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Submission + - YOUMO: A Modular Smart Power Strip Designed for You

An anonymous reader writes: Designed as modules with different power functions that snap together, YOUMO goes way beyond a basic power strip. It's a stylish, flexible and modern solution for all our sleek power-gobbling devices.

YOUMO is now available on Kickstarter:

Current power modules include:
-Smart power for controlling and communicating with plugged-in devices
-Wireless charging so you can skip cables all together
-Multiple USB ports for charging up all your small devices at once
-US and EU interchangeable outlets for added convenience when traveling abroad

Submission + - Massive Layoffs Hit University of Copenhagen 1

jones_supa writes: University of Copenhagen is cutting deep into its staff to cut operation costs. Even though a great deal of the savings are aimed at administration and service, they are expected to affect the quality of education and research many years ahead. More than 500 teachers, researchers and employees in service and administrative jobs will be leaving. This corresponds to 7% of all staff. 209 employees can anticipate being laid off, while 323 jobs are either discontinued or terminated via voluntary redundancy. In addition to this, the university will have to reduce its PhD intake by 10% in the coming years. This is the outcome of the government's 2016 budget which imposes huge savings on research and education. As you might remember, we just heard about a similar situation in University of Helsinki in Finland.

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