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Comment Re:The Curse of Babylon 5 (Score 1) 53

Jerry Doyle - Died 2016, aged 60
Michael O'Hare - Died 2012, aged 60
Jeff Conaway - Died 2011, aged 60
Andreas Katsulas - Died 2006, aged 59
Richard Biggs - Died 2004, aged 44
Tim Choate - Died 2004, aged 49


Didn't we learn the other day, that deep spacemen die early from heart disease . . . ?

I guess that it now applies to actors, who play roles as deep space astronauts.

Comment Drunken Monkey Boxer Style Kung Fu (Score 1) 67

Well, I am a longtime fan of excellent ridiculous Kung Fu films from the Hong Kong Shaw brothers from the 70's for years.

One of their theme was "Drunken Boxer Style" :

The hero gets tanked up . . . or pretends to get tanked up, and then defeats the bad guy with his unpredictable movements.

What works for Kung Fu, should also work on the road . . . so Drunken Driver Style is definitely in!

Comment Re:Hell, we're not even allowed to verify *WHO* vo (Score 1) 172


In scenic Camden, New Jersey, lots of folks who have been dead for years still vote. I think that is very liberally progressive from Camden, New Jersey, that they let Zombies vote.

Submission + - Taco Bell is Testing Out a Burrito Stuffed With Cheetos (

PolygamousRanchKid writes: Yummy . . . and healthy!

Taco Bell has confirmed reports that it is indeed testing a "Cheetos Burrito." The "Cheetos Burrito" is stuffed with beef, rice, nacho cheese, and, of course Cheetos.

The chain had tested out the "Cheetos Crunchwrap Slider" earlier this year in Canada, but this is the first time Cheetos are being used on its products in the U.S., the company said in an email to NBC News.

Tests will start mid-August in Cincinnati and the burritos will cost $1. This is the second Cheetos and fast food combo of the summer. Earlier, Burger King launched a "Mac n' Cheetos" dish.In 2012 the taco chain debuted the "Doritos Locos Taco," another fast-food and highly palatable salty snack food mashup.

Comment Re:What's the problem? (Score 1) 40

Go home, Donald, you're drunk.

Hey, I think you have a good idea here! A debate between Donald and Hilary promises to be both viscous and boring.

Let's add a new rule, that would require each candidate to drink a shot of Tequila after answering each question.

After an hour, the debate would be both entertaining, and a hoot and a half!

Let's make that happen!

Submission + - Are Swedes Having Less Sex? Their Government Wants to Know (

PolygamousRanchKid writes: Worried that Swedes aren't having enough sex, the government wants to analyze the bedroom activities of its citizens in a major new study. "It's important to investigate whether that is the case and if so, what the reason is," he wrote Friday in an opinion piece in the Dagens Nyheter newspaper. If stress and other health issues are affecting Swedes' sex lives, he said, "that is also a political problem."

Hey, wake up Hilary and Donald . . . it's high time that you start debating sex!

"Sex is an area that strongly influences people's health, so we can't just talk about things like, for example, venereal disease, but also things that are positive and lust-filled about sex," Wikstrom said.

Do any Swedish Slashdotters care to comment . . . ?

Comment Re:Satya Nadella (Score 1) 108

Well, in case you are creative, I'm still looking for misspellings of Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton.

For Trump, maybe something like "McDonald's Trumps" . . . little cocktail sausages . . . ?

For Clinton, maybe their are some kind of pickles named something close to "Clintons" . . . ?

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