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Submission + - Adobe launches AIR, open-sources the Flex SDK

PortHaven writes: "Today Adobe launched several products and initiatives:

- AIR, Adobe's integrated runtime environment which brings Flash to the desktop has gone live.

- The release of Flex 3,and the Eclipse based Flex Builder 3, were launched! Along with the new release, Adobe's Flex SDK has also gone open-source. Adobe has launched a new website in support of the Flex SDK, BlazeDS & Tamarin.

Definitely an exciting day for many of us RIA developers."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - 1-ton ROUS found... (

PortHaven writes: "The fossilized remains of a rodent measuring nearly 3 meters and weighing approx. 1 ton has been discovered.

The scientists believe the rodent, named Josephoartigasia monesi, roamed the earth about four million years ago...obviously readers of "The Princess Bride" know that these large rodents of unusual size continued to exist until the late 1800's in select regions of the world."


Submission + - One million doses of vaccine recalled (

PortHaven writes: "Today on a recall of one million doses of vaccines. The doses were not properly sterilized and could pose a risk of infection.

Recently, there was a post on Slashdot regarding YouTube videos containing misinformation on the dangers of vaccines.

While I agreed that most of the information put out is misinformed, outdated, or fear-mongering. I expressed concern that while the vaccines by design might be safe, there may be bad batches from the manufacturing process. Those seeming to suffer such ailments from vaccinations may have received a batch of subpar quality. A scientific study may show the vaccine to be safe when manufactured properly, while not taking into account the affect of poor quality batches.

However, even expressing such concerns on Slashdot easily gets one labeled as being anti-science. I am far from being an anti-vaccine advocate but I am also aware of modern day manufacturing processes and failure rates. Numerous studies have shown that manufacturing processes tend result in a portion being defective or of sub-par quality (be it chemical testing standards, Snickers bars, or Xboxes) — so how is it unscientific to point to this as a valid concern regarding vaccinations."


Submission + - Comcast decrees "You will watch our TV or pay!

PortHaven writes: "Just received a notice from Comcast regarding future rate hikes. Essentially, Comcast is trying to force all it's broadband subscribers to use their TV service.

The rates were as follows:

$39.95 internet+TV
$49.95 internet only ($39.95+$10 additional fee)

The new rates for 2007 are as follows:

$42.95 internet+TV
$59.95 internet only

There is nearly a 40% cost difference if you decide not to subscribe to Comcast's TV. Yes, it is common to offer discounts for bundled services but Comcast has gone way beyond a mere bundle discount. The new pricing scheme is akin to McDonald's announcing that you can no longer buy a hamburger unless you also buy a coke and fries. Everyone understands the concept of the value meal. Buy a #1 and save 70 cents on your big mac, fries and coke. But what Comcast is doing is charging $7 for a #1 value meal. And if you just want to buy a big mac charging you the same $7.

Essentially, this pricing is designed to prevent customer from moving to alternatives. Now any difference in savings you'd gain by using satellite TV + cable internet is lost because there is now a $20 surchage. Presently, my household does not own a TV or subscribe to TV service instead we utilize Netflix and iTunes. The only real alternative to cable broadband is DSL. However, the telephone companies require you to have a landline (approx. $20). I, like many others in the younger generations have found no need for a landline (our cell phones do quite nicely) nor for TV service.

It appears I have no choice but to choose one or the other if I want broadband internet access. It's Monopoly! Do you choose to land on Boardwalk or Park Place?"

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