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Comment Re:Headed there? (Score 1) 352

Indeed. People used to have their newspaper bubbles. In some ways we are better off now, because as the post-truth and alt-right brigades have demonstrated you can actually break in to people's bubbles and bring them over to your side with fake news and memes. It's just unfortunate that they were willing to use those methods when moderates were not, but that is starting to change now.

Comment Re:Headed there? (Score 1) 352

Some parts of the media print bullshit. But some of it does high quality reporting and issues corrections when necessary. By talking about the "MSM" as a homogeneous group, all equally bad, you are pushing the idea that you can pick your own alternative facts and make your own truth.

Your claim about the BBC is pure bullshit. Your whole argument looks copy/pasted from a post-truth talking points memo, to be honest.

The bill says the visa programme "has allowed replacement of American workers by outsourcing companies with cheaper H-1B workers" and aims to end the "abuse" of the programme.
"My legislation refocuses the H-1B programme to its original intent - to seek out and find the best and brightest from around the world, and to supplement the US workforce with talented, highly paid, and highly skilled workers who help create jobs here in America, not replace them," Rep Lofgren said on her website.

Comment Re:SJW only allow missionary position (Score 1) 646

Basically, everything they accuse SJWs of is what they themselves do. For example, Sargon of Akkad on YouTube. Does a weekly show called "the week in stupid" where he gets offended at random things and demand that they be banned. He actually started a petition to have "social justice courses" banned at unspecified universities. He wants to turn them into safe spaces and deny anyone who disagrees with him a platform.

Comment Re:Trolling and Fake News = same (Score 1) 177

To make it even worse, Pravda, the Soviet Union's old ministry of propaganda, changed it's name to RT, and hired a bunch of anonymous posters, making it one of the single most effective propaganda organizations the world has ever seen.

You think that's bad? Fox News, USA Today, and CNN haven't even had to change their names!

Comment Re:It was bound to happen (Score 1) 227

Translation. You're some armchair quarterback commenting on something you have no real experience with.

We all have real experience with it now, thanks to assorted nuclear disasters.

You should have just been honest and said that up front.

You wouldn't know honestly if it crawled up your ass and died. Which is apparently approximately what happened to you.

Comment Re:Background and the real issue (Score 1) 371

Bruce first! You can't have it both ways, unless of course you are simply a biased prick. Are you?

I might be. But I know that ESR is, because I participate in discussions with him on G+. I'm going to go ahead and echo Bruce here, who said "I looked over your words and didn't find a political argument". Except I didn't look over your words, but Orgasmatron's. And like Bruce, I didn't find a political argument. But Bruce did make specific claims, and then he was simply snarked at. That might go down well on television, but it doesn't win arguments on Slashdot.

Comment Re:[cough]poor education on display[cough] (Score 1) 371

And further to that, that isn't the only place "regulate" even appears in the Constitution, with the clear intent that the enumerated powers were meant to be *governing* powers. In fact, the word appears FIFTEEN times in the Constitution, and each and every instance indicates that "regulate" is being used exactly in the definition I gave.

Even your example is absurd, since it's pretty clear a "voltage regulator" is meant to "control" voltage, in other words govern it. It is exactly the same usage.

Comment Re:[cough]poor education on display[cough] (Score 1) 371

JEsus, just how far do you want to take this argument. The fact is that "regulate" was used in governing parlance over a century and a half BEFORE the Constitution was written, and clearly the Founding Fathers, being reasonably well-versed in the English governing system were using "regulate" in exactly that sense. In fact, "voltage" as a word didn't exist until the very tale end of the 18th century or the early 19th century.

I love how the so-called "Constitutional purists" will in fact try to redefine the Framers' intentions with the most obviously moronic arguments.

Where the Constitution says "regulate", it means to control and govern, to create laws, to, well, REGULATE. Jesus Christ.

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