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Comment Re:It's interesting to watch the class divide on / (Score 1) 222

Most people are posting the same 2 view points (with the 3rd probably being simply the experience sucks because reasons):

1.) Home theater systems are so much better now, mine is amazing and/or there are amazing ones available.

2.) People, especially in the 18-24 yo age group, are fucking poor and can't afford to go to the movies (most of these are ignoring the obvious, that they can't afford the home theater system either).

I'm not in either of those 2 categories (more like the 3rd, without the money or inclination for a huge home theater, apartment dweller and not rich with a deep loathing of crowds), but this seems like a poll worthy topic (no I didn't check to see if it already exists) with "Cowboy Neal is my projectionist" as a 4th?

I'm #3. I don't have a "home theater", nor do I really want one. I was "fucking poor" when I was 18-24, at least in the low part of that range, but I went to the movie a lot more than I do now when I'm not "fucking poor".

Comment Re:While I still can read and work maps... (Score 1) 158

I've always had trouble with maps. Reading them is the easy part. Getting the damn things folded or unfolded is the tough part. :-p

I haven't done much with GPSs. I did more travelling before they existed. I recently went on a trip with a friend who used one, and I got to see a number of its limitations. Based on that, and on what I've heard about them, I'd say they're probably a good thing, but you have to take them with a grain of salt.

Comment Re:I've noticed that, but something else interesti (Score 1) 158

I've been there just last weekend. A friend wanted to find someplace he hadn't been in years. The GPS said to turn on some rinky-dink street just by the highway. I hadn't been to that place at all, but that didn't sound right. My friend took that road anyway, and sure enough it led nowhere and he ended up with both me and the GPS telling him to just get on the !@#$ highway.

Comment Re:Until Then: Poverty, Misery and Unrest (Score 1) 297

"automation will, in the long-term, improve society and help humans live better lives"

"When one door closes, another one opens". If you die in the long hallway between the doors, that's YOUR problem.

Enjoy the decline!

Yes, and do you realize how much those bodies in the hallway will stink up the place?

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