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Journal Journal: Exploitation 2

What would you, as a person, do, if a female stranger starts talking to you in the street, you continue the conversation and reach the conclusion that the female isn't a normal person?

I started touching her..

What can I do. I was horny, so I started caressing her, and touching her hand and stuff. Since she lives near me, I went with her as she walked her dogs (she's 38 but still living with her parents).

That happened yesterday. Today I called her, and invited her to my place (I live alone), and then I touched her more. She didn't like it much, but she still didn't leave my place. Instead she did stuff with my internet, because her connection was causing her problems.

And then I made her sit on me, and I put my hand inside her shirt and played with her boobs.
Didn't get to have sex with her though..

I shouldn't do such things to women. It makes me feel bad. On the other hand, sometimes I get so horny that I do that to women, and then I remember why I shouldn't do that.

And it's not the first time I try to exploit challenged people.. oh well.

PS: bersl2, thank you for your detailed comment. Sorry I didn't respond to it before it got archived.


Journal Journal: Hit and run

I think I damaged a car today.

It all began when I forgot my glasses at the appartment. I took disposable 1-day contact lens, but they irritated my eye and I had to dispose them before I went back to the car on my way back to the appartment.

Usually I remember to take the glasses, as a backup in case my lens fail, but this time I forgot.

So I put my optical sunglasses on, instead. But the problem is that it was night. And when started the car and reversed the car, I didn't notice there was another car behind.. so my jalopy's bumper crashed into that car bumper, from the side. It made a loud noise - maybe a crashing noise.

I got out of my car, and noticed that the other car had a crack in the bumper. But I couldn't know if it's my fault or not.
There were no witnesses beside of me.

I ran away.

However, my conscience bugged me, so I went back with the intention of leaving a note on the other car with my details. It was around 50 minutes later. But the possibly-damaged car was no longer there.

I drank some vodka (50ml) in order to be less angry on myself.


Journal Journal: A fucking gay dream 1

A couple of days ago I dreamt I had sex with a male. And I was the passive one.. I was on top.
I remember kissing the guy afterwards, and also feeling sorry that I didn't kiss him during the penetration..

But I also remember thinking something like "Oh, I could definitely have sex with guys from now on, but only because it's so hard to have sex with girls".

Anyway, I shouldn't be worried of having gay tendencies, should I? Even in my dream I preferred girls..
it's probably like when I dreamt of smoking, and I loathe smoking on reality.

Sun Microsystems

Journal Journal: I appreciate people setting me up with girls, but...

Warning: boring journal entry!

Remember the girl I had a crush on - the one who lives too many flight hours from me? She'll be refrenced as Klered from now on.

Well, I met Klered.. and.. we seem to be out of chemistry. Maybe the fact that she has some other semi-boyfriend helps that (semi-boyfriend because she has to leave the country at the end of this month).

So the crush is officially over. Although I still have too many feelings for her.
Since she only answers my calls, but never calls me, I decided it's an unhealthy relationship and initiated graceful degredation, meaning I'll read her online presence and comment her blogs, but won't call her.

Appears she's still thinking of me.. though, so she decided to set me up with a girl, who shall be referenced as Farley from now..
Unfortunately, Farely is insane.
Klered doesn't have good filtering abilities, and doesn't seem to detect the weird people. So she became a friend of Farely without noticing she's so weird. (Maybe that's the reason Klered met me too..)

I happened to know Farely (even try to date her at 1998.. although I knew she's not normal). It was weird and scary, as she "blanked out" a couple of times during we walked, and it happened once when she went into the road. I had to chase her and hold her so she won't get into traffic.

I admit she was a bit sexy, and I'd love to do her. But... it'd be to use her, I'm afraid.

So back to the current period. Klered sent me an email today saying she wants to set me up with a girl. She gave me her name and her phone.
Luckily I called Klered and asked for some more details. She gave me some details, uncluding some wrong oned (like that Farely works in educating children, which doesn't make sense) and I told Klered I'll call Farely, and we ended the conversation.

