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Comment Re:As a European... (Score 3) 369

>To those of us whose parents or grandparents had to live and suffer through WW2

>That is very much what the rules on hate speech are about, preventing those very things to happen again.

I see you didn't learn from WW2. Hate speech didn't cause it. Hate speech caused the jews to be targeted in particular, yes, but the war itself was caused by terrible economic conditions as a result of WW1. Censorship will not prevent WW3.

Comment Re:I'm conflicted (Score 1) 99

>ALL autodialing systems should be illegal and a criminal offense.

What does that mean exactly? I manage auto dialing and notification systems for doctors offices that notify people they have appointments coming up. So I assume you mean unsolicited dialing. Of course in that case these groups will try to buy into existing lists so they aren't "unsolicited".

Comment Re:Just curious... (Score 1) 232

You have a problem.

First, there are lots of little chunks of stuff that have helium in it. A huge number are very small, but close enough to out gas and show up in a low resolution version of your survey.

That's where the problem comes in. This planet is very far out. If it is in the far reaches of its orbit, very little sunlight is going to hit the planet. You're going to have to capture very high resolution images to even get a few photons from this object. And they will be hidden by the myriad of closer objects.

Comment Re:Yes, selecting the US president isn't "gossip" (Score 1) 361

>Political parties aren't government.

Dumbest thing I heard yet today.

That's why every year of my life I can remember the news reports "Republicans passed X in congress" "Democratic president vetoed bill Y"

Either you are spreading misinformation, or suffer from ignorance on how the system actually works.

Comment Re:Easy Fix! (Score 2) 326

>and the cash price he charges me is less than an MD that takes insurance would charge

Can confirm that one. One MD I work for must charge their clients more if they have insurance, insurance requires them to add a large number of tests and other unnecessary requirements on most visits. For most people the co pay ends up higher than if they just paid cash.

Comment Re:Freedom of Speech is dead. (Score 1) 156

> it just took you a couple minutes to spout this opinion to hundreds or thousands of strangers

So you assume, maybe there were many other messages like this that were killed at the firewall, and as we know there are national governments willing to put huge resources in state surveillance. Posting AC does no good if the government is monitoring a huge portion of our traffic.

Comment Re:Maintenance is cheap... when they work. (Score 2) 1023

>And the other problem with robots is that they're obsolete in two years

Since when? You're confusing internet facing software, which needs security updates all the time. Cell phones, that seem to be on a 2 year replacement schedule. And, lastly computers in the 90s and early 2000s, which had much faster replacements every year. When a robot does it's job it doesn't go obsolete, and if it does, there is something so much more efficient that it is worthwhile upgrading anyway.

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