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Comment Dear Square Peg (Score 3, Informative) 671

From Round Hole,

Please go look at some old houses and barns. Guess what, the construction is almost all "post and beam"...and guess what, they did it by hammering square pegs into round holes.


Because it is very hard to drill a square hole. And making round pegs is far more labor intensive than square ones, and wastes a ton of wood. Lasty, friction baby.....that's right. A round peg in a round hole will either slide in and out too easily and not be secure OR it will be so tight that the friction will make it nearly impossible to fit it in. So instead, they hammers a square peg into a round hole. Both the peg and the hole deformed slightly. Allowing for a tightly fitted peg to lock the post and beam together.

Comment MEANINGLESS (Score 1) 343

You see, technology advances. And while our radars can't find the F-35....remember when the F-117 was shot down? It was an adaption of multiple radars. Sure, the Romulan cloaking device, sorry, I mean F-35 stealth technology is more advanced, but it will fade. Other nations will put effort into identifying how to identify the aircraft. They will do's just a matter of time. And they likely won't tell us when they have succeeded.

The F-117 was shot down in a combat role, in a secondary engagement environment. This means our enemies, had the means to track the F-117 well before that engagement. We just continued to think it was untrackable. This is like the German strategic error with the Enigma machine.

So that leaves the real question....when the F-35 is trackable by our opponents, how well does it perform? If it loses it's stealth advantage does it remain competitive?

Comment Re:DATA INACCURACIES (Score 1) 303

Wasn't my personal anecdotal evidence. Yes, I think there are significant issues with regards to data collection, and reporting. And I don't even deny the earth is warming. Though I dislike the fact that everything is blamed on warming and the rest of environmentalism has been chucked out the door. Coral Reef damage is blamed on warning. But a lot of marine scientists have expressed that they think pesticides may be the truth cause. And have shown data correlating damage with higher pesticide levels. And they get ignored because it is not helpful to the global warming cause.


Comment Re:DATA INACCURACIES (Score 1) 303

No, I am not...

a) The report was specifically referencing a period, of 4 months. I am addressing that specific period of monitoring in question. The fact that the report for that period listed us as significantly warmer than usual when in fact we had an extremely colder than usual spring, represents an inaccuracy of data collection methods.

b) Such inaccuracy calls in questions ones overall methods and results of analysis.

You sir are the one confused.

Comment Re:DATA INACCURACIES (Score 1) 303

How you adjust, and how you correlate differing temperature records is extremely significant. Especially when dealing with a mere 1 degree variation. And most of those calibrations to correlate data were influenced by human bias.

But when it is being reported that your region experienced significantly warmer than usual spring, and the fact is that your region in fact experienced a very cold and prolonged spring. SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOUR DATA.

Comment Pennsylvania long the Texas of the more (Score 1) 271

Pennsylvania long the Texas of the fast joining it's northeastern neighbors and becoming more and more like NY and Connecticut. Still not as bad as Connecticut though.

As for Netflix tax, remember, I already pay a tax on cable internet. There are supposed to be regulations that ensure anti-competitive behavior. But the Commonwealth of PA never acts on them. See, we pay taxes in exchange for certain responsibilities and actions on the part of the government. Problem is, we don't receive those.

I should also mention that I recently received notice of a pending citation for having an inflatable kiddie pool. Mine is advertised as 30" which exceeds the townships 24" mandate. So essentially I need to get a building permit that is likely to cost several times more than my kiddie pool. Also please note that I have yet to get even 24" of water into said pool.

Comment DATA INACCURACIES (Score 2, Insightful) 303

2015 was the year that proved to me that the data isn't accurate. We had one of the coldest springs I could remember. And I joked to my friends, no worries, it'll be claimed that it was the hottest on record. My friends laughed dismissively as we knew it was well below normal temperatures with the exception of a warm February.

Lo and behold, it was announced that 2015 was one of the hottest springs on record for the U.S. Now being the good student of the scientific method, I figured regional vs global here. Clearly, our region was well below normal temperatures. But I wagered the Southwest and pacific coast must have been warmer, and perhaps the south as well. But mid-atlantic to New England was clearly much colder than normal.

So I look at the data maps. And yes, there was a big hot blotch out westward. Just as I suspected. But then, they had my entire region in moderate red for elevated warmth. At this point, I am calling BS. Because we were well below normal temperatures for spring. In fact, I lost a crap ton of fruit crops due to extremely late and continual frosts.

So ya...I call BS on the data. It's not calibrated right.

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