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Comment Yup...totally inaccurate (Score 1) 136

Nissan Versa 38HWY, 28CITY, average of my mostly highway100+ mile commute was around 35MPG. 92% of HWY rating.

Nissan Rogue 32HWY, 25CITY, average of the same commute, 24MPG. 75% of the HWY rating. Heck, it's only 96% of the CITY rating.

Frankly, I would of consider other vehicles if I knew the real world mileage would be that low. Also, Nissan reliability sucks. The EPA lets the car companies test and set, but doesn't hold them accountable. You can go to fueleconomy.gov and see that Nissan Rogue ratings by consumers average around 24MPG, which is far below the actual rating.

Comment That's simple to address... (Score 1) 765

You print out a two copies of your notice. You sign it, you have them sign it. And you leave.

If they list your as terminated for abandoning. You sue them for slander and libel. And since you have a signed receipt of your notice to quit. They will be in a fair bit of trouble. Because if they have told any other potential employers that you were terminated when you in fact quit. And you did not receive the job. You can claim that financial harm....and sue for that income.

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