I was about to call Farely, but a though kept flying in my head: "What if she the Farely I dated 8 years ago?". And then I asked my mom: "How old is Farely now?" (Farely is a daughter of a family friend. Note that her real name is not unique at all).

And she told me.. and it matched the age of Farely that Klered gave me. The other details matched too.. so I called Klered again to verify that it's indeed the Farely I know..

And yes, it is the same Farely I dated almost a decade ago.
A cute, talented girl, but with lotsa problems, including self mutilation and not-safe-for-humans abnormality (meaning - it'd be a shame to go out with her).

So isn't it good I didn't call Farely? If I did, I had to reject her all over again.. and I don't like rejecting chicks, since I hate getting rejected.


Journal Journal: Must hide the crush

A note for my 2 fans: Sorry for flooding you with JE, but it's really important to me.

Remember the girl I fell in love with? Well, she's coming to town for a month.
I've just talked with her over the phone after she landed...

And I want to see her so much. It can be seen in the way I talk with her.. I don't have much self confidence with her anymore.
She might notice it. And I don't think she'll think it's cute.

So.. I must hide all that lack of confidence. I don't know how I can do that, but I will.

And in another subject.. I forgot to look for a computer course today. I am such a damn procrastinator.


Journal Journal: God help me

1. My bunghole is causing pain again. And in addition, when I showered yesterday, I found in it something that looks like either a grain of wheat or some creature egg. I surely hope it's not the second option - I don't want parasites in my ass!!!
I cut that thing with my nails and it didn't seem to move, but it really really stinked. The horrible memory of the scent is still fresh in my mind.

2. I have a crush on a 13.5 year old girl I saw in some website meeting. She's cool and she got gorgeous cleavage. I really want to do her.
It is a good thing I won't see her in the near future.

(actually, in that meeting, she did lean her leg on me and I didn't want to look like I'm touching her so much, so I moved away a little. But heavens know what could have happened if we were alone)


Journal Journal: Unique girls counter increased to 7

Yup, I had sex yesterday with the girl mentioned in the prev JE. I'm writing this because I like to record somewhere the exact dates of those events.

I went out with her and we walked near the sea, and then we went to the mall, and for the first time she wanted to visit me.

Unfortunately we couldn't have a shower before having sex because my little sis was in the house and it would be weird to shower while she's looking. I really have to move out...

And for some reason I couldn't keep myself in her vagina. My dick kept going out of her. I think she has a nonstandard vagina orientation..

I wonder if she'd want to have sex with me again. I'm not sure I would. In any case, I shouldn't have sex with her more than once per month, because otherwise it causes misunderstandings.. and in general, sex without committment isn't a very good relationship (have I mentioned I really need a girlfriend?)


Journal Journal: I reached second base!

It's silly that I'm speaking about bases, right? I'm supposed to be WAY past that age, but still, I want to share it with you - mostly because I have no other blog where I can write this about.

So there's that girl from the dances who allows me to "play" with her. She knows me for at least 3 years and I think she's comfortable with me. So today we went to the mall, and then we returned to the parking lot, and in that place she allowed me to peek on her boobs for the first time.

It's funny, because she allowed me to put my hand inside her shirt, but she never allowed me to peek inside. And today was the first time I saw her cute nipples. Hahaha.

I also enjoyed kissing her. And I think that for the first time I had the nerve to take her hand and put it on my pants: "See? I have a boner"..

I'd love to have sex with her, although officially I'm supposed to be looking for love and not sex alone.. but what can I do - I do have a libido.

She wouldn't let me into her appartment because she hates it and wants to get another place to live. I doubt she'll sleep with me as long as I live with my parents.. maybe I should just invite her in... but then what? I'll increase my unique girls counter (right now it's 6 consenting girls and 13 paid for), but it might cause a weird relationship - and the bad thing in it will be that I won't be pushed to try finding a girlfriend, because I'll have sex available (maybe. not sure...)

