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Comment Re:Encryption (Score 1) 176

Incorrect. Prolonged (non-routine) detentions must be based on reasonable suspicion.

Lol, you must be unfamiliar with the TSA, and the way American police authorities in general conduct their day-to-day business.

In theory, you're correct. In reality, they do whatever the fuck they want, when they want, and the way they want. If you manage to survive the experience you're welcome to spend tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in court in an attempt to seek redress for your grievances.

You'll win about 0.05% of the time, but that doesn't mean you'll actually get any money or effect any change within the department that abused you or denied you your rights. You might (if you're lucky) get a couple of officers retrained, but that's like putting a band-aid on a brain tumor.

Comment Re:Encryption (Score 3, Interesting) 176

At the UK border they can demand you power on your electronics. In theory it's to prove that they are real. It's not clear how far they can demand you go... Full boot up or just to the encryption key prompt.

I've taken to simply wiping the whole machine, installing a dummy OS and then restoring from an image when I get to my destination. The image is stored encrypted on a server and I don't have access to the password. Ditto with my phone.

Comment Re: Headphone Jack is Pretty Crappy (Score 1) 432

Slashdot, oh Slashdot, why can we still not edit our posts?

I've been asking for this since forever. Every fucking blog, forum, and comment-enabled site on the internet has this functionality. Even Yahoo allows you to delete or edit your comments. But it's just too fucking tricky to implement this at Slashdot I suppose.

Now, cue the fucking wankers who'll piss their pants yelling about how that would permit comments to "be taken out of context" or snivel about "proofreading your writing" or "that's what the preview button is for". Like those shitbags have never made a mistake in their lives or ever needed to go back and edit something.

Comment Re:It's about the battery backpack, stupid. (Score 1) 50

The battery add-on lacks its own charge port. It can only be charged when attached to the phone.

I don't think that's correct. From the article:

"Other useful Moto Mods are more straight-forward like the Incipio OffGrid Power Pack that offers another 2220 mAh battery in the simple snap of the mod. It's also wireless charging capable (all by itself as well)"

Comment Re:the CO2 improvements are minor at best (Score 1) 63

> Gassers make just as much particulate, but it's of the most hazardous type, which means their particulate emissions are actually worse than diesel.

That's only true of direct injected gas engines.

Who told you that? That's bullshit. The only way in which DI gassers are worse than other gassers is that they foul their intake valves which have to be expensively cleaned, sometimes including head removal.

Gasoline also has to be refined more than diesel

This isn't true anymore. Diesel is a highly refined product now also. Clean emissions requires clean and homogeneous input fuel and that means more processing.

Not only is it still true (it still takes less energy to make diesel, it just takes more than it used to) but guess what? Automakers are now asking fuel companies to make higher-octane fuels, over 100 on the scale we use in the USA. That's what they need to make cleaner-burning gasoline engines. So gasoline is actually about to get more expensive, both in real dollars and in energy cost.

That car is a rolling smog bank and you are trying to talk about how your input fuel was renewable? Seriously, have you looked at the emissions standards it was required to conform?

That's irrelevant; mine is running nice and clean. It only smokes when you pin it, which even brand new diesels do. And since it doesn't have a catalyst, it puts out nice big fat soot particles that can be trivially swept out of your lungs by your cilia.

They were a joke in the US and a double joke in Europe. It's far filthier than its contemporary gas cars and really bad compares to any modern car of any sort.

And yet, far superior to anything else in the class sold in 1982.

Comment Re:View and click fraud (Score 1) 98

The view tracking needs to be on the back end, with some kind of trusted server (virtual machine) appliance or something. Or just accept that this form of tracking is unacceptable and they will have to rely on click-through rates and audits.

To be clear, if you want my browser to display your content, you play by my rules even if it's inconvenient. The alternative is your ads get blocked, so take your pick.

Comment Re:Question (Score 1) 431

I'd quickly get bored without any "work" to do. Okay, that work might be writing some useful open source software, or developing some open source hardware, but it's valuable output none the less. Ever noticed how some people take up voluntary work when they retire, like gardening? Or how millionaires with enough money to retire and live comfortably for the rest of their lives carry on slaving away every day anyway?

The main problem is getting the undesirable jobs done.

Comment Re:You can load them even faster... (Score 3, Insightful) 98

My worry is that it becomes an arms race. Advertisers looking for ever more intrusive and annoying ways to bypass ad-blocking. We have already seen attempts to detect ad blockers, and then ad blockers blocking the ad blocker blockers in response.

In that sense maybe a standard API for adverts, that is extremely limiting and enforces good behaviour in exchange for not getting blocked, might be a good solution. Static images, maximum file size, no javascript, no ping backs, no cookies, maximum 10% of the page, served from the same domain as the rest of the content. That removes most of the scope for malware and the stuff that slows down loading and wastes battery.

I'd have to give it a trial run, but I'd consider lowering my ad-blocking shields enough to allow that through.

Comment Re:I haven't used my headphone jack in 3 years (Score 1) 432

The major problem with Bluetooth is battery life. When I take a long (12 hour) flight, the battery in my Bluetooth headphones isn't going to make it all the way through an audio book. When I'm travelling on the train for an hour or two a day, I need to charge them up every day. It's just one more hassle I could live without.

There are other problems with Bluetooth. It drains your phone's battery more than just headphones. It's less predictable than headphones too - you know if you just shove a jack into your phone it will shut up and redirect all audio to the cans, but with Bluetooth all you have is a little icon that is invisible with the screen off. More than once I wasn't paying attention and my phone started reading an audiobook out loud because it wasn't paired to the headphones.

Comment What makes you think I'm trolling? Losing the arg? (Score 1) 50

It's a fact that over and over again device-specific add-ons are ignored. They wind up in bargain bins whether it's tablet-specific keyboard docks or R.O.B. for the N.E.S. Ignore the lessons of history at your peril. Moto G 2nd owner here, in case you think I'm in love with Samsung or something. Anybody else notice they're now stooping to infomercials?

Comment Re:Apple Tried This Before... (Score 1) 432

I guess that depends on how you define that arena. I credit Apple with killing the floppy drive (arguably not just the 3.5 with the Imac but also the 5.25 with the original Mac) and leading the way towards killing the optical drive as well. They were also a big developer for CUPS.

Yeah, their market share is slim, but their followers are astonishingly devout. Even though the hardware is no longer unique you still have a better chance of converting a windows person to mac than the other way around.

Comment Apple Tried This Before... (Score 1) 432

Doesn't anyone remember the G4 cube? I do. Maybe the current crop of Apple execs and designers don't - or they just really don't want to - but it also was released with no headphone/speaker jack. While that was not the sole reason for its failure, it was a contributing part.

The G4 cube was cute - similar to how the SGI O2 (the "toaster") was cute, but cute did not equate to functionality.

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