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Comment Re:because... (Score 1) 274

That Steam works. As a player, it does exactly what you expect. It handles the deals with the companies that want to push their stuff on their platform, they have a decent return policy that pretty much ensures whoever sells through them has to deliver a working product, they do have a very well working installation tool that (at least so far) didn't cause any problems for me (if a game worked AT ALL on a platform I chose, it did install without a problem), in a nutshell, Steam "just works".

I can't really say the same for anything MS has pushed. Ever. Just yesterday during an install of a Visual Studio component I got a cryptic error that was due to me having to restart the machine before that VS component could be installed. There was no, zero, indication that this could be the problem in the first place.

I don't really expect MS to be any more useful as a game delivering platform for games they didn't produce if they can't even get their act together for the software they themselves have 100% control over.

Comment They have a LONG road ahead (Score 1) 274

If they really want to make the Microsoft store a better choice than Steam (or, hell, ANYTHING), they really have a lot of hard work ahead of them.

Hell, at this point, even buying a Mac and swallowing the Apple store instead is a more viable alternative for any gamer than to accept the train wreck the MS store is.

Submission + - SPAM: CEOs whining about having to pay employees more money

smooth wombat writes: For the longest time we have heard companies complain no one is qualified for their available jobs. Now it seems that mantra is coming back to bite them as they can't find people to fill their available jobs. As a result, they are having to raise wages to attract people to these jobs. This in turn has lead to their latest whinings: we have to pay people more!

Why are they complaining about having to pay more money to attract and retain people? Because investors and Wall Street firms see higher wages as a drag on profit and growth rather than a raising up of people's living standards.

There used to be multiple people applying for every job. Not any longer. Now, there's barely more than one job seeker for every job opening. Keeping good employees around is harder, and businesses from Silicon Valley tech hubs down to coffee shops are increasing pay to attract and retain workers.

As a side note, as Marissa Mayer prepares to depart Yahoo! after four years of marching in place, she stands to reap a $219 million golden parachute yet no one on Wall Street is complaining about that drag on profits.

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Comment Ban? Melodrama much? (Score 1) 142

NIST isn't your god, you can safely ignore whatever NIST says, unless you are one of the handful of companies that actually HAVE to follow NIST guidelines.

What NIST does in this case is provide best practice recommendations. Nothing more. That's no "ban", not even by a longshot. Hell, if the FCC says "oh, we think you maybe shouldn't..." it is closer to a ban than NIST saying "you SHALL NOT!"

The article doesn't even talk about who has to implement this, only that two-factor out of band authentication shall not be done via SMS anymore in future implementations.

Sorry, but ... the hell, how is this newsworthy?

Comment Re:Provide your phone number for extra security? (Score 1) 142

Yes, "security questions" are quite an oxymoron, they DEcrease security considerably. Because they are usually made up from things that anyone can find out about you or that some people who know you may know. Your mom's maiden name? Easy to find out. Your first teacher's name? Not that hard either. Your pet's name? Likely to be found on your Facebook page. Your first car? Probably something I'd know if I had known you for long enough.

So my mom's maiden name is something akin to fRwef12$nu'ka. And don't you DARE disallow me to set that, you xenophobe racist bastard!

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