So the moral of this story is: I really need a girlfriend.


Journal Journal: My ass is functional again! 4

I know I mentioned it a couple of JEs ago, but I'm so proud of my ass for not hurting while pooping that I want to write a dedicated JE for that.

So, in order to celebrate this marvellous event, I'm going to:
Allow a girl to sodomize me!
That's right!

Girls, sends me your pictures, and one of you will be allowed to penetrate me in the ass. But only if you allow me to touch your boobs.

Data Storage

Journal Journal: Damnit, I fell in love

I fell in love with a girl, who is:

  • Doesn't love me much. Probably doesn't want to be my girlfriend.
  • Neurotic and may have fits on me sometimes
  • Not mature enough - she doesn't read my emotions too well and may hurt me (actually she's a bit too young)
  • Can't stand me singing, and doesn't want to hear my music either.
  • Living 4 flight hours away from me.

All these reasons won't help me to stop thinking about her and how I wish she were near me now..

Damnit. I wish I could find a girlfriend... :~(((

Internet Explorer

Journal Journal: Why can't she find a job damnit?

My sister could have worked in customer support in a cellular company - a job which isn't the best but it has its benefits. But she decided to give up for some reason.

So now she's still at home, which ofcourse means I can't masturbate freely!
This sucks so much, as I really want to make some cream now. :(

Oh, and if you worried: my ass has healed!
I went to the doctor before writing the prev JE, and he prescribed me some ass painkiller and also told me to go to the proctologist if my ass continues to hurt.
I decided not to use the painkiller because it's not a solution. And I noticed that the situation is getting better, so I didn't end up going to a proctologist. So now, shitting doesn't cause me pain and it's as joyful as ever. Yay!

Data Storage

Journal Journal: Hoping for her to divorce

There's that girl, who is really fat, and according to her looks, she must be very unlikely to get a husband, or even a boyfriend. She got a load of other health problems too.

But she's smart and I enjoyed so much being with her. Walking with her to the sea was the most fun things I ever did. I also enjoyed touching her, although she decided not to meet me anymore because I touched her boobs (after she sent me mixed signals)..

And now she's married - with a religious husband who won't even allow her to shake hands of other people.

All her life she wanted to be married, and have kids. And the impossible happened. Someone agreed to marry her. And it's someone with a serious job.

So I am happy for her.

And yet, the id part of me keeps wishing she divorces. I read her blog hungrily. It is interesting nontheless, but I try finding little signs and hints for relationship problems, hoping it'll lead to divorce and then I could be with her again.

I wouldn't want to be her boyfriend, but she's the first person ever that I felt love for.. indeed, I can honestly say that I love her.

PS: Shitting still hurts, as if I'm dumping stones. I'll have to go to a proctologist. Ouch!

AMD Multi-Core

Journal Journal: Shitting is not as fun as it used to be.. ouch!

In the last 3 days, I experience piercing pain when I shit, as if my feces try to hurt me on the way outside. I guess my rectum has became sensitive for some reason - and I can't figure what (unless I was anally raped without being aware of it).

I hope that thing returns to normal. I don't wanna go to a proctologist..

PS: Weird.. where did that "new journal" link has gone? I could only find links for editting existing journals. Luckily I remembered how that link looks like.


Journal Journal: Sex while dressed-up 1

I like porn in which people have sex while there are still dressed-up. Is there a name for this? ("dressed-up sex"?)

It's hard to find porn like this.. If anyone got links, I'd love to see that as well.

Late response to AC comment (19.06.2006): Ofcourse you can have sex while dressed up. It can either be dry sex, or you can just move your underwear down without actually removing it.

Classic Games (Games)

Journal Journal: I should use caution when watching porn at work

I accidently creamed my underwear - and it also made a mark on my pants. I'm lucky for two things:
1. the shirt covers it
2. there aren't many people at work today

But it's still annoying, because I'll have that wet feeling for the rest of the day. :/

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