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Submission + - Google forces another redesign on users (google.com) 1

PontifexPrimus writes: Search engine giant Google seems to come into conflict with its userbase more and more often. After "accidentally" setting an unremovable image background for its search page that annoyed many users they now redesigned their News page. Using a single-column design with mouse-over animations that was panned by the test group that had used it since February this step led to an enormous amount of confusion, complaints and an recurring question: How do I get the old design back? (Answer: You don't.)

Submission + - Blu-ray player 1.0? No bonus features for you! (consumerist.com)

PontifexPrimus writes: The current Blu-ray players won't be able to access content on disks released later on; the current generation (profile 1.0) won't be able to access the extras on newer disks (profile 1.1, "Bonus View"); the only exception being the Sony PS3. Further down the road we find profile 2.0 ("BD live") which requires internet connection capability for the player hardware. How will the owners of current players react when bonus features and other content will be denied to them on newer releases? Why would a standalone movie player require internet capability? And when will this generation be superseded by profile 3.0, profile 95 and profile XP?

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