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Comment Local Newspaper was google (Score 2) 94

I spent childhood in a small town Shklov, Belarussia, where Internet became freely accessible just few years ago. People living there got used to ask their questions from the tiny local newspaper Udarny Front, which publish from time to time a column called "Questions from Readers".

Journalists working in the newspaper are taking care to answer these questions as good as they can, sometimes polling experts in the specific field. I think that this simple process still works, so in case you need something to know, you just post a question to a newspaper and then wait for a couple weeks to get an answer.

Submission + - Soviet movies are available in HD quality for free (

Prokur writes: Despite very agressive fight with copyright violators for the most-recent Russian movies and even threats to shutdown YouTube by Russian Government, the largest government-owned Russian film Studio Mosfilm is re-mastering all their movies produced during Soviet times in full HD quality and make them available online absolutely for free.
More than 500 movies, including all three Soviet winners of Academy Award, are available via youtube channel and similar services.

Comment Xenonauts also released (Score 3, Interesting) 50

A very good time to be an XCom fan.

Another release is that of Xenonauts, to be finally released next week. I think it's a must-have for fans of the classic XCom. Xenonauts is a modernized remake, but it keeps the same fundamental game mechanics (unlike the Firaxis version). Time units, multiple bases, great freedom in soldier inventory and other things from the original, and there's a huge amount of balancing and subtle improvements. I have played several indie and small-studio successors, such as UFO: Aftermath, UFO: Extraterrestrials, and UFO: Alien Invasion, but none of those have, in my opinion, captured the original's feeling, while Xenonauts managed to.

Comment Re:Did you play Doom 3? (Score 2) 108

Not having anything new in gameplay was the point. Doom 3 was an old-school shooter, you with a huge arsenal of weapons vs. hordes of monstrosities from hell. And that was with amazing graphics. Doom 3 might have had really low resolution textures, but I think the lighting and shadowing remained unrivaled for years.

Though Doom3 did have a minor novelty I wish more games adapted. It had a really nice way of interacting with in-game monitors and computers, and I can't remember if any other games have done the same. Certainly not many, if there are any at all.

Comment Re:Restrictions will be in place (Score 2) 46

This is likely correct (I have likewise been somewhat of a NK watcher), but one important point. The general population doesn't have access to the NK intranet. Those that do aren't quite the country's elite, but still represent the better-off social class. Most access to the intranet happens through universities and major organizations, while close to half of NK's population lives outside cities, and in cities other than Pyongyang the infrastructure is nearly non-existent. Sariwon and Wonsan can be barely made out as lights in nighttime photos.

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