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Comment Re:conventional television networks go bye bye (Score 1) 134

I couldn't even watch at set time when I DIDN'T have a DVR. I recorded on my VCR like crazy in the 90s when I was too busy to watch many evenings.

It is good to have a bunch of shows on Netflix right now during the winter break when regular TV is even crappier than usual.

Comment Re:I remember back in the 90's (Score 1) 134

Then i noticed how they were cutting whole scenes out of some of my favorite shows so they could show more ads. I dont know what happened after that because i canceled service & havent looked back since.

Don't get me started! When I discovered METV, I thought it was great that I could watch some of the old shows from my youth. It didn't take long to find that large chunks of those shows were missing because of ads.

Comment Re:Price has other factors (Score 1) 91

Being outraged by imaginary problems and not bothering to confirm anything before seems to be the new norm. You'll fit right in.

No, the problem was the summary: "The phones are attractive because they contain no bloatware, competing services, and a lack of software and security updates"

Parallel construction grammar fail. That should have read, "The phones are attractive because they contain no bloatware, no competing services, and won't lack software and security updates." The summary meant to negate all three parts.

Or they could have said "a lack of software, and security updates". For want of a comma, the meaning was lost.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 0, Troll) 782

The whole debate is blitheringly idiotic. There is no such thing as "transgender". There are male psychological freaks pretending to be women and female psychological ruins pretending to be men. That's it.

And to anyone who wants to argue otherwise, I will simply point out that I feel that I am 16 years old and fully eligible to play high school sports, and anyone who argues otherwise is transagist. After all, it should be obvious that the year of birth recorded on one's birth certificate means no more than one's sex recorded there, and "age" is nothing more than a social construct.

Comment The real problem (Score 1) 301

I'd mostly stopped buying DVDs before Netflix. For me the real culprit was too many alternatives. I'd watch PrimeTime TV, I'd watch recorded shows, primetime or otherwise, on my DVR, I'd watch YouTube, I'd not watch anything because I was futzing around online. By the time I got around to the DVD I'd bought, it was practically rotting with age.

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