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Comment Re:So does Slashdot have a quota? (Score 1) 107

If you don't like them, just scroll down to the next story. Why do you even come here to comment? Plenty of us want to talk about this, why are you trying to stop the discussion?

We need to look at this because of shit like GamerGate. There was a powder-keg of misogynist bullshit just waiting to go off, and that one blog post set it off.

Comment Re: And the other end of the deal? (Score 1) 107

Well done, you completely missed the point. The question was about how much effort men and women put in to their careers. Clearly in some sports men have an inherent advantage, but not in other jobs. Being physically larger and stronger won't help you write code or precision engineer a new widget.

There is no evidence that women are lazy or less motivated or less able to put in effort.

Comment Re:Feminist/SJW Echo Chamber Circling The Bowl (Score 1) 64

Thank you for demonstrating exactly what we're all talking about. Thoughtcrime is "harassment", disagreement is "threatening".

No one is stopping you from spewing whatever inane stupidy passes for incitement commentary among your crowd. You'll be just as free to make an idiot of yourself on Twitter once these changes are in effect.

What they are trying to stop is harassment, douchebags like Milo Yiannopoulos sending hordes of his minions out to spew their drivel at whomever was so outrageous as to try and be black and/or female without knowing their place and drive them off of Twitter.

Disagree all you want, but when you cross into harassment then GTFO. No one is under any obligation to stand there while you abuse them.

Comment Twitter, meh (Score 1) 64

As has been said before, "Twitter is the confetti of the internet".

I'm too long-winded to use Twitter; it takes me more than 140 characters to say "Good morning". :)

Frankly, the vast majority of what I've seen on Twitter is self-referential "look at me!" stuff.

It's not micro-blogging, it's micro-bragging. "Look at my amazing coffee/breakfast/sandwich/shoes/tattoo"....etc etc etc.

It's not for me, but if people want to use it, then great- have at it.

Comment Re:Feminist/SJW Echo Chamber Circling The Bowl (Score 2) 64

The problem for Twitter is there just aren't enough Feminists/SJWs out there to keep a dying social media platform alive.

So is the only draw of Twitter the opportunity to harass Feminists/SJWs?

Because that's the only piece of functionality you'll actually lose with these changes.

As it is impossible to have an Intelligent discussion, andy any disagreement == harassment, yes.

Intelligent discussion?

We're apparently thinking of entirely different things because I don't know how anybody could classify these as examples of an intelligent discussion.

Comment Re:Feminist/SJW Echo Chamber Circling The Bowl (Score 1) 64

I don't even use Twitter, but it sounds like they'll just end up making a clbuttic mistake.

On the contrary doing nothing would be a mistake.

The risk twitter faces isn't being taken over by "Feminists" and "SJWs", it's harassment driving ordinary people away until there's nothing left but the alt-right.

It's the same decision reddit made, there's some communities that are simply unable to co-exist in the same ecosystem.

Comment Re:Feminist/SJW Echo Chamber Circling The Bowl (Score 0) 64

The problem for Twitter is there just aren't enough Feminists/SJWs out there to keep a dying social media platform alive.

So is the only draw of Twitter the opportunity to harass Feminists/SJWs?

Because that's the only piece of functionality you'll actually lose with these changes.

If you're harassing someone and they don't want to hear you anymore that's not "Feminist/SJW" talk, that's just common sense.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 139

Semantics my ass!

YOU as the driver decide whether or not to pay attention to driving. Your phone doesn't force you to play with it. Your makeup doesn't force you to apply it. Your food doesn't force you to eat it , etc while you are driving. YOU the driver make the choice, it is all YOUR fault and responsibility.

People like you, looking to blame inanimate objects for this type of thing are the second most ridiculous part of the problem, right behind the drivers themselves...

The driver was negligent.

Pokemon Go gave that negligent driver an unusually tempting opportunity to be distracted.

Negligent drivers are not uncommon, and the arrival of Pokemon Go means that those negligent drivers will get distracted more often.

Comment Re:If they're going to do this... (Score 1) 160

Unfortunately the summary describes a 16 hour week + "additional flexible hours". Beyond that, the only clue is "30 hours per week", which is evenly divisible by five days (or six), but not four.

Hence my comment....

Personally, I've been looking forward to the four day work-week for a long time. Last time we shortened the workweek (from six days per to five) was before my father was born....

Comment Re:Good on him (Score 1) 136

There are many other (large) industries that rely heavily on batteries. They've been heavily researched for over 100 years.

Yes, but so have ICEs, and they still suck. Only minor improvements in efficiency have been realized in the last forty years. A forty year old turbo diesel still provides pretty good thermodynamic efficiency. It does it without producing much CO2 as a result, although it will tend to crank out quite a bit of NOx. Over that time, automotive ICE efficiency has improved by only in the low double digit percents, while electric motor efficiency has about doubled — and it's over three times as good as an ICE.

Cars are fun, I like engine noises as much as or even more than the next guy, but ICEs blow.

Comment Re:Good on him (Score 2) 136

There is already an awesome battery tech, holding about 10kWh of energy in a small package that already exist, it's good old gas. The only problem is that it takes 100 millions years to produce.

The other problem is that you can't just feed it into an electric motor. You have to either feed it into a fuel cell which is lame for many reasons which I should not need to enumerate here, or you have to feed it into an ICE which is lame for even more reasons which etc etc. Or an external combustion engine, but (stationary generation aside) that only really works for trains and it's not really convenient there, either. Electric motors are wonderful in every way compared to ICEs, and batteries are wonderful in most ways compared to fuel cells despite their many annoying failings. In fact, you can't efficiently build a fuel cell car without including battery in the motive power system.

Comment Re:Good on him (Score 2) 136

EVs would have been overtaken by ICE technology regardless of whatever conspiratal notions you are imagining.

ICEs still provide a superior driving experience per dollar, and most people who have an EV wouldn't have one if not for subsidies... to compete with the entrenched energy monopolies' subsidies.

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