 employees at $1000/week as stay afloat money = $200,000/week

So, if a fund existed with approximately $1,000,000 it could easily provide a buffer for either severance or negotiation. In order for this to work all the employees would have to band together and sign an agreement to quit and not offer any assistance to the company until they negotiated an offer that the majority of the employees agreed upon. At-will employment goes both ways.

The company would probably try to offer key players large sums to return and maintain operations but everyone would have to stand together.

Could this work if this fund existed or would it denigrate into "Lord of the Flies?"

On a side note, it is an overall longterm benefit to the USA, USA economy, and "the company" not to do things like this. The quarter-to-quarter "create shareholder value" mantra drives these myopic decisions. Sure would could continue to destroy every job and breakup and sell off parts of every company for a short-term profit, but long term it hurts all the players in an economy. How do we handle this?

Do we let the invisible hand of the market work?

Actually, scratch that, the invisible hand is dead as we saw in the financial crisis. The invisible hand was poised to wipe out most of the banking/mortgage industry and the government stopped the invisible hand by giving it piles and piles of cash.

So what is the new system?

How do we build a nation that has sustainability and offers good jobs?

Comment OpenSource solves all of these problems... geez (Score 1) 148

Code Re-use and open source software lead to super-reliable, robust, and secure code that is the foundation of the Internet. With all the eyes constantly looking over the code it continues to get better and better. And since no program or company has time to write everything from scratch, code will be reused until we can teach computers how to write code.

Comment Yes.... (Score 1) 381

Folks, we live in an age where programmers declare integers that are going to count from 1...10 as LONG INTEGERS, eating 8 bytes of RAM, where only 1 byte is needed.

We live in an age of cloud computing, load balancers, containers, and distributed databases with stored procedures. When code runs, you have no idea where it is running and how it is spread out over cloud services. Most of the time you don't even know what country the physical box is in.

I have a pure CS degree, but as long as we can keep making things faster and bigger, I am not sure if this book will ever be a top seller. In the brave new world of computing I am not even sure what optimization means anymore. Optimize for CPU, network, compiler, database, cloud architecture??? It is maddening!

As for me, I am currently doing an embedded systems project. Am I doing it in 'C' and ASM like in the good old days? Heck, no, I am using python on a quad core ARM SOC with 1GB of RAM. Even at max processing load I am barely hitting 10% CPU while coding in Python. As long as hardware is fast and cheap, there is no need to spend this kind of time optimizing every cycle and byte. BTW, this is my first Python project. Easy-peasy language that is great for hardware interfacing projects, most libraries exist for common chips like the MCP3008 (AD convertor).

To the kids out there. This is a great time to be alive. You can build anything, learn anything, and talk to anyone. Do cool stuff. Learn everything. There are no limits and powerful hardware is cheap. Look around at how lucky you are to be alive right now. It is an amazing time!

Comment I want a robot that makes clothes. (Score 1) 139

Folding is easy!

I want to go stand a platform and get scanned by a 3D scanner, chose my options on a touch screen, come back in 30 minutes and have clothes that fit made by a robot. I will fold them myself, finding clothes that actually fit and don't need tailoring is far more time consuming that folding.

Comment Wow 10nm... almost at the theoretical limit of 7nm (Score 2, Interesting) 70

Wow, this is just unbelievable. A 10nm die. It is so amazing how far we have come in just 30 years. I am truly impressed and amazed that we can carry around a 2Ghz Quad core in our pocket that is a fully functional computer. It is truly impressive, congratulations everyone!

Comment Cloud billing, race conditions, database deadlocks (Score 1) 497

I would like to add a small list:

1. Cloud billing, yes just try and figure out your AWS cloud bill.
2. Race conditions (but technically this is a multi-threading problem).
3. Database Deadlocks, yes I know most RDBMS try to resolve deadlocks but they still happen
4. Semaphores / Spinlocks and Deadlocks
5. BIOS insecurity, yes you can decompile an EFI bios, change it, and reload it back on a motherboard
6. Firmware/Hardware security and trust issues with Intel CPUs, USB devices, and expansion cards. No hardware is secure thanks to the cesspool of firmware and rowhammer.
7. New data breaking old programs, such as unicode characters
8. The incredible pace of obsolesce in hardware, software
9. Windows 10.... who the hell knows what the O/S is doing? Sit and watch task manager on a fresh install for 30 minutes and you will be amazed at the stuff that goes on, Windows Telemetry anyone?
10. Apple removing legacy ports from hardware and encouraging everyone else to do the same so we all end up in dongle-hell.

Comment Donald Trump won because...... (Score 4, Insightful) 499

Donald Trump won for the following reasons.

1. The Mainstream media (MSM) kept telling everyone HRC was going to win, so everyone in rural America and flyover country made 100% sure their vote counted, and wow, did it!

2. The MSM would repeat anything and everything Donald tweeted or posted to Facebook for ratings and the hopes of discrediting him as a clown. This only gave him free press and brought things that were previously politically correct to the forefront for discussion.

3. Trump won, not because everyone wanted Trump, but because the people are collectively sick of the Federal Government constantly intruding in everything from small business to healthcare to trans-gendered high school locker-rooms. The people are sick of being called racist, biggoted, hatemongers or worse anytime they exercise their right to free speech and speak out against the never ending Federal Government Mandates. Trump won because he talked about all the unpopular things like illegal immigration, unfair trade deals, and the collapse of the middle class. Trump and Pence visited rural America and flyover country. They spent time there campaigning, yelling, screaming, brawling, and listening. Trump spent the last hours of election eve in Grand Rapids, Michigan a city with little political power and one that barely matters due to it's geographic proximity to rural northern michigan.

That is why Trump won. It is not because of Facebook.

Just like the UK, it was a full out revolt. This is how a democracy is supposed to work when they feel they aren't being heard. "The People" of the United States were heard this election.

It's all going to be ok. Trump will not destroy America. There is no need to move to Canada. The president is not king and only has a limited amount of power. The pendulum will swing back the other way for awhile and it will either work and benefit the USA or it won't.

In any case, it is time to stop fighting, yelling, screaming and come together to run the country again for the benefit of all. It will all be ok.

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