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Submission + - Lack of Admin Rights Mitigates Most MS Vulns ( 2

Orome1 writes: In 2010 Microsoft published over 100 security bulletins documenting and providing patches for 256 vulnerabilities. BeyondTrust examined and analyzed all of the published Microsoft vulnerabilities in 2010 and all of the published Windows 7 vulnerabilities to date, allowing their report to accurately quantify the continued effectiveness of removing administrator rights at mitigating vulnerabilities in Microsoft software. They found that the removal of administrator rights from Windows users is a mitigating factor in 75 percent of Critical Windows 7 vulnerabilities.

Submission + - Honeycomb Source Code Released By Asus ( 2

jfruhlinger writes: "Google is holding back its general release of Honeycomb source code, but of course it has to share that code with the hardware manufacturers who are building Honeycomb tablets. Well, one of those partners, Asus, made at least part of the Honeycomb code base public as part of the release of its Eee Pad Transfomer tablet."

How To Rack Up $28,000 In Roaming Without Leaving the US 410

pmbasehore writes "While waiting for his cruise ship to depart, a man decided to use his AT&T wireless card and Slingbox account to watch the Bears vs. Lions football game. When he got his bill, he was slammed with $28,067.31 in 'International Roaming' charges, even though he never left American soil. The bill was finally dropped to $290.65, but only after the media got involved." He might have left the soil (the story says he was already aboard the ship), but shouldn't the dock count?

Submission + - Ray tracing for gaming explored ( 3

Vigile writes: "Ray tracing is still thought of as the 'holy grail' for real-time imagery but because of the intense amount of calculations required it has been plagued with long frame render times. This might soon change, at least according to an article from Daniel Pohl, a researcher at Intel. With upcoming many-core processors like Intel's Larrabee he believes that real-time ray tracing for games is much closer than originally thought thanks in large part to the efficiency it allows with spatial partitioning and reflections when compared to current rasterization techniques. Titles like Valve's Portal are analyzed to see how they could benefit from ray tracing technology and the article on PC Perspective concludes with the difficulties combing the two rendering techniques as well as a video of the technology in action."

Futurama Returns! 226

Random BedHead Ed writes "Good news everyone! After a five year vanishing act the sci-fi spoof Futurama returned this week with a direct-to-DVD feature. Wired has an article about its return, including the story of the show's origins, a behind the scenes gallery, interviews with creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, and some interesting trivia. For example, did you know the ship has an overbite like a Simpson's character? Or that the show's title is taken from an exhibition at the 1939 Worlds Fair?." We just talked about this a bit the other day, too, in reference to a great interview on TVSquad.